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Friday Cliffhanger: Will The Newmans be voted out of Newman!?

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At the Abbott House. Traci takes a seat in the living room where Ashley and Jack surround her. Ashley tells her it’s good to see her again. Traci tells her brother and sister that she is in town to help seek justice for Colleen death in Victor’s upcoming trial. Jack tells her that he hasn’t heard that their was a date set for the mustache’s trial. Traci says she knows but she felt she needed to be in town and be close to her family with hearing about the news of the bombing at Sharon’s party and so much death afterwards. “But I understand that all that tragedy brought home Keemo?” Jack says yes he is in town and working at Jabot and I could not be happier. Traci looks at Ashley. “ And you, your wedding is coming up. So many great things to look forward too.” They hug each other.


Episode 60: Will the Newman’s be voted out of NEWMAN!!??

Written by ML Cooks

Story Consult: Paul G Amos

Paul tells Michael that Jeff was hiding a woman in his condo but he still doesn’t know who she was. “Apparently none of the locals did either. Jeff went to great lengths to keep this woman’s identity a mystery.” Michael then thinks back on “the voice” he heard in Jamaica calling out Jeff’s name. He tells Paul he knows he heard that voice before. “It sounds so familiar.. But I just can’t p ut my finger on it” Paul asks Michael why is this so important. Michael says “that something very strange is going on.” he says as he think back to Phyllis telling him that some one came in and attacked her.

mysterious_red-j95.jpgThe Mystery Woman stakes out Phyllis’ Apt once again. She can see Ronan inside. Then Olivia arrives. The mystery Woman is stunned as she calls out Olivia’s name. Olivia looks around to see who has called her name.

Murphy arrives at the Jail to confront Victor Newman.

Victor; What brings you down here old man?

Murphy: I’m here to tell you, man to man, to leave Kay alone. Leave her out this plan of yours. You have caused so much harm and heartache in this town that I refuse to let you take Kay down with you. You see Victor I’ve been watching you since I’ve been in town. I don’t like some of the things you and sometimes it’s hard to understand what you are saying, and doing and I kept quiet about it. The only thing I know is you get angry a lot and yell and people around here bend to your will. But now the woman I love is getting mixed up in your devious plan and that’s when I got to draw the line. I’m not to a yes man. I fought in Korea and Vietnam damn it!

Victor laughs: You got to be kidding me right? Is this a joke or what?

Murphy: No sir. Not at all. I am telling you to leave Katherine out of this mess. She is too old to be running Newman and Chancellor. It’s a lot on her you know. If you were really her friend as you say you are you would see that and take some of this pressure off of her. I’m very worried about her.

Victor: As you should be. But let me tell you something. I admire you coming all the way down here and expressing what’s on your mind old man. But I have to tell you. Katherine and I have been friends a very long time my boy. And nothing will change that. Friends are there for each other when they are in need and that’s what my friend Katherine is doing. Kay knows very well what I need of her and she also knows that if she can’t handle it she will tell me so. I also know my dear friend and if I didn’t think she couldn’t handle it then I wouldn’t have asked. My dear boy, Katherine is a very strong character. It seems you are the one who doesn’t know her very well.

Murphy: Victor, I’m warning you, if you don’t ask Kay to stop this madness, I will take matters into my own hands.

Victor: is that so? I don’t take too kindly to be threaten. You say you’ve been watching me then you should also know I am not to be messed with I also always get my way. I am the great Victor Newman.

Murphy: All that huffing and puffing you doing may scare the others but it doesn’t work against me. I’m not afraid of you Victor Newman.

Victor, smiling: I’m warning you Murphy, you’re asking for it. Get the hell out of here before I get really angry. You’re not ready for me old man. I will crush you. Now get the hell out of here fellow and get back to your fishing job or whatever in the hell that it is you do.!” Murphy leaves.

At Devon’s. Roxanne tells Devon that she thinks Abby is the one who told Harmoni that he gave Kay and Tucker a second chance. She also says that she believes that Abby is the one who brought her here to keep you from taking me on this trip and proposing to me. Devon: She told you that? She told you I was going to ask you to marry me?” Roxanne” Were you?” She says with a tear in her eye. Devon” Actually I was.” Roxanne is mad. “Damn Abby. I’m going to get her for this. I had to find out from her that you were going to ask me to marry you.” Devon spins her around and holds her. He then gets down one bended knee and pulls out a velvet box. He opens it to showcase a 14 qt diamond ring. He looks into her eyes. “Roxanne Parker, will you do me the honor in being my wife?” Roxanne is overwhelmed. She tells him NO!

The Newman Board meeting gets under way, with Kay, Nick, Nikki, Lauren and the other board members are all in attendance. The room is very tense as the stakes are high. Nikki begins by motioning to remove Kay as CEO and owner. Kay counter acts that motion with one of her own. She says “Victor has asked her to step in and take Newman in a new direction. That new direction includes the removal of all Newman’s including Victoria, Nick and Nikki. Kay this turmoil must stop and that it has caused serious damage to Newman’s reputation and prestige world wide. Kay also points out the Nikki is now a board member but she has no experience at all. She says that is not the way to run a conglomerate. Nikki and Lauren are both stunned. Kay goes on to say” So I motion to remove the Newman’s from Newman it self. Also in my first act of CEO I want to include in this motion with the removal of the Newman’s that Jill Fenmore be a more qualified replacement for Nikki. So it’s either my motion or Nikki’s let’s put this to a vote.” Everyone looks at each other as the members are anxious to find out what the out come is.

Kay: If you support Nikki’s motion show your support with a raising of your hand.” The room is silent as Nick and Nikki are the only two to raise their hands. They both look at Lauren in shock.

Kay: Support in my motion, let’s see your hands.” The room is silent again as everyone looks around. Lauren, Kay, and the three other board members raise their hands.

Kay: Ok the votes are in. Nick and Nikki, please leave Newman at once! Kay looks at Jill and tells her welcome to Newman. Nikki and Nick as shocked!

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Roxanne told him NO...that was funny!!! LOL...Abby's plan is working...Roxanne seems now more concerned about what Abby is going to do..

And I could see Murphy and Victor going back and forth as if I was watching it on TV. You captured their characters very well in that exchange...

And the mystery woman is still out there...causing trouble for Phyllis. I see you're uncovering this story little by little...it should make the payoff great...


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