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Episode 62: Kay's Choice: Murphy or Victor?

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Kay arrives home to her estate. She walks in the front door and sees luggage and boxes by the front door. Kay calls out to Esther

“Esther are we giving to charity again or having a garage sale and you forgot to tell me? Dear good in heaven look at this mess.” Murphy walks up to her. “Mess? Is that what this is to you?”

Kay: Murphy now just what in the hell is going on here?

Murphy: Kay, I had it up to here with being disrespected and sidelined for Victor Newman. You are taking on too much taking over Newman. I love you but I can’t stand by and watch you do this. So either you back down away from Newman or I’m walking out the door.” Kay makes a few faces as she is stunned.

Esther: Oh Murphy you don’t mean that. This is just a really hard time right now. Ms. Chancellor needs you.

Kay interrupts her maid: Shut up Esther. I can most certainly speak for myself.” Katherine looks into Murphy’s eyes. She takes a deep breath, turns around and opens the door.

Kay: Esther, help this man take his things outside.

Esther: Oh No! Mrs. Chancellor. You don’t mean that. Please don’t do this.

Katherine: Esther, I don’t take orders from you, you take them from me! Now be quiet or you can join Mr. Murphy. Now that’s all I have to say. “ Katherine walks away. Murphy begins taking his things outside. Esther has tears in her eyes as she helps. She whispers to Murphy this is only temporary. Murphy says he doesn’t know. Katherine has really gone in over her head.

Esther: Don’t worry I’ll talk to her. I too think she is taking on too much.


Episode 62: Kay’s choice: Murphy or Victor!

Written by ML Cooks

Story Consult Paul G Amos

Jack and Tucker run into each other at Crimson Lights. They both agree that interesting things are happening at Newman. They also wonder how they can use all of this to their advantage. Tucker says” One thing is for certain, my mother can’t handle Chancellor and Newman at the same time. She’s too old.” Jack says he agrees. He then says “ You know if we work together, maybe we can turn this situation to our advantage.” Tucker” Oh yea, well Jackie I was thinking along those same lines. What else do you have in mind?” Jack” The complete and utter destruction of Newman Enterprises.” Tucker smiles. He puts his hand out to shake on their new deal and alliance. Jack an Tucker shake hands to take out Newman Enterprises.

The Mystery Woman breaks into the law offices of Michael Baldwin and Associates. She searches in his office through many various documents pulling out desk drawers and opening cabinets, she finally comes across something that interests her very much. She reads the paper. “I can use this.” She takes the document and leaves the office a mess.

Ronan arrives at Phyllis’. He questions her on the incident where someone knocked on her door, came in and punched her in the face. Phyllis says “This person said nothing at all, it was very creepy. This person is taking advantage of me being blind.“ Ronan aggress. He tells her he is going to beef up security around her apartment. She tells him she appreciates that. He then leaves. Phyllis is left alone felling scared, not being able to see and being there all alone.

Paul goes to visit Lauren. He ask her how she is doing. She tells him not so great that she is divorcing Michael because he can’t be his own man. Paul tells her he is sorry to hear that. He hugs her. Lauren thanks him for being there. She asks him what brings him by. Paul tells her he wanted to ask her about this “voice” in Jamaica Michael says you two heard. Lauren says “It was a women’s voice that called out Jeff’s name. The voice sounded odd but yet very familiar. Me and Michael both agreed about that immediately. Why is something wrong?” Paul has a worried look on his face. Lauren says come on Paul tell me what is it, I know something is wrong. Paul says yes something may not be wrong but very odd. Phyllis was attacked the other day by some one she didn’t know. Lauren asks Paul what does that have to do with the voice she heard. Paul mentions the name Sheila Carter.

Neil knocks on Tucker’s door. Sophia opens the door. She hasn’t seen him in a while, he looks kina of good to her. Clean shaven and hair cut just right. He looks at her too. The two are acting two immature teens. Neil is very nervous and doesn’t know what to say. He knows why he came there but upon seeing her smile he got cold feet. Sophia doesn’t know what to make of Neil. She misses him but still can’t help but be mad at him. Then, he leans in and kisses her….


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I'm enjoying your dialogue more and more...you are capturing the psyche of the characters, and I love seeing that. Seems like these are your main stories...and I see them building. Jack and Tucker discussing takeover, MW getting evidence, and Ronan coming to Phyllis's aid.. Great Episode....Keep em coming

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Thanks Nate. The Newman take over is a missuve umbrella plot that will unfold for the rest of the year.

The MW is a big one that strats sucking in more and more people.

Thanks Nate.

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