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FTL Movie: Welcome to Santo Domingo P4



Welcome to Santo Domingo P4...

The dark mansion sits on top of the hill.

To everyone's horror, Sebastian throws himself over the balcony.

As he falls a bomb explodes beneath the mansion.

Flames begin to devour the walls.


Blake and Ed rush away from the railing.

The railing falls off.


Holly helps them up, "We have to get out of here!"

The three of them run to the staircase.

They get ready to step down.

Ed pulls them back, "Wait..."

He stares.

He grabs a chair and tosses it down the stairs first.

The staircase collapses.

The three of them back up.

Holly looks to her right, "Go that way, there must be another staircase on the other side."

The three of them go running.


On the left side, Amanda and Alex lie on the ground.

The two are shielding each other.

They look up.

The entire mansion is in flames.

They look over at the destroyed staircase.

Amanda looks around, "What do we do?"

Alexandra looks around in horror, "Nick!!!? Nick?!!!"

Amanda holds her back.

A frightened Alexandra looks around through the flames.


Nick and Mindy are holding each other.

The room they are in is being filled with smoke.

Nick hears his mother's cries.

He rushes to the door.

He touches the knob, "Oww."

He pulls back.

The knob is burning hot.

Mindy is coughing.

He looks around, "There not another way out."

Mindy cries, "What are we gonna do?"

Nick stares.

He has no idea what to say.

Nick begins to realize their fate.

Suddenly he hears a creaking sound.

He sees the door shaking.

He grabs Mindy, "Get down!"

The two jump out of the way.

The door comes slamming down.

Upstairs Amanda and Alex try to walk.

But the floor beneath them is crumbling.

Flames are just feet away from them.

The two hold onto each other.

Alex continues screaming, "Nick? Where are you Nick? Answer me."

Amanda looks at her, "Alex-"

Alex turns to her, "I'm not losing another son! Do you understand me? I'm not leaving without my son."

They hear a voice, "Mom!"

Alex leans down, "Nick?"

They look down to see Nick and Mindy on the floor beneath them.

Nick looks up, "We got out of our room! But you have to get down here! We can get out the front door now!"

Amanda shouts, "The staircase is gone!"

He looks up at them, "Okay listen! I know this will sound crazy but you're going to have to climb down over there. Amanda help my mother get down. Mindy and I will meet you over there."

Amanda and Alexandra take off.

Outside of the mansion.

A car is rushing up the hill.

The flames can be seen from all around.

The car stops in front of the house.


Mallet and Ross run out.

Mallet stops, "Damn it!"

Ross looks at the house, "Oh my God.... No."

Mallet shouts, "Dinah! Dinah!"

Ross and Mallet walk up to the building.

They can hear it collapsing inside.

Sirens are off in the distance.

Mallet worries they won't arrive in time.

Inside the mansion.

Down on the first floor.

Amanda is climbing down the wall.

Alexandra reaches the floor and falls into her son's arms.

Nick holds her, "Are you okay?"

Alexandra looks around, "I love you! Now get us the hell out of here!"

Nick nods, "Couldn't have said it better myself."

The four of them all rush to the door.

They all feel relieved when they feel the air.

Ross and Mallet run over.

Ross looks at them, "Is everyone okay?"

All four of them are coughing.

They all help Alexandra find a place to sit.

Suddenly they hear more cries for help.

Mallet and Ross take off to the other side of the mansion.

On the other side, Holly, Ed and Blake are trying to break a window open.

They finally get it open.

Blake looks at them, "You two first."

Ed shakes his head, "No you're going first Blake."

Blake cries, "You listen to me-"

Holly takes her hand, "No. I am your mother and you listen to me. I'm not letting anything else happen to you. Now get out of here!"

A tearful Blake pulls herself up to the window.

She looks out and sees a familiar face.

Ross is staring back at her.

She stares, "Ross... you're really here?"

Ross takes her hand.

She falls into his arms.

The two stare at each other.

Mallet helps Holly and Ed climb out.

Holly stares, "Thank God you both came."

Ed sighs, "I knew Ross couldn't sit and let everyone go on this adventure without him."

Ross hugs him, "Good to see you're okay."

Mallet looks up at the window, "Where is Dinah?"

Ross looks at Blake.

Blake stares up at him, "She wasn't with us..."

Ross and Mallet run back over to the front.

Mindy and the Spauldings are all resting.

Ross rushes over, "Where is Dinah?"

Amanda and Alex look at each other.

Mallet shouts, "Where is she?"

Amanda sighs, "We found her... she wasn't moving! I didn't know if she was still alive or not!"

Alexandra nods, "She was on the second floor."

Ross stares in shock.

Mallet and Ross both run towards the building.

Mallet pushes Ross back, "Stay out here with everyone else!"

Ross shouts, "My daughter is in there!"

Mallet nods, "Stay our here Ross! I'm going to get Dinah!"

Mallet goes running into the building.

Everyone stands outside waiting.

Mallet runs inside.

The walls are collapsing around him.

He sees the wall that Amanda and Alex climbed down.

He begins to climb up.

Mallet continues to get burns on his hands.

He pulls himself up the second floor.

He goes running down the hall.

Mallet stops when he sees a burned picture of him and Dinah lying on the ground.

He turns to the room.


He sees Dinah lying on the ground.

He runs towards her, "Dinah? Dinah?"

He hears a large crashing sound behind him.

Outside everyone is staring.

Authorities are backing everyone away from the mansion.

"It can cave in at any minute."

Ross shouts, Listen to me! Two people are still inside! It's not too late for them! You have to help them!"

Everyone pauses when they hear a rumble from inside.

People slowly back away.

The mansion caves in on itself.

The roof falls in.

The entire things is now in flames.

Ross face goes pale.

Blake gasps.

Everyone stares in shock.

Suddenly they all see someone moving inside.

Everyone stands still.

Firemen come rushing over.

People stare in shock as Mallet comes limping out of the building with an unconscious Dinah draped over his shoulder.

Everyone rushes over to him.

Mallet collapses with Dinah.

The EMT's run to the two of them.

After some time passes everyone is wrapped up in blankets.

Holly stands with Ed, and Blake.

Ross walks over, "They are taking Dinah and Mallet to the hospital. We will meet them there."

A man walks over, "Ms. Norris. A message has arrived for you."

He hands Holly the envelope.

She looks at it.

Everyone stares at the familiar handwriting.

Blake looks at her, "Mom..."

Amanda sits with Alexandra.

Nick hugs Mindy behind them.

The four of them look at the flames.

Dinah and Mallet are going into the ambulance.

Mallet looks at what is left of the building.

He stares at Dinah who is still not awake.

He kisses her forehead.

Everyone is looking at the envelope.

Holly shakes her head, "So this is the part where I open this and there is some shocking message, maybe saying that Roger might actually be alive or that Sebastian really was Roger? Then I collapse the ground screaming and sobbing..... I don't think so."

Holly throws the envelope into the flames.

Blake stares in shock.

Holly takes a deep breath, "It's over."

Blake rest her head on Ross's shoulder, "Goodbye Daddy."

Ed looks at the fire, "Goodbye Roger."

Holly looks up, "Goodbye Roger."

Everyone holds each other close and thinks about their memories of Roger Thorpe.

The man who shook Springfield forever.

A man who will never be forgotten.

They all prepare to head back to Springfield....


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