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FTL Movie: Welcome to Santo Domingo P1



Welcome to Santo Domingo Part 1

It is a warm day in Santo Domingo.

People walk the streets.

The wind blows through the city.

On the road a taxi is driving through.


Inside sits Holly Norris and her daughter Blake Thorpe.

Holly looks out her window.

Though she has horrible memories from the past, the city seems just like any other city right now.

Holly stares.

Blake looks at her, "What are you thinking about?"

Holly sighs, "I'm wondering why I let us get into this situation all over again. I feel like a fool."

Blake shakes her head, "Don't say that. You're not a fool Mom. You are trying to get to the bottom of this just like I am."

Holly looks at her, "The bottom of what? Some other over dramatic event we get dragged into?"

Blake sighs, "I know you're nervous. So am I. Honestly I have no idea what is going to happen tonight."

Holly nods, "Neither do I. And that is what scares me the most Chrissy."

Blake stares at her, "Wow it's been a really long time since you called me that."

Holly shakes her head, "What?"

Blake stares, "You called me Chrissy."

A confused Holly turns away.

She turns her focus back out the window.

The car continues down the road.

It slows down when it gets to a hill.

There is a big gate in front of them.

The driver looks for a button to push to get inside.

Blake and Holly stare confused.

Suddenly the gates open up.

The car drives through.

Blake and Holly sit back as the car goes around and up the hill.

The car stops in front of a mansion.

They look up through the window.

The very posh mansion towers over them.

Holly and Blake step out.

A dressed up service man walks out of the building, "Hello Ladies. I am Douglas. You must be Ms. Norris and Ms. Thorpe."

Blake nods, "Yes we are."

He nods, "I'll take your things in. You may go inside and make yourselves at home."

Blake and Holly take hands.

The two walk inside of the mansion.

Blake and Holly walk inside.

They see the front entrance and the double staircase in front of them.

Blake looks around, "Oh my goodness."

Holly stares, "Very nice."

Blake nods, "This place is beautiful."

They hear a familiar voice, "Oh please. Anyone who is fascinated by this place has no sense of taste."


They both turn to see Alexandra Spaulding.

Holly stares, "You're here too?"

Alex nods, "We were supposed to be meeting some potential clients for Spaulding here. I'm starting to realize our mistake."

Blake looks at her, "Who is we?"


Alexandra's son Nick and her sister Amanda walk over.

Nick sighs, "Apparently there was some sort of mistake. Someone didn't check the facts."

Amanda nods, "Well someone will be losing their jobs when we get back to Springfield."

Blake sighs, "Are none of you suspicious about why all of us were invited here?"

Alexandra shakes her head, "You worry about things far too much."

They hear footsteps coming from down the stairs.

They all turn.


To their surprise Mindy Lewis comes walking down the steps, "I thought I heard familiar voices."

Nick smiles, "Mindy."

She grins, "Hey Nick."

Everyone stares at each other.

Holly nods, "So we all were invited to some sort of business meeting?"

Mindy looks around, "I really didn't expect any of this."

Alexandra stares at her, "What were you expecting Mindy? Did someone call you to sew their pants?"

Mindy smirks, "Nice to see you too Alexandra. I'm sorry to hear about your brother being locked up for murder."

Alexandra smiles at her.

Blake looks around, "So each of us was invited here separately and we didn't know too expect each other?"

Everyone looks at each other.

Holly tries to hide how nervous she is.

Suddenly she feels a hand on her shoulder.

She quickly turns around.


Ed is standing behind her, "Hi."

She hugs him, "Oh Ed you startled me. What on earth are you doing here in Santo Domingo?"

He sighs, "I was about to ask you the same thing."

Holly stares at him.

Across the room Amanda stands by Alexandra.

She looks at her sister, "Do you think we should call the driver to come pick us up?"

Alexandra shakes her head, "No. I'm suddenly intrigued. We've come all this way, we might as well meet our host."

They all hear a familiar voice, "What the hell is this?"

Everyone turns.


Dinah Marler walks into the room, "You've got to be kidding me."

Blake looks at her, "Dinah. I thought you were going to work on some documentary."

Dinah nods, "Yeah so did I."

Douglas walks back in, "If everyone would go up to their rooms. Your names should be on the doors. You may all change and then meet back in an hour for cocktails."

Everybody slowly walks up to the staircase.

Each one of them looks around as they walk up.

Inside of one of the rooms.

Blake and Holly are getting ready.

Holly looks at her, "I cannot believe you are actually getting dressed up for this."

Blake sighs, "I see no reason not to."

There is a knock at the door.

The two women look at each other.

Holly sighs, "Stay right there."

Blake turns in her seat and watches as her mother approaches the door.

Holly slowly opens it.

To her relief Ed is outside the door, "What are you thinking?"

A confused Holly stares at him, "What?"

He shakes his head, "It's bad enough that you're here, but bringing Blake along with you?"

Holly nods, "You're here. And I get the feeling you didn't walk in her blindly like everyone else."

Ed shakes his head, "I think I had the same suspicions as you did."

Holly steps aside and lets Ed in.

Blake looks at him, "So you're thinking what we were?"

Ed sighs, "I don't know what I'm thinking anymore. You saw the crowd. It's obvious what our connections are."

Holly sighs, "It doesn't make sense."

The three of them all look up at the clock.

The guests begin to head downstairs.

