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Episode 61: Nikki slaps Kay on Live TV!!

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At Newman, everyone is shocked as Nick and Nikki have just been voted out by the Newman board and Jill has replaced Nikki. Kay tells the remaining board members she is taking Newman in a new direction. Jill tells Kay they’re ready for the press conference. Kay tells everyone to excuse her while she officiates this on TV. She walks out the room. Nick and Nikki look at each other. Nikki looks out the door at Kay as she talks to reporters .

Nikki: I never thought I would see the day Katherine Chancellor ousted us from our own company.” Nick says that dad is behind this. Nikki says no, Kay has a mind of her own. And I do to.” She walks out the office over to Kay. Nick calls after his mother but she brushes him off .Nikki walks up to Kay as she is giving her press conference on live TV. Nikki gets in front of Kay as the media covers it live on TV.

Kay: Nikki what the hell are you doing this is live?”

Nikki: Then good! Nikki slaps Kay across the face and then leaves. The press conference comes to a halt after the grand dame of G.C. has been slapped. Nick follows his mother as Jill runs over to Kay to make sure she is ok. Kay was slapped by Nikki and the media covered it for Genoa City.


Episode 61: Nikki slaps Kay!!

Written by ML Cooks

Story Consult Paul G Amos

At the Abbot House. The Abbots turn the TV off after being stunned watching Nikki slap Kay on TV. Jack says he thought he would never see this day. He says this is all Victor’s fault. “I hope Katherine knows what she is doing.” He wonders to himself what this power move could mean for him. He wonders how he can take advantage of the situation. Then Keemo arrives and he sees his Aunt Traci. He gives her a hug and tells her it’s good to see her. Traci tells him the same thing. She invites him out to lunch so they can get reacquainted. Keemo says he would like that very much.

At Tucker’s Penthouse, They too have also just watched the slapping of Kay per Nikki. Ashley says she is just simply stunned. She has no words for the situation. Tucker says he’s very worried too. He doesn’t not like where this is heading. He thinks to himself though how can this entire situation work to his benefit.

Nikki strolls into the Club and grabs a drink. Jack arrives and gives her a hug. Nikki thanks him for being here for her. Jack says he wouldn’t want to be no other place. He sits down at the bar and orders them a drink. Jack tell s her after a day like this she doesn’t need to excuse to drink. Nikki thanks him. Jack asks her what in the hell is Katherine thinking? Nikki says she doesn’t know. That this is some plan Victor cooked up to punish me and Nick for not standing by him. Jack calls Victor a bastard. He also tells her it’s a good thing Victor is in jail, where he belongs. Jack promises Nikki he is going to help her make everything better. Nikki smiles at him. She again thanks him for being there for her. He smiles back at her.

At Phyllis’. Olivia tells Phyllis that she is in contact with an eye specialist about restoring her eyesight. Olivia tells her nothing concrete has panned out yet. She reminds Phyllis that this is a very delicate procedure and not many doctors are willing to do it. Olivia tells her to keep the hope and then she promises she will come through for her. Olivia then tells Phyllis that she thought she heard a familiar voice outside in the hallway. Phyllis tells Olivia that strange things have been going on. Olivia asks her will she be ok. Phyllis says yes Michael lives with her now so she is fine. She thanks Olivia for stopping by and keeping her informed. Olivia leaves. She looks around in the hallway to see if she can hear or see anyone who might have called her name. She doesn’t see nothing so she leaves.

They mystery woman was well hidden but she was able to over hear Phyllis tell Olivia that Michael is helping her. The mystery woman decides it’s time to take some action before people begin to learn who she is. She leaves and head to Michael’s law firm…Screen5.jpg

Today on Back to Another World...Jake leaves Vicky. Stay Tuned, click th elink below..


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