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S3 Episode 78



Decisions shape who people are in Springfield...




Edmund begins to wake up in his bed.

He realizes he is undressed.

There is women's clothing around him.

He jumps, "Marah."

Her eyes are tearing up, "Oh my God... What have you done Edmund? Tell me there is some explanation..."

He holds his head, "I... oh God. I don't know what's going on right now. I just went to have a drink and someone-"

Marah turns, "Oh my God!"

He sits up, "Marah wait!"

She looks at him, "Who was she?"

He sighs, "I don't know."

Marah backs away, "You're disgusting."

He calls out to her, "Marah! Please!"

She walks towards him, "I actually felt bad about ruining our dinner. I thought about everything you said, all of the memories that we made here in this room.... and this is our last one."

He reaches for her hand, "Marah please believe me! I don't know what happened. But I love you."

She shoves him, "No! It's all going to be lies! Everything we say to each other is a lie."

He is confused, "What are you talking about?"

She backs away, "I never want to see you again."

He tries to get up but falls.

A very dizzy Edmund is on the floor.

Marah shakes her head, "I'm done with you."

Marah slams his door closed.

She begins sobbing as she rushes to the elevator and hears Edmund calling her.


Fraternity House:


Belinda is dancing on the table at the party.

Everyone is cheering for her.

Belinda is loving her attention.

RJ walks over, "Hey."

She smiles, "Roger Joshua! Come over here and dance with me! I swear it's a blast."

He sighs, "You've had more than enough Babe."

RJ grabs Belinda and gets her off the table.

On the other side of the house.


Zach and Marti are dancing together.

The brothers keep congratulating him on his hot date.

Marti starts rubbing up against him.

Zach stares, "I think maybe we should stop soon... okay after this next dance."

She smiles, "You getting tired? We could lay down?"

He shakes his head, "I don't know..."

She grins, "Why not?"

He looks at her, "I have a girlfriend."

Marti takes his hand, "Don't worry Zach. Whoever your girlfriend is, what she doesn't know won't hurt her. And trust me okay, I know how to keep a secret. I'm good."

Zach stares at her, "Maybe."

Marti takes his hand.

The two walk up the steps.

The brothers start cheering for him as they go up.


Garage Apartment:


Ashlee and Dalton are kissing.

Ashlee pulls away.

She slaps him.

He rubs his face, "Okay, I'm going to start counting the number of times you slap me."

She stares at him, "How can you do this to me? You know how much it hurts me to even look at you."

He shakes his head, "And I want to fix it. I want to make things better for you Ashlee."

She shakes her head, "No. You're selfish. And you like messing with my head. It's easy for you."

He sighs, "Why can't you just believe that I might be falling for you really hard?"

Ashlee nods, "I thought that once. I was a total idiot. But I'm not going to trust you again. I'm not going to let you hurt me."

He shakes his head, "I wouldn't do that!"

She shouts, "What are you talking about? You already have! Have you forgotten Amanda!"

He sighs, "Stop acting like this."

She scoffs, "You act like you're the victim in all of this. You are a con artists and I will never believe a word that comes out of your mouth ever again Dalton."

He sighs, "Please Ashlee."

She shouts, "Get out! Get out!!!"

Dalton and Ashlee stare at each other.




Ross Marler is in his room.

He is looking at some old family pictures.

There is a knock on his door.

Ross gets up, "One moment."

He opens the door.


Mallet is standing there.

Ross looks at him, "Detective Mallet, nice to see you. What brings you by tonight?"

Mallet sighs, "I have to talk with you. I need some advice about something. Can I come in?"

Ross lets him in, "Of course."

The two of them walk into his room.

Ross looks at him, "What's going on?"

Mallet looks at him, "I was talking to Dinah tonight. We kept talking about our relationship, our history, I kept thinking that it was crazy. That I shouldn't be feeling this way again. But I did."

Ross nods, "Believe me I know what you mean. I've been feeling the same way about Blake since I came back to Springfield."

Mallet sighs, "I felt like I had a little bit of a sign. Dinah dropped the address of where she's going on her trip. So I looked it up and thought maybe I should... I don't know what I was going to do. I guess I was going to go chasing Dinah through Dominican Republic."

Ross is confused, "The Dominican Republic?"

Mallet sighs, "Yeah. I think someone wants her to do a documentary or something in Santo Domingo for like the RT TV network. She didn't give me to many details."

Ross sits back at his computer, "Santo Domingo?"

Mallet nods, "Yeah. Why?"

Ross sighs, "I uh... I had a prank email sent to me about a woman in Santo Domingo who needed my law advice. But I deleted it."

