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Episode 63: Who is the Mystery Woman Really?

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Inside Tucker’s Apartment. Neil tells Sophia he misses her and Moses. She tells him that he wish he would have thought things more through than being irrational. Sophia tells Neil she doesn’t even think it’s legal for him to take Cane’s kids from him. Neil tells her he doesn’t want to talk about that he want’s to see his son. Sophia gets Moses. Neil keeps the twins quiet so he can visit with his son Moses. She brings him to Neil. Neil smiles and holds his son. He hugs him and kisses him on the cheek. The twins begin to cry. Sophia is getting angry. Neil tries to baby talk all three babies at the same time.

Sophia: Hell no Neil. I don’t think so!” She grabs Moses and tells Neil to leave.

Neil: Sophia, what’s the matter?

Sophia: Moses is to good to be sharing his daddy time with Lily’s kids. So get out! I can do this by myself.” Neil is stunned but has no choice to leave as the babies begin to cry out even louder. He leaves. Sophia holds her baby and she has a tear in her eye. She tells Moses she is so sorry.


Episode 63: Who is the Mystery Woman really?

Written By ML Cooks

Story Consult: Paul G Amos

At the Abbott House. Jack and Ashley drink tea as they sit in the living room. They are talking about Newman. Ashley states she is so sick of Victor and the Newman family. Jack tells her that’s music to his hears. He also tells her he thinks it’s a good time to go after Beauty of Nature. Ashley rolls her eyes at the idea. Jack tells her to wait before she blows him off. He tells his sister that she wants her back in the lab at Jabot. Ashley tells him she’ll think about it.thumbnailCABUFLIV.jpg

Traci visit Victor in Jail.

Victor: Traci Abbott I had no idea you were in town.

Traci: I am and I am here to make sure you go to jail. First my brother Jack, then my daughter Colleen now my little brother Billy. You have systematically tried to destroy my family for many years and it’s time to put an end to it. I’m going to be making sure my family gets the justice they deserve for the things you ‘ve done to the Abbott family.

Victor: I don’t like Jack and hate that pip squeak brother Billy of yours even less. I’ve mad no bones about it. Billy had a choice. Leave my daughter alone. He chose to go against me. So he had to pay.

Traci: You arrogant bastard! Like you’re paying now! You will pay Victor. You will pay.” Traci walks away. Victor tells her it was nice seeing her again.

At Newman. Kay tells Jill they need more board members to even up the board and to take things in a new direction. Jill agrees. She also wonders who they can select. Kay says she has a few ideas. Jill says they better act fast Newman is tanking.

Michael goes to his law office and sees it has been ransacked. He begins to worry if this “intruder” got a certain document. He looks for it. He doesn’t see it. “ Damn it. This can’t be happening. How could I be so stupid. Who is this person messing with us. Now I know there something definitely wrong“.

Meanwhile in a secluded area. Mystery Woman looks over the document she stole from Michael’s office.Screen5.jpg “This is a gold mine. This will become very useful for me. I will not let Michael and the others get in my way for my revenge on that Bitch Phyllis!” She says as she ponders her next move.


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Victor has a heart of stone...guess that's why he's in jail. It's too bad for him and Traci because they always seemed to be cordial...and I wonder what the MW has in her possession...

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