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S3 Episode 77



People's true personalities come out in Springfield...




Edmund is drinking at the bar.

He has been somewhat depressed since his conversation with Marah.


Annie steps off the elevator.

She sees him.

Annie takes a seat next to him, "What's got you down?"

He scoffs, "You are the last person I want to see."

She laughs, "You are about as sloppy drunk as they get. Must have had a bad week."

He sighs, "Well my daughter is in the hospital after being kidnapped all summer. And now another woman I fall in love with has rejected me. I really thought Marah loved me."

Annie nods, "Yeah it sucks. I've been there before. But you need to get past it Edmund."

Edmund sighs, "It's not like broke up or anything."

She nods, "Oh I guess she hasn't talked to you yet has she?... Oh my God I'm so sorry..."

He turns away, "That's great! That's... that's great."

A frustrated Edmund shakes his head.

He looks at the bartender, "Another one of these please?"

She nods, "Just a club soda for me. I don't drink."

He nods, "That's right."

She smiles at him, "I hope you know I never hated you Edmund. I just knew you and Marah were a bad match. I was worried for both of you. I knew something like this would happen."

He sighs, "It makes sense. We got together one drunken night when we were mad about Jeffrey and Cassie getting together. But my God it was passionate. Just angry sex. She called it our consolation prize."

Annie laughs, "Well I sure wish I had a consolation prize after my big break up."

Edmund stares at her.

She smiles.

He gets up, "I'm going to go use the restroom. I'll be right back."

Edmund gets up.

His drink is sitting in his spot.

Annie takes a pill out of her purse.

She drops into his drink when the bartender isn't looking.




Rick is walking down the hall.

Michelle approaches him, "Hey. What's going on?"

He sighs, "Long night. I was hoping to get off earlier. But no such luck. Did you get a chance to say goodbye to Dad before he left?"

She shakes her head, "No I didn't. I forget where he's going exactly I just remember it was some medical conference I never heard of. I didn't feel the need to ask questions."

Rick nods, "Yeah neither did I. He's been pretty distant this past week. Maybe we should give him his space."

Michelle sighs, "You don't think he's thinking about moving away again do you? Because we can't let that happen. I mean not just for us, but my kids really have grown close to him since Danny died. I don't want them to be disappointed like I was."

Rick shakes his head, "Don't get all worried about something that is probably not true."

Michelle sighs, "I know. I just feel like the worst Mom you know? I don't have enough time to spend with the kids. When Danny died I thought I could find the strength to make everything work. And when I got engaged to Bill it all seemed perfect but that didn't work out."

Rick nods, "I'm guessing things are officially done with Jesse?"

Michelle shakes her head, "We're friends. But he's not ready to be a stepfather. Even if he is a great guy."

Rick nods, "I agree, but are you still looking? Because I hear Dr. McCabe is back in town and-"

Michelle shakes her head, "No. I'm not dating. I'm officially throwing in the towel."

Rick and Michelle get to the front desk.

A new doctor is filling out forms.

He turns to them, "Rick, Michelle! Wow it's great to see you two."

They don't recognize him for a minute.

He smiles, "Oh sorry, it's been a while. It's J. J Chamberlain. Or Dr. J Chamberlain now."



Bauer Garage Apartment:


An exhausted Ashlee walks into her apartment.

She is still wearing her scrubs from work.

She kicks off her shoes and flops down on the bed.

While looking across the room she sees her medical books staring back at her.

She moans.

She rests her eyes for a moment.

There is a knock at her door.

She jumps up, "Coming."

Ashlee grabs her money for the pizza she ordered.

She opens the door.


Dalton is standing there with a bouquet of flowers.

She sees him and immediately goes to shut the door.

He sticks his foot through, "Wait please!"

She shakes her head, "Leave me alone!"

He sighs, "Please just talk to me! Ashlee I want us to talk about what has happened."

She shouts, "Do you want me to call 911?"

He looks at her, "Fine! I'll risk it. That's how important you are to me Ashlee."

She stares, "Are you serious?"

He nods, "Please. Let me in for a moment."

She opens the door and steps aside.

He walks in.

She turns to him, "I don't care what you say. You aren't changing my mind. You hurt me Dalton!"

He nods, "I know. But you let me in."

She scoffs, "Oh my God! I already regret it."

