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FTL Movie: Welcome to Santo Domingo P2



Welcome to Santo Domingo Part 2...

Inside of the dark mansion in Santo Domingo.


Sebastian Hulce stands in front of his guests.

He smiles, "Each and every one of you has some sort of connection to Roger. And each one of you was invited here for a reason. Roger had one final message for everyone."


Holly stands with Blake and Ed.

Holly shakes her head, "Don't play us for fools Sebastian. Like you said, we all had connections to Roger. Trust me there is nothing you can throw at us that we couldn't handle."

Sebastian walks towards the group.


He approaches Alexandra, "Alexandra Spaulding. Wife number three? You and Roger had a very complicated relationship."

She nods, "To say the least."

He nods, "But you had to have felt something for him. I mean you were married to him."

She shakes her head, "I despise the man."

Sebastian nods, "That's right, because of his relationship that developed between him and Melinda Lewis."


He stares at Mindy.

Mindy shakes her head, "I never married Roger."

He nods, "But you were still involved with him. You carried his child. You two might have had a chance before.... Nick."


Sebastian looks at Nick Spaulding.

Nick shakes his head, "There is a whole lot more to the story than that. Trust me Sebastian."

Sebastian turns to Amanda, "Roger's final wife. You were with him towards the end. Do you feel guilty leaving him when he was getting ill?"


Amanda shakes her head, "I have no interest in discussing my relationship with Roger."

Sebastian keeps walking around the room.

He looks at each of his guest.


He turns to Dinah, "Dinah Marler. Wife number five. It's good to see you again."

Dinah nods, "Indeed."

Sebastian sighs, "You must have some fond memories of Roger."

Dinah laughs, "Fond?"

He nods, "Maybe even feel a little sorry. You murdered his son didn't you? My brother Hart. What did Hart ever do to you Dinah? Besides dumping you for someone else."

Dinah shakes her head, "I feel nothing for Roger Thorpe."

Sebastian looks at her, "You both were very similar. Of all the women he loved you were probably the most vicious."

Dinah smirks at him.

Sebastian turns and sees Blake, Ed and Holly standing together.

He scoffs, "Well look at you. The perfect family?"

Blake sighs, "What?"

Sebastian laughs, "Nothing. You know why you're here Chrissy. Roger's little girl."

He looks over at Ed.

Sebastian laughs, "Oh Ed. Need I say anything?"

Sebastian reaches out his hand to Holly.

Holly looks at him, "What?"

He smiles, "It's good to see you."

She shoves his hand away, "It's very unfortunate to see you."

He grins, "You were the love of Roger's life. You were everything to him Holly. No matter what horrible things you did to each other you always loved each other. The true love story of Springfield."

Holly shakes her head, "You have no idea what you're talking about."

He turns away and keeps pacing the room.

He sighs, "You all haven't left yet. You must be curious. What could Roger possibly have to say from the dead?"

They all look at him.

Sebastian sighs, "I'll inform you of that soon enough. But then again, I think you all know Roger very well."

Dinah nods, "You're right! We do. And we would all be fools to stick around here. And since I'm no fool, I'll be leaving."

Sebastian turns to her, "I wouldn't do that Dinah."

Dinah scoffs, "Stay away from me psycho."

Sebastian's face turns red.

Everyone goes silent.

Dinah walks up the stairs.

She turns, "You would all be idiots to stay here."

She goes off to pack up her stuff.

Sebastian turns to them, "I'm sorry about that. I suspected Dinah would act immature, however I felt everyone should be invited to attend this event. So I will let you all enjoy each other's company while I go apologize to Dinah and get a few things in order."

Sebastian walks up the staircase.

The guests all wander into the next room.

Holly nods, "Do I have to say it? Dinah is right. We would all be fools to stick around."

Alexandra looks at her, "If you feel that way Holly then by all means, get going."

Holly shakes her head, "I'm not leaving without Blake."

Blake shakes her head, "I'm not ready Mom. What if Sebastian really does have a message from Daddy?"

Ed looks at her, "Aren't you worried about what that 'message' might be? We could be in danger."

Mindy sighs, "I feel like we should wait a little longer."

Amanda nods, "I agree. Let's give it an hour or so. If we get more suspicious then we all leave together. Deal?"

Everyone looks at each other and nods in agreement.

Nick nods, "At least Dinah knows we are all here and she is leaving. She may not be the most trustworthy person but I don't think she would keep her mouth shut if she thought we were in danger."

They all look at each other.

Upstairs Dinah is packing her stuff.

She is slowly putting everything into her suitcase carefully.

