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FTL Movie: Welcome to Santo Domingo P3



Welcome to Santo Domingo Part 3....

Inside of the dark mansion.

The lights have gone out.


Alexandra and Amanda look around.

Everything has gone dark.

Amanda continues to struggle with the door.

Alexandra turns, "Damn you Roger."

A confused Amanda looks at her, "Roger? This is Sebastian."

Alexandra looks around, "I'm not so sure."

The two sisters look at each other.


Nick and Mindy find a candle

The two are walking down the halls.

Mindy looks around, "I'm going to be totally honest right now... I'm starting to get scared."

Nick nods, "It's okay. We just have to find my Mom and Aunt and then we can leave."

Mindy sighs, "No one knows I'm even here."

Nick looks at her, "What about Rusty?"

She shakes her head, "We aren't exactly talking right now. We are taking a bit of a break."

Nick stares, "Oh."

She nods, "It just got complicated. He is a detective and he's always busy working. I'm busy too. It just seems like our schedules are always conflicting. We're always letting each other down."

Nick sighs, "I'm sorry."

Mindy sighs, "Don't be."

The two keep walking.

They here a loud sound behind them.

A frightened Mindy grabs Nick's hand.

The two turn.

Nick sighs, "It was just that vase."

Mindy looks at him, "I'm glad you're here."

He nods, "You too."

The two keep walking down the hall.


Holly and Ed are standing together.

Holly shakes her head, "I knew it! I knew this was a huge mistake. I have to go."

Ed takes her hand, "No. You can't go running around a dark mansion by yourself Holly."

She scoffs, "Oh please! I let Blake get into this situation, again! What kind of mother does that?"

Ed looks at her, "You're a great mother. And you are the strongest woman that I know."

Holly stares at him.

Ed looks around, "Let's go upstairs and see if we can find Blake."

Holly nods, "Did you try to get your phone to work again?"

He shakes his head, "None of them are working here."

The two look around.

They slowly walk towards the stairs.

They are careful not to bump into anything.

The two take hands when they get to the staircase.

They walk up slowly.

Ed sighs, "We're going to find her."

She nods, "I hope so."

He looks at her, "I promise. I'm not going to let anything happen to either one of you."

Holly nods, "Okay."

The two of them continue up the stairs.


Upstairs Blake is looking around.

She sees a room with a door cracked open.

She slowly pushes it open.


She sees Sebastian standing with his back towards her.

He has a drink in his left hand.

She clears her throat, "Sebastian?"

He sighs, "Yes Chrissy?"

His back is still turned to her.

She sighs, "Uh... do you know what's wrong with the power? Or maybe you could fix it?"

Sebastian shakes his head, "No I cannot."

Blake nods, "Oh... well maybe that guy Douglas can. Where is he?"

Sebastian sighs, "Douglas is gone Chrissy."

Blake sighs, "Oh... well when will we be getting the message from Roger because I think some people are getting scared and impatient so you might want to-"

Sebastian sighs, "You'll get the message when I'm good and ready."

Sebastian lowers his right hand.

He is holding a gun.

He has still yet to turn around and face her.

Her stomach drops.

She takes a deep breath, "Okay... well I'll let everyone know to be patient and that you'll be down when you're ready. See you down there."

Blake slowly backs away from the door.

She starts to quietly walk down the hall.

Once she gets to the corner Blake starts running.

Amanda and Alex are upstairs as well.

The two are trying to make their way to their rooms.

Amanda tries to take Alexandra's hand.

Alexandra pulls away, "Oh stop it Amanda! We are getting ready to leave so just relax. We will find Nick and he'll probably insist on bringing that girl along with him and then we'll be on our way."

Amanda nods, "I hope so."

Alexandra notices one of the doors is open to the bedrooms.

She walks over and opens the door more.

Amanda sticks her head in, "Hello?"

The two sisters walk in.

They look around.

Clothes are scattered on the floor.

Amanda picks up a photo.

It's the photo of Dinah and Mallet.

Alexandra feels something against her feet.

The two look down.

Amanda gasps, "Oh my God! Dinah!"


Dinah lies on the ground.

She isn't moving.

Alexandra stares, "What happened?"

Amanda leans down, "Oh my God! Alex he killed Dinah!"

Blake is running around the mansion.

She looks around.

She tries to stay quiet so not to draw attention from Sebastian.

Blake continues running in the dark.

She slips and falls.

Her ankle is hurt.

Blake pulls herself back up and keeps going.

Now she is moving slower.

Finally she sees Ed and Holly standing together.

She starts running towards them.

Ed and Holly see her.

She runs up to them, "We have to go! We need to get out of here now! Sebastian has a gun!"

Ed stares, "Blake slow down."