Alexandra and Amanda are side by side.

Amanda looks at her, "Honestly Alexandra, I don't understand why you insist in joining these festivities."

Alexandra turns to her, "Oh Darling, after all of the negative publicity you have shadowed on this family, you no longer get to have an opinion on our decisions."

Amanda just shakes her head.

Across the room.

Mindy is standing by herself.

Nick approaches her, "Hey."

She smiles, "Hi. It's been a really long time hasn't it?"

He nods, "Yeah. I don't think we ever seem to be visiting Springfield at the same time."

Mindy sighs, "And now we see each other here..."

The two stare at each other.

Holly, Ed, and Blake all walk down the stairs together.

They look around the room.

It seems like a simple dinner party.

Blake sighs, "It looks innocent enough."

Holly shakes her head, "Don't be fooled. Do not let your guard down for a second."

Blake looks at Ed.

He nods, "Listen to your mother."

The three join the rest of the guests.

Upstairs Douglas walks down a hallway.

He approaches an almost hidden office.

The lights are off.

Douglas walks in and clears his throat, "Sir, your guests are making their way downstairs."

Downstairs the guest continue to mingle.

Ed walks over to Alexandra.

Alex grins, "Nice to see you Ed."

He shakes his head, "Why are you here?"

She sighs, "I was invited like the rest of you."

Ed looks at her, "Aren't you smarter than to let yourself get caught up in this mess."

She nods, "Aren't you?"

He just stares at her.

Across the room.

Dinah comes walking down the steps.

Blake walks over, "Hello Dinah."

Dinah sighs, "I'm only staying for a short while to let our host know what I think of his games."

Blake looks at her, "Dinah I think we all need to stick together tonight. So maybe you should come over with me and you can join my Mom and Ed. We're all keeping an eye on each other."

Dinah shakes her head, "No. One, I don't like you. Two, I'm not afraid. And three, I look out for myself."

Dinah walks past her.

Suddenly the room goes quiet.

Douglas is now at the bottom of the steps, "Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present your host?"

All eyes turn in that direction.

Footsteps are heard coming from the hallway on the next floor.

Amanda walks over next to Alexandra and Ed.

Mindy stands by Nick.

Dinah is at the side of the staircase.

Holly looks over and sees Blake standing right at the bottom of the staircase waiting.

The host walks to the top of the steps.

Douglas clears his throat, "Mr. Sebastian Hulce."


Sebastian looks down on the crowd.

Everyone is staring back at him.

Holly just shakes her head.

She looks over at Blake.

Blake stares up at her brother.

Outside of Santo Domingo.

An airplane is boarding.


Ross Marler and AC Mallet are walking to their seats.

Mallet looks at him, "I cannot believe it has taken us this long to just to make our way there."

Ross sighs, "I'm sorry Mallet, I don't have the same connections I had before I left Springfield."

Mallet shakes his head, "I couldn't use mine either. What am I supposed to say? 'Please help me find my ex wife who went on a business trip because I have a whole conspiracy theory behind it'."

Ross sighs, "It doesn't matter now. We have to get to Santo Domingo before something happens."

Mallet looks at him, "But we both agreed that there is no possible way that this could be him?"

Ross sighs, "No. But I'm pretty sure it's about him."

Ross and Mallet keep looking at their watches.

Both of them holding back their fears.

Back inside of the mansion.

Sebastian Hulce walks down the stairs.

Blake stares, "Sebastian... wow it's really... It's been a very long time since I last saw you."

He nods, "Hello, Chrissy. It's good to see you. I have missed you very much, I hope you know that."

Holly walks over and puts her arm around Blake.

Sebastian smiles, "Holly. You look more beautiful than ever."

Holly shakes her head, "Knock it off Sebastian."

Sebastian sighs, "I know you're probably frustrated. It must have been a long flight."

Nick looks over, "Okay I feel like I'm missing something. Who are you?"

Alexandra sighs, "This is Sebastian Hulce. He is another long lost child of the late Roger Thorpe."

Everyone stares at Sebastian.

Alexandra nods, "The only main difference is that unlike his siblings, Sebastian embraces the dark side he has inheritted from his father. He caused a lot of damage in the short time he was in Springfield."

Sebastian nods, "You are all smart people. I'm sure it didn't take a genius to figure out all of your connections. Some of you may have realized this before you came."

He stares at Ed.

Dinah scoffs, "Okay we get it. Half of us were married to Roger Thorpe, the others were his enemies and Blake is his daughter. There you go a recap in under a minute."

Sebastian turns, "It's great to see that your wit hasn't escaped you Dinah."

Dinah nods, "Well my patience has."

Mindy sighs, "So this is about Roger?"

Sebastian nods, "Yes it is."

Dinah sighs, "Well if you think we're all going to sit around and share sweet stories then you have lost your mind."

Sebastian sighs, "I know you all have had your problems with Roger in the past but... I think you would all want to stick around."

Ed nods, "For what?"

Sebastian nods, "Glad you asked. I am not here to just remember Roger Thorpe. I brought you all here to deliver his last message to the people that knew him best."

Blake is confused, "You did that a long time ago."

He laughs, "Oh Chrissy, you knew Roger better than that. There is no way he could just write you a letter and have that be it. Oh no. Roger Thorpe always goes out with a bang."

The room goes silent.

All of the guests look at each other.

To be continued....


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