He looks at her, "Do you?"

Ashlee stares at him.



Clarissa peeks in on Baby Adam.

He's finally sleeping.

She walks away quietly.

She sees her textbooks on the floor.

She knows she's already falling behind in her online courses she is taking for Springfield U.

There is a knock on the door.

A frustrated Clarissa walks over quietly.

She opens it.


Blake smiles, "Hi!"

Clarissa shushes her, "Oh my God. I literally just got him to go to sleep? Are you joking right now?"

Blake sighs, "I'm sorry Baby. I just wanted to come over and see him. I texted you but you didn't respond."

Clarissa shakes her head, "I'm doing homework. Or class work. I'm busy."

Blake sighs, "Can I just come in and catch up?"

Clarissa nods.

Blake walks in, "I like you're new hair style. It's very cute."

Clarissa nods, "Thanks."

Blake sighs, "You look a little less like me but maybe that's... what you wanted."

Clarissa turns away.

Blake looks around, "Don't you have housekeeping here?"

Clarissa nods, "I know. But Adam and I have been here all day so I haven't had a chance to have anyone clean."

Blake looks at her, "I can watch him for you if you want. I know you need to focus on school."

Clarissa shakes her head, "I'm fine. I know what I'm doing. I don't need your help."

Blake looks at her, "Is something wrong sweetheart? Because I feel like there is something you're not telling me."

Clarissa hides her frustrations.




Dinah is out in the parking lot.

She gets into her car and starts it up.

Dinah starts to back her car out of the spot.

As she pulls out she feels her car hit another car.

Dinah shouts, "Are you kidding me?"

She jumps out.

Dinah walks over to confront the other driver.


To her surprise Mallet steps out of the car.

She scoffs, "You've got to be kidding me?"

He shakes his head, "Don't worry I'm not going to yell at you. I'm too tired right now."

She scoffs, "What? How about I yell at you? You saw me pulling out and just kept going!"

He stares, "Are you kidding? I was driving and you just jumped out of no where!"

She shakes her head, "Wow seriously? You don't even know what you're talking about right now."

He nods, "I'm a cop Dinah."

She nods, "Yeah that makes it that much sadder."

He looks at her, "Can we just talk for a minute? I came to see you because I wanted to talk to you."

She shakes her head, "Listen I won't be out of town that long. I just have a business thing to take care of. So you and my sister can have all of your fun with the kids."

He shakes his head, "Maureen and I broke up a month ago."

Dinah stares, "Oh."

He nods, "But somehow I think you knew that."

The two stare at each other.


Fraternity House:


RJ and Belinda are walking around.

He has his arm around her.

One of the brother's named Scott walks up, "Hey Winslow! You got a fun a girl here."

Belinda smiles, "Just point me to the keg my man."

He laughs, "Hell yeah."


Zach walks up, "Hey guys."

Scott looks at him, "Where's your date man?"

Zach shakes his head, "My girl couldn't make it tonight. Some stuff she had to do."

He shakes his head, "I don't like this Spaulding. You better find some cute girl to hook up with tonight or there gonna start asking questions about you if you know what I mean?"

Scott pats him on the shoulder and walks away.

RJ and Belinda look at him.

RJ sighs, "Don't worry man. You're a Spaulding. They love having you as a pledge here."

Zach sighs, "I told Leah I needed her to come here but she didn't give a crap. It sucks."

Belinda sighs, "It's just a frat party."

Zach rolls his eyes, "Whatever."

He goes to get a drink.

Outside the house.


Marti Lewis is on her cell phone, "Hey Mama... yeah I know.... I'm just going to a cheer thing with the girls. Then a slumber party. I'm staying out of trouble trust me.... I know. I got myself into some bad situations because of guys but I'm steering clear of guys in Springfield, trust me... Okay I gotta go, we're gonna go watch a movie, love you bye."

Marti hangs up her phone.

She walks up the door in her revealing outfit.



Edmund and Annie walk into his room.

He is barely able to stand.

She leads him to his bed and sits him down.

She turns away, "Wow. You are so lucky Edmund."

He laughs, "Lucky? Are you joking? Marah screwed me over, Cassie screwed me over, Beth totally screwed me over. Every woman I love just... I forget what I was going to say."

Annie pours herself a drink, "Yeah I bet you do."

She puts the drink down.

