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Episode 56: Cane catches Billy and Chloe having SEX!



At Devon’s Apt. Devon is stunned to see his mother Harmony on his doorstep. He asks her what she is doing here? Harmony tells him that since he gave Kay and Tucker second chances she feels she deserves one too. Roxanne shakes her head as she suspects Abby is behind Harmony being back in town167f.jpg.imagesCAMMDZHMsoapoprah.jpgtatianaali.jpg

The Young and the Restless

Episode 56: Cane catches Billy and Chloe having sex!

Written by ML Cooks

Creative Consult Paul G. Amos

  • At Restless Style Cane looks at a stunned Chloe and Billy. They slowly put their clothes back on. Chloe and Billy don’t know what to say. Cane tells them they should be ashamed of themselves. Cane asks Billy about his marriage to Victoria. Billy says he knows he loves Vicki. Its just he and Chloe are going through something. “One thing lead to another and here we are. Cane, it’s like an addiction I can’t stop it.” Cane says he better if he wants to keep Vicki. Cane walks out. Chloe looks at Billy and thanks him for handling that. She then asks him does he think Cane will tell anyone about them. Billy says he doesn’t know but he sure hopes not.
  • Ashley visits Victor at the jail. Victor smiles. He tells her it’s about time she came to see him. She tells him she doesn’t understand why he would say a thing like that after what he did to her brother. Ashley tells him she will never forgive him keeping Billy away from Delia. She tells him he’s messed with the Abbott family for the last time. From Jack to Colleen now Billy. Enough is enough she tells him. I am going to see to it that you pay for your crimes Victor. Victor is heartbroken. Ashley walks away.
  • Back at Devon’s, Devon looks at Roxanne. He tells her that he is going to cancel their trip for right now. Roxanne is mad and grabs her things.” You know I wouldn’t be surprised if Abby was behind this. How else would your mother know that you made peace with Tucker and Mrs. Chancellor?” Devon” Ah come on Roxanne we just had a talk about this.” Roxanne” Well go talk to Abby.” She says wiping a tear from her eye. She storms out of Devon’s place as Devon is frustrated.
  • At the Athletic Club. Nate and Abby are on their date. They are talking getting to know one another. Abby really isn’t into the date as the only thing she can think about is if Devon canceled his trip to Roxanne.

Next: Nikki begins drinking again, Tucker sees Harmoni, Roxanne and Abby are headed for a collision course.

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So Roxanne knows that Abby is scheming against her and Devon...i didn't know that. Billy confided in Cane about sleeping with Chloe? I bet Cane go runteldat to anyone who will be willing to listen..eventually with his self righteous behind!!! LOL

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