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Episode 58: Welcome home another Abbott!!



Roxanne runs into Harmoni at Crimson Lights.

tatianaali.jpgRoxanne: What a delightful surprise. I was hoping I could catch you alone.

167f.jpgHarmoni: Excuse me? You’re my son’s girlfriend I take it?

Roxanne: Oh I am. I love him very much and he loves me too.

Harmoni: As long as my son is happy.

Roxanne: We are. But you see, there are some people who don’t want us to be happy.

Harmoni: I don’t understand.

Roxanne: I have a hunch you are not her in town on you own will. Maybe a certain some one enticed you to come back.

Harmoni: I don’t like how you are talking to me young lady. My son is here and that is the only reason I need to be here in Genoa City.

Roxanne: Let me ask you something how did you know Devon gave Tucker and Kay a second chance? That only happened a few weeks ago. I bet some one told you. I bet it was the bitch Abby!

Harmoni: Girl you better get out my face before it gets ugly in here! I ain't gone rasie up!" Harmoni walks away.

Roxanne: I know it was you Abby. Just wait until I see you.

The Young and the Restless

Episode 58: Another Abbott!!

Written by ML Cooks

Story Consult: Paul G Amos

  • Abby kisses Nate goodnight on her doorstep in front of the Abbott door. Abby tells Devon she had a great time on their date. She also tells him she would like to see him again. Nate is surprised. Abby kiss him on the cheek and walks inside. Nate is thrilled that his date with Abby was a success.
  • Nikki arrives at the Chancellor Estate to talk with Murphy. She tries to get him to get Kay to back down and out of this Newman mess. Murphy is not happy to hear what is Kay is doing to Nikki and at Newman.
  • Jill visits Kay at Newman. Jill asks Kay what she is doing. Kay says supporting Victor and doing what needs to be done. I am doing what my good friend wants me to do. I’m taking Newman in a new direction. Kay also tells Jill there is a place for her too at Newman. Jill is impressed.
  • There is a knock on the Abbott door. Ashley answers it and is shocked to see her sister Traci on their doorstep.

Next: Roxanne and Abby come face to face!!!!!!! And another affair begins!!!!!!!!


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nate thanks for reading. In an effort to keep things moving and episodes short the confratation is short. But it did acheive my point. It is so funny about your statement that being loyal to Vicotor comes with a price. Tomorrow Kay will feel just that.

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Roxanne is very bold, but Harmony held her ground. It is good to see Nikki actually against Victor, as opposed to being in his corner.

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