Mallet laughs, "Ross people get emails like that all the time."

Ross shakes his head, "Ones from the RT firm?"

Ross and Mallet stare at each other.




Holly is in her office.

Blake walks in.

Holly looks at her, "Honey you startled me."

Blake looks at her, "I'm sorry. I just came here as soon as I could, I was in a hurry."

Holly looks at her, "Blake... what is going on?"

Blake sighs, "Mom have you gotten any messages? Like anything mysterious sent to you?"

Holly turns away, "Why?"

Blake looks at her, "Just answer the question Mom. Please."

Holly looks at her, "What is this about? Are you in some kind of trouble sweetheart?"

Blake shakes her head, "I hope not. I found this card that was sent to Clarissa. There are a dozen others just like it."

Holly stares at the handwriting, "My God."

Blake looks at her, "See! I knew! You recognized it too! I'm not crazy am I? Am I?"

Holly shakes her head, "What the hell is going on?"

Blake looks at her, "Have you gotten any messages Mom?"

Holly nods.

Blake looks at her, "What were they?"

Holly slowly walks over to her desk.

She pulls out an envelope and hands it to Blake.

Blake takes it out.

She sees a typed letter that basically requests Holly to be in Santo Domingo.

Blake looks at her, "Santo Domingo?"

Holly nods, "I was hoping it was some stupid coincidence. I never imagined... Oh my God."




Noah is on his phone outside.

He smiles, "Yes I'm going to be home as soon as I can... I know you have that surprise waiting I've been thinking about it all day... haha good good. Okay I got to get back to work... I love you too Reva. Bye."

He hangs up his phone.

Noah walks back inside.


Josh approaches, "Hey Noah."

Noah looks at him, "Josh, I thought we were meeting tomorrow to discuss your test results."

Josh sighs, "I know but I figured they might come back early and then we could talk about them sooner."

Noah looks at him, "Okay Josh I know you are anxious to find out what's going on with you. But you need to relax. Either way, stress is not going to be good for you."

Josh nods, "That's why I'm here. I can't sleep and I can't eat. Every time I show a symptom I panic. I don't even feel like I'm living anymore. And I know once I find out, no matter what the answer is, I'll be able to rest for the night."

Noah looks at him, "That makes sense."

Josh stares at him.

Noah sighs, "I'll go check and see if the papers came back yet."

Noah walks away.

Josh takes a deep breath.


Garage Apartment:

Dalton stands in Ashlee's apartment.

She has the door open, "You are going to wake up the Bauers. Now can you please get out."

He shakes his head, "I need you to know how much I care about you. I'm not giving up on us Ashlee."

She sighs, "Well I have."

He shakes his head, "Not yet. You are all I have keeping me here in Springfield. And I'm still here."

She stares, "Please..."

Dalton kisses her again.

She kisses him back.

He stares, "I'm sorry but I can't just leave you alone Ashlee. I can't promise you that."

She sighs, "Dalton... no."

He shakes his head, "It kills me to be away from you. I can't be happy if I'm not with you."

She turns away.

He sighs, "You're holding all of the cards Ashlee."

She looks down.

He sighs, "Just tell me why you are letting me stay here and you're not throwing me out, unless you still have feelings for me?"

Dalton walks out of her apartment.

Ashlee shuts the door.

She begins to cry.

Ashlee slides down and sits in front of her door.

Fraternity House:

RJ is walking around with Belinda leaning on him.

He sighs, "You really over did it Babe."

She laughs, "I'm sorry."

He looks around, "Where is Zach?"

She smiles, "Yeah sorry I can't be more like perfect girl Leah. Little sexting chick."

He sighs, "This has nothing to do with Leah."

Belinda laughs, "When I saw her pic on Zach's phone I coulnd't believe it."

He is confused, "What do you mean Zach's phone?"

She shushes him, "Don't be mad. I had to show everyone what a fake bitch she really is..."

Belinda passes out on RJ's shoulder.

RJ stares at her in shock.


Marti and Zach drunkly stumble into a bedroom.

The two are making out.

They fall onto the bed.

Marti starts kissing his neck.

He sighs, "I thought I was coming alone... I don't have any protection."

She stares, "You don't carry any?"

He looks away, "It's been a while..."

She laughs, "It's okay. This is a frat house. Look in the drawer."

Zach checks the drawer and he sees the condoms staring back at him.

She smiles, "Told you."

Zach grabs them.

The two continue kissing.

They begin to undress.


Josh is pacing around out in the waiting room.

He keeps looking around to make sure he doesn't see anybody that he knows tonight.

He hates lying to people.