Annie turns.

Edmund is now lying on the bed with his eyes closed.

She nods, "Much better."

A very serious Annie walks over and starts unbuttoning his shirt.

Annie leans down and looks at him.

She takes her lipstick covered lips and kisses his chest.

Edmund begins to open his eyes.

She gives him a very cold stare.

He barely opens his eyes, "Marah?..."

She smiles, "Yes."

Edmund smiles.

Annie leans down and kisses him.

Edmund puts his arms around her.

She climbs on top of him.

The two are kissing passionately.

She starts to rip his clothes off.

The two begin to wrestle around on the bed.

Annie realizes just how far she has to go now.


J Chamberlain stands in the hospital.

Rick shakes his hand, "Good to see you? How are Quint and Nola?"

He nods, "Good, still Mom and Dad. They might be making a visit here soon now that I'm back."

Michelle smiles, "Yeah. So you're back?"

He nods, "Yes. It's good to see you Michelle."

She smiles, "Good to see you too."

Rick looks at them, "I'll let you two catch up while I go check on my patient. Good seeing you J."

J and Michelle walk around.

Michelle sighs, "I don't think I've seen you since we were teenagers. Remember when we had our brief romance."

He laughs, "Oh I remember. But it had to end because were cousins by adoption or something."

Michelle nods, "Yeah. I mean now crazier things have happened in Springfield. But at the time our parents were freaked."

He grins, "Yeah."

She looks at him, "I had no idea you had become a doctor."

He smiles, "Yeah it's my passion. I heard you were a Mom now. That's great, congratulations."

She grins, "Thank you. My son Robbie is already a senior in high school. And Hope is catching up with him."

He smiles, "Maybe I can meet them someday?"

She nods, "Yeah."

He looks around, "I need to go talk to the chief of staff."

Michelle grins, "Okay. So I'll see you around?"

He nods, "Yes you will."

J walks away.

Bauer Garage Apartment:

Ashlee is still with Dalton in her room.

He looks at her, "Every time I see you Ashlee, I feel like you get even more beautiful."

She nods, "Oh really? I'm pretty sure I heard that line on a soap opera yesterday."

He shakes his head, "It's from my heart."

She sighs, "I don't care. You lied to me!"

He nods, "I know. I should have told you all about my real history with Amanda. But I didn't know how."

She shakes her head, "I confided so many things in you. Do you know how it feels when you share something with someone and find out they were lying to you about everything. I feel like you were playing me! You tricked me into sharing my heart with you."

He sighs, "I never wanted to hurt you."

She nods, "You did! I don't date guys like you! I don't date the dark mysterious types. They scare the crap out of me."

He nods, "I know what you mean. Good girls scare me. I'm afraid of hurting them or letting them down."

Ashlee looks at him, "Well can't handle being hurt right now. Like I can't deal with that at all."

She walks past him.

Ashlee opens her door, "You need to leave."

He walks over to her.

He stares at her.

She looks at him, "Now?"

He stares, "Really?"

Ashlee leans close to him.

After much resistance on her part, the two lean closer and kiss.


Clarissa starts picking up stuff.

Blake looks at her, "Don't worry about it just because I'm here."

Clarissa shakes her head, "I'm not. I want this place to be clean for Adam and I. I do care about my son you know?"

Blake nods, "I know. You're doing a great job so far?"

She scoffs, "So far? Are you waiting for me to screw up?"

Blake sighs, "No! God I feel like I can't say anything to you anymore. Is there something going on with you? Because I am really starting to get that vibe from you."

Clarissa scoffs, "Wow you and your vibes all of the sudden? Where were those vibes when I was hiding my pregnancy from you?"

Blake sighs, "I don't know. I was caught up in my stupid drama with Alan and Remy. I let you down."

Clarissa nods, "Well I'm not letting my son down. So if you're waiting to say 'I told you so', it's never going to happen. I'm going to be a better mother than you."

Blake nods, "I hope so. Because Adam deserves to have the best. And I don't want you to be angry with yourself the way that I am with myself."

Clarissa turns away.

Blake looks around, "You certainly got a lot of flowers. Are they from friends at school?"

Clarissa shakes her head, "I don't know. Half of them don't have names."

Clarissa goes into the next room.

Blake looks at the flowers, gifts and baskets.