A picture falls out.

Dinah picks it up.

She sees and old photo of her with Mallet.

Dinah smiles and puts it back with her stuff.

Suddenly she hears her door open.

Dinah turns.

Sebastian is in the doorway, "May I come in?"

She scoffs, "Can I stop you?"

He walks in, "Well no. But I felt maybe we should talk before you go Dinah. You know I'm not all bad."

Dinah scoffs, "You're a psychopath."

He stares at her, "Don't call me that."

She sighs, "Whatever. I'm about to leave Sebastian so if you have anything you wish to say just say it."

He sits on her bed, "Don't you feel you owe something to Roger? I mean the man was there for you when no one else was. He understood you and your pain. Your parents were the ones who hurt you back then."

Dinah shakes her head, "I was young and stupid. I thought I knew everything. I turned on everyone and lost everything over him."

He sighs, "People who love you should love you know matter what. Not just ditch you on your wedding day because they hate the groom. What about your mother. She didn't even love you when you were born Dinah, she gave you away and let you turn into this person you are now."

Dinah slowly turns and looks at him.

She shakes her head, "Okay that's enough. I'm leaving."

Sebastian stands up.

One of Dinah's bags falls open.

Sebastian helps her pick up her clothes.

Dinah sighs, "Just give me my stuff."

He looks at her, "You're a smart beautiful woman Dinah. I always knew you had strength in you."

Dinah shakes her head, "You don't know me. Psycho."

A furious Sebastian stares at Dinah.

Dinah looks into his dark eyes.

Sebastian grabs a scarf of Dinah's he takes a hold of Dinah and begins to wrap it around her throat.

She tries to fight him off, "Get your hands off me Sebastian."

He tightens it around her throat.

He looks into her eyes, "I told you not to call me that. My name is Roger Thorpe."

Downstairs the guests are beginning to split a part.

Nick and Mindy are walking down a hallway.

He looks at her, "So what have you been up to these past few years? We haven't really spoken."

She nods, "Yeah... I'm living in New York. Basically I'm living my dream life there."

Nick nods, "That's great. Any special man?"

She sighs, "Uh... yes. Rusty Shayne actually."

Nick smiles, "Oh that's nice."

She nods, "Yeah we sort of reconnected when I was last in Springfield. He's great."

Nick smiles, "I'm happy for you."

She looks at him, "So what happened with your wife? Didn't you marry that Susan Bates?"

He looks down, "She passed away. I don't really like to talk about it."

Mindy stares, "Oh Nick... I am so sorry. I had no idea about that. I don't know what to say."

He shakes his head, "Don't, it's okay. I'm back home in Springfield now and spending more time with my mother."

Mindy nods, "Mmhmm."

He laughs, "I know Alexandra isn't your favorite person. But she's actually graced in maturity with her age."

Mindy laughs, "Took her long enough."

Nick shakes his head, "You're too much."

The two smile at each other.

Holly and Ed are standing together.

Holly looks around, "Where did Blake go now?"

Ed sighs, "The bathroom remember?"

Holly shakes her head, "I feel like she is taking a long time. I can't believe I let her come here."

Ed looks at her, "Blake is a grown woman. Trust me I know how you feel every time I see Rick and Michelle make huge decisions."

Holly nods, "Something tells me Rick and Michelle don't usually get into these sort of situations."

Ed sighs, "You'd be surprised."

Holly sighs, "Speaking of which, where do they think you are?"

Ed nods, "Some sort of meeting. They were suspicious of course but they didn't ask a lot of questions."

Holly shakes her head, "Blake and I were in a hurry. We just left Ross a message and left."

Ed stares, "Does Ross know you're here?"

Holly nods, "I think Blake just told him we were going to Santo Domingo."

Ed looks around.

Amanda and Alexandra walk up to the front.

They look at each other.

Amanda sighs, "I'm really getting worried. Maybe we should get Nick and leave now."

Alexandra nods, "I am actually starting to think you're right. Maybe we should just get some fresh air for a moment."

Amanda and Alex walk over to the door.

Amanda goes to open it.

The door is locked.

Amanda struggles.

Alex stares, "Just unlock it."

Amanda looks, "I don't think you can unlock it without a key."

Alexandra shakes her head, "We're locked in?"

Suddenly the power goes out.

Blake is walking down a hall.

She is on her way back to the room when the lights go out.

Blake looks around.

The entire mansion has gone dark.

Upstairs Sebastian is in his room.

He stands in the dark.

He pours himself a drink.

He takes a deep breath, "Did they really think you could go out quiet? This will be a night to remember."


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