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Lawrence St Victor and Debbie Morgan join the cast!!

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nate.jpgLawrence St. Victor will take over the role of Nate Winters. He debuted last week in Thursday’s episode. Lawrence previously played Remy on the now defunct Guiding Light. The role is contract and look for him to intertwine with Roxanne, Abby and Devon. Nate’s role will be more pivotal in coming months Headwriter ML Cooks stated.

167f.jpgAlso joining is Debbie Morgan in my version of Y&R. Debbie of course will assume the role of Harmony, Devon’s mother. “The timing is now right for her character to join.” Harmony arrived in last Friday’s cliffhanger episode. Her role is also contract and look for her to mix it up with several deziens from Genoa City. She has a motive for being in town….

Stay tuned…

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