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Episode 59: Abby and Roxanne come face to face!!



At Crimson Lights. Abby walks in and orders a coffee from Eden. Roxanne walks in and is happy she has finally caught up to Abby. She walks over to her and taps really hard on her shoulder.


Abby: What the hell? “ She says as she turns around.

“What is your problem?”

Roxanne slaps Abby across the face. Eden hands Abby her coffee. She then rubs her cheek.

Abby: Have you lost your mind? You hit me!”

Roxanne: That’s what happens when you mess with me. It’s only a taste Abby.

Abby: What in the hell are you talking about Roxxy?

Roxanne slaps Abby again. “ It’s Roxanne to you.”

Abby: I am a Newman and an Abbott. I can and will make you life a living hell if you hit me again. Could you please act sane and tell me what is this all about?”

Roxanne: I know it was you who brought good old Harmoni to town to stop my trip with Devon.”

Abby: So you didn’t go on your trip with Devon? So that means he didn’t propose to you?”

Roxanne: Devon was going to propose to me? Oh my God. I don’t believe this.”

Abby has a slight smile on her face then she takes a sip of her coffee.

Roxanne: I know you are behind this. I swear to God Abby I am going to get you back. I am going to prove to Devon that you are behind this. I’m going to teach you a lesson.

Abby: Prove it Roxxy!”

Roxanne chuckles. “You think it’s a game. You’re disrespectful. Devon is mine so just get over it. Or get it on with Nate. Because you will never have Devon. “

Abby: Seems to me I got a good head start. Tootles Roxxy!” Abby then walks away.

Roxanne: This isn’t over bitch!

The Young and the Restless

Episode 59: Roxanne and Abby have showdown!

Written by ML Cooks

Story Consult: Paul G Amos

  • Nikki and Nick are having brunch at the Club. They are talking about Kay and Newman and the upcoming board meeting tomorrow. They both wonder what Kay is going to do. Nikki says with Victor involved anything is possible.
  • Cane goes to Avery’s suite at the Club. Avery is happy to see him. She tells him she has good new for him. She tells him that she got a date on the calendar with a judge to hear his custody case. She also tells him it’s going to be an open and shut case. “ The kids should have gone to you in the first place. You have legal guardianship of the kids. In effect Neil kidnapped your twins from you. You have a strong case.” Cane is ecstatic, he engulfs Avery in a hug. He pulls back and then look into each other eyes. He tells her she is so beautiful. They gaze into each others eyes and then kiss…
  • Murphy arrives at Newman and walks into Victors’ office. He sees Kay working behind the desk making last minute calls to the board members. Kay asks him what is he doing there she is very busy. Murphy says sorry to bother her. Next time he’ll make an appointment with her secretary. Kay says that would be wise. Murphy is insulted and very angry. Murphy says this is enough. “You are going overboard Katherine. I don’t like you supporting Victor or running this company at all.” Kay says that is too bad. “Victor is a good friend of mine and you knew that before you came to town.” She also says she is going to stand by him and nothing will change that. Murphy tells her that he is putting Victor before him and he is tired of it. Kay is stunned as Murphy leaves her office.
  • Jill visits Victor at the jail. Victor tells her she is looking good these days. Jill thanks him. Jill asks him what his plan is. Victor tells her he is going to turn Genoa City upside down. He also tells her he has plans for her. Jill is intrigued.

Next: Showdown at the Newman Board meeting!!

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I'm surprised it wasn't a full fledged catfight in Crimson Lights...get rid of Cane. Can't stand him...And Katherine is willing to risk her own marriage for being loyal to Victor???

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