Noah walks over with a file, "Josh."

Josh looks at him, "Is that it?"

Noah nods, "Yes."

Josh sighs, "Okay well where do we want to talk about this at? Obviously not out here."

Noah nods, "Wait in that room."

Josh walks into the next room.

He is holding his jacket in his arms.

He keeps walking around.

It feels like an eternity waiting for Noah to come in.

He looks at the clock.

For a moment it seems like time is slowing down for Josh, yet speeding up at the same time.

His heart jumps when the door opens.

Noah walks in, "Okay. Let's sit down and talk."

Josh smiles, "Sit down? I know how that starts."

Noah clears his throat.

Josh sighs, "Okay I'm ready for anything."

Noah looks at him, "Okay. I'm going to just come right out with it Josh."

Josh nods.

Noah stares, "I'm sorry Josh but you have prostate caner."

For that moment time stands still for Josh Lewis.


Marah sits in her room on her bed.

She is in tears.

She picks up her phone and calls someone, "Hey did you get my message?... Okay good so you're on your way?.... good because I need to apologize for how I acted earlier... You still have your key.... okay. I love you too."

Marah hangs up.

She continues crying on her bed.

She was ready to confess everything to Edmund, including her developed love for him.

She keeps getting calls from Edmund.

She ignores each one.

Finally she hears her door open.

Marah looks up, "Oh thank God! I am so sorry!"


Annie walks in, "It's okay."

Marah cries, "I am so sorry I didn't believe you. Edmund is a bastard! He slept with someone else."

Annie starts making Marah a glass of water, "Did you find out who it was?"

Marah shakes her head, "He couldn't even remember."

Annie nods, "What a loser."

Marah sobs.

Annie sits with her and hands her the glass, "It's okay Baby it's okay. I'm here, and I love you. You're a daughter to me. And I'm going to take care of you. You just have to let me take control from now on and I will take care of you Baby."

Marah cries in Annie's arms.

A very cold Annie rubs Marah's back.


Holly and Blake are in her office.

Holly sits at her desk.

Blake looks at her, "What do we do?"

Holly shakes her head, "We just have to ignore it Blake. We can't respond to this."

Blake shakes her head, "I can't do that! My daughter and new grandson are involved. I won't let them get hurt."

Holly stands up, "You need to stay here and protect them, not going off on some wild goose chase."

Blake stares, "What if it's not so wild."

Holly shakes her head, "No."

Blake sighs, "What if it's him."

Holly sighs, "It can't be him."

Blake nods, "But what if it is?"

Holly walks away, "It isn't possible. There is no way that it could possibly be him and you know that."

Blake shouts, "Then explain the handwriting Mom! Explain why all of this is happening. Explain Santo Domingo!"

Holly turns to her, "Why can't you just let this go?"

Blake nods, "Because I'm your daughter."

Holly looks at her, "Yes you are."

Blake stares, "Let's call the airport."

Holly takes her hands, "But you have to promise me that you will listen to me Blake. I'm not going to let you get into trouble and I'm not letting anything happen to you."

Blake nods, "Okay."

Holly hugs her, "I love you."

Blake nods, "I love you too."

Blake and Holly walk out the door.


Ross is going through is computer.

Mallet is on his phone.

He's trying to get a hold of Dinah.

Mallet is frustrated, "She's not answering."

Ross shakes his head, "I deleted it from my email. But I did find something interesting."

Mallet walks over, "What?"

Ross sighs, "Ed emailed me that he's going away to some sort of medical conference. It sounded suspicious but I didn't question him. I just looked up the conference and it doesn't exist."

Mallet shakes his head, "So you think Ed might be involved too?"

Ross nods, "I'm starting to think a lot of things Mallet."

Mallet turns away.

Ross looks at his cell phone, "Did you hear my phone ring?"

Mallet shakes his head, "No why?"

Ross sighs, "I got a voicemail from Blake."

Ross listens to it.

He begins to stand up.

Mallet looks at him, "What?"

Ross turns to Mallet, "Blake and Holly are on their way to Santo Domingo. She said it was an emergency."

Mallet shakes his head, "What the hell is going on?"

Ross looks at him, "If I didn't know any better, I would say this was all... him."

Mallet stares, "It's not possible Ross."

Ross nods, "I know but with all of the signs... this has his finger prints all over it."

Mallet looks at him, "What do we do?"

Ross sighs, "I think we need to find a way to get to Santo Domingo, before it's too late."


The residents of Springfield make their way to Santo Domingo

Memories will be recalled

Fears will be confessed

Someone will be remembered

Someone will die

Welcome to Santo Domingo....


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