Holly is confused, "What's going on?"

Blake tries to whisper, "Don't you hear me? He has a gun! Leave our stuff. We have to run for our lives! Let's go!"

They here a voice in the distance, "Oh what a precious little family."

The three turn.

Sebastian is walking towards them.

The gun shines in his hand.

Downstairs Mindy and Nick are still together.

They stand in the middle of the hall.

Mindy looks around, "I can't even tell if we've been down here yet. This is so frustrating!"

Nick sighs, "Maybe we should just stay put and wait for someone to come to us. We'll be okay."

She stares, "You keep saying that! But how do you know? How do you know that Roger's not going to just come and find us!"

Nick stares, "Mindy, Roger is dead. He can't hurt us anymore."

Mindy has tears in her eyes, "God you're right! I just can't handle this anymore. It's bringing back to many emotions for me."

He nods, "I know what you mean."

The two of them stare at each other through the candle light.

Mindy nods, "I'm really glad you're here."

He sighs, "You said that already, a few times actually."

She sighs, "I know."

Mindy stares into Nick's eyes.

Nick leans towards her.

The two kiss.

Sebastian starts walking towards Holly, Ed and Blake.

Sebastian looks at them, "You three... you're really something."

Blake sighs, "You should put the gun down."

Sebastian nods, "And let Ed make claim on my family?"

Blake stares, "Please Sebastian-"

He shouts, "Shut up Chrissy!"

Ed takes Blake's arm, "Move away."

He pushes Blake away from him.

She backs into the railing beside them.

Sebastian stares at Ed, "You always wanted my family. The one thing I had that you wanted. Holly is the love of my life and not yours! Christina is my daughter!"

Holly stares, "What are you talking about Sebastian?"

He looks at her, "I loved you. I wanted to make you happy. But it was people like him who filled your head with lies and turned you against me. Turned everyone against me."

Holly shakes her head, "Stop talking like..."

He smiles, "I love you Holly."

She shakes her head, "Stop it.... Sebastian."

He looks at Blake.

She is in tears.

He sighs, "Do you love Ed?"

She stares.

He shouts, "I asked you a question Christina!"

Blake doesn't know what to say.

Ed shakes his head when he looks at her.

Sebastian nods, "I will blow his brains out! Do you hear me Chrissy? Do you understand?"

Blake is sobbing.

Holly looks at him, "Knock it off!"

Sebastian shouts, "He is not your father? Is he? Who is your father Chrissy? Who is your father!?!"

Blake cries, "I am.... Roger Thorpe's daughter."

Over in Dinah's room.

Amanda and Alexandra look at her body.

Amanda sighs, "I don't know what to do."

Alexandra looks at her, "You get up and follow me, we are going to look for Nick and get out."

Amanda looks up, "I can't just leave her here."

Alex nods, "Yes you can and you will."

Amanda looks up, "She might still be alive!"

Alexandra grabs her arm, "There is no time! Now follow me, we have to get out of here now."

Amanda and Alex walk out the door.

They start walking to the staircase.

They hear all the noise coming from Sebastian.

The two walk the opposite direction.

Sebastian is holding the gun on Ed and Holly.

Ed jumps at him.

Sebastian punches him in the face.

Ed falls against the railing by Blake.

He falls to the floor.

Blake drops to her knees, "Ed! Oh my God!"

Holly goes to walk over to him.

Sebastian points the gun at her face, "Stay away from him."

Holly looks at him, "I've had enough Sebastian."

He shakes his head, "No. You call me Roger."

She shakes her head, "I can't do that."

He holds the gun up to her face, "Why not?"

She nods, "Because you're not Roger! I know Roger Thorpe better than anyone. You can walk like him, talk like him, but I know him. I'm sorry Sebastian but you'll never be Roger."

He grabs Holly with the gun in his hand and shakes her, "I'm not Roger? Huh? Is that what you're saying!?!"

She smacks him, "No. You're not."

Sebastian rubs his face.

He starts to back away.

He smiles and throws the gun over the railing.

Ed and Blake stare at him.

Holly looks at him as he backs away.

Sebastian yells, "Thank you all for coming tonight! Roger wanted everyone to be here for when he went out with a bang."

Sebastian stands on top of the railing.

He looks down at the long fall to the floor beneath him.

Blake shouts, "Sebastian!"

He looks over at the clock on the wall.

It's about to hit midnight.

He smiles, "Perfect timing...."

Alexandra and Amanda see him from across the mansion.

Sebastian leans back.

Holly shouts, "Sebastian!"

He smiles, "Goodnight. Enjoy the final surprise..."

He lets himself fall back.

The room goes silent.

Suddenly the silence is broken.

A bomb explodes from inside the mansion!


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