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Fanfic Readers Survey



Don't miss out on Part - 4 of January below this - posted on the same date!!!! Don't let this bump it!!!

First off, thanks to everyone who had taken the time to read the fanfic so far. I think it has been a great success and I've been getting a lot of positive feedback. The number of similar blogs popping up is also an indicator that I'm on to something with this.

This blog/fanfic is both for me and for the readers. This is where I'd like to see DAYS go and what I think the show can afford to go in a realistic context. My writers values are based on the idea of character-based relationship drama with events or plot points coming secondary. With that, I'd like to conduct a little survey if you dont mind.

1) What do you like/dislike about the story direction I've taken for the Jack story? On the real show, Jack's body's whereabouts are still unexplained and I've tried to make a big mystery about it. Have I been successful in developing this mystery? Are you intrigued where it is going? Has it lasted too long? Etc...

2) I've done a number of special themed episodes, like one where we watch different people wake up and start their day, or one where everyone is getting ready to go to the New Years party or go to Phillip's funeral. Are they successful? Do you get a better feeling for the characters and greater anticipation for the event? Any dislikes about these special episodes?

3) Which storyline is not working for you? And why?

4) Do you feel that I'm ignoring certan characters or is the character balance right? Who do you feel I write for more prominently and who do I leave out?

5) Do you have a sense of where this is going? Any guesses as to what might happen next?

6) I have been making an effort to blend my stories as much as possible. For example, I've included Lucas very heavily in Jennifer's life and Bo has remembered that he's Phillip's brother while still having stories of their own. Does this make things confusing at times? Or should I mix it up more?

7) What stories do you look forward to read the most? The least?

8) Which characters do you look forward to seeing in my episodes the most? The least?

9) Do you have a sense that the show is more about relationships/characters then plot or is the plot still very heavy? Do you want more gimmicks/high profile events or do you like the subdued character interactions better?

10) Rate the following character interactions/relationships as I've written them - 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest:

a) Caroline & Victor - hidden love

B) Mimi & Shawn - growing committed relationship

c) Max & Nicole - sex affair

d) Nicole & Billie - rivalry

e) Max & Belle - potential love interests

f) Alex & Victor - allies in a plot to take down John

g) Lucas & Jennifer - siblings

h) Jennifer & Laura - mother/daughter

i) Carrie & Frankie - new roommates

j) Patrick & Billie - full romance

k) Carrie & Sami - loving siblings

l) John & Victor - suddenly enemies

Thanks for taking the time to do this. Either reply by comment or PM me.




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