She recognizes the handwriting on one of her cards.

Her mouth drops.

She looks at some of the other cards.

She realizes the ones with no names are all in the same handwriting.

Blake stares in shock.

She takes one of the cards and puts it in her purse.

Clarissa walks out, "What are you doing?"

Blake turns to her, "I have to go talk to your Grandmother about something. I'll call you later baby."

Clarissa nods, "Okay."

Blake looks at her, "I love you."

Blake hurries out the door.

A confused Clarissa stares.

Baby Adam starts crying again.

A very upset Clarissa covers her ears as she walks over to him.

Fraternity House:

Belinda and RJ are in the center of the room.

Belinda is telling stories.

The entire room is all watching her.

RJ is scoring major points with the brothers.

Belinda turns to RJ, "Oh my God! You have to let me do a keg stand! Don't get mad okay!"

RJ sighs, "Pace yourself Babe."

The two kiss.

Belinda looks past him and sees Marti walking over, "Oklahoma?"

Marti walks over, "Hey you remembered me."

RJ turns around, "Marti?"

Marti smiles, "Oh my God!"

Marti jumps into his arms.

Belinda looks at them, "You know each other huh?"

RJ smiles, "Yeah I used to stay with her family in Oklahoma. It's good to see you Marti."

Marti grins, "You too. We got a lot to catch up on."

He smiles, "Yeah we do."

Belinda takes his arm, "Later."

Belinda and RJ walk away.

A tipsy Marti walks away.

She bumps into a drunk Zach.

Zach turns to her, "Hey... do I know you?"

She smiles, "You certainly look familiar."

He grins, "I'm Zach."

She smiles, "I'm Marti."

The frat guy Scott walks over, "See! I told you that you'd find a hot girl here!"

Marti grins.

Zach looks at her, "Do you want to dance?"

She nods, "Yeah."

The two smile at each other.


Dinah and Mallet are in the parking lot.

She looks at him, "Relax okay. I heard that you and Maureen weren't exactly tight anymore. But I wasn't sure if you had broken up officially or whatever. And I knew if I asked you that you would get all defensive and yell at me. So I didn't."

He sighs, "Really?"

She nods, "Yes. Why would I lie about that?"

He turns away, "You lie a lot."

She shakes her head, "Not anymore."

He has his back to her.

She sighs, "I know you don't trust me anymore Mallet. I screwed up a lot when we were married. I forgot that we were partners. I kept too many secrets from you and I'm sorry."

He turns around, "Yeah. Well I probably shouldn't have walked out on you without working a little harder. And I can admit now that my relationship with Maureen was... it had something to do with you."

Dinah sighs, "Wow... I am surprised that you can admit that."

Mallet shakes his head, "I'm getting to old to play games Dinah. Maybe that's why I am trying to stay away from you."

She nods, "I know what you mean. You're afraid we'll get back together, I'll get into trouble, you'll rescue me, I won't want you to rescue me, I try to rescue you, and we are back at square one."

He sighs, "Exactly."

She looks down, "Well maybe we can use this time to think about things. And when I get back..."

He nods, "Yeah."

Dinah walks to her car, "I'll see you Mallet."

He nods, "See ya Dinah.

Dinah gets back into her car and drives away.

Mallet goes to check out his bumper.

He sees a paper Dinah dropped.

He realizes it's the address of where she's going.

As he looks at the address and location he gets concerned.


Annie is pulling her dress back on.

She stands off the bed.

She turns and looks at naked Edmund in his bed.

She pulls his sheet off of him to leave him totally revealed.

Annie takes her bra and throws it on the bed.

She gives him one last kiss on his forehead.

She walks out of the room.

Annie walks past the elevator and takes the stairs down.


Right after, Marah steps off the elevator.

She takes a deep breath.

She is nervous about confessing to the truth to Edmund, but feels she loves him enough to be honest.

Marah notices his door is open.

She walks over and pushes it open the rest of the way.

Her jaw drops as she sees Edmund.

He starts to open his eyes, "Marah?..."

Her eyes fill with tears, "Oh my God.... what did you do?"

Edmund stares in shock as he looks at his room.


Marah falls a part

Ashlee pushes Dalton away

Marti seduces Zach

Belinda makes a confession

Josh gets his news

Ross and Mallet get suspicious

Blake and Holly go on a mission!


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