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Episode 57: Sexual Healing

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Harmony goes to Crimson Lights to grab some coffee. Tucker walks in and is surprised to see her. He asks her what is she doing back in town. She tells him that everyone got a new chance with Devon and she deserves one too. Tucker says he’s not buying it.

The Young and the Restless

Episode: 57: Sexual Healing

Written by ML Cooks

Story Consult Paul G Amos

  • Roxanne is at her place. She is mad as hell as the only thing she can think about is Abby and how she ruined her plans with Devon this weekend. She vows she is going to find out if Abby is indeed behind Harmony showing up and if she is she says Abby will pay.
  • At Phyllis’s Apt, Michael tells his blinded friend that he will hire security to keep an eye out on her apartment. He again thinks back on “the voice” he heard in Jamaica. He goes to see Paul to see if he has come up with anything yet.
  • Kay visits Victor in jail. He tells her that a document exists validating their agreement in his office in the safe. He gives her the passcode for it. He tells her she will need this document for the upcoming board meeting. He also tells her when she opens the safe to follow the directions on the document to the letter. Kay understands and leaves.
  • Nikki grabs a drink at the Club. Jill walks over to her and says she understands and takes a seat next to her and orders herself a drink. Nikki says one little drink won’t harm me. “Besides after everything I’ve been through the last few weeks who could blame me.” Jill asks her if something else happened. Nikki informs Jill what Kay has done at Newman. Jill is shocked.
  • At Restless Style. Billy tells Chloe they can’t keep sleeping together. People are going to get hurt. Chloe says she is already hurt. She lost Kevin. She doesn’t know what to do. Billy tells her he loves his wife. There is silence. Chloe tells Billy she doesn’t love him but the sex is just good. She kisses him and then leaves. He stops her. He kisses her once again and they end up having sex again.

Next: Roxanne confronts Harmoni, Abby surprises Nate, the Abbott’s get another surprise and Kay plans her next move!

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My first time commenting, but I have been reading and this is much better than the actual show is now. Better use of the characters and no pointless stories.

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