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S3 Episode 79



Life gets even more complicated in Springfield...


Chamberlain Mansion:


Dinah is laying her bed resting.

She is still recovering from the events in Santo Domingo.


Mallet walks in, "Hey."

Dinah smiles, "Hi."

He sighs, "Uh... I didn't know if I should just walk inside the house... I was afraid if I knocked you would have to get out of bed, I'm sorry I'm probably just-"

She laughs, "Mallet, it's okay."

He nods, "You sure?"

She sighs, "I'm really happy to see you. It was so chaotic coming back from Santo Domingo and the doctors and police... I didn't get to really tell you how much I appreciate what you did."

He smiles, "You would have done the same for me."

She nods, "Yes. However in all of our years I'm pretty sure you've run into a burning building for me quite a few times."

He laughs, "Tradition."

She grins, "You know when Sebastian... when he was choking me I at first just was reminded of Roger and how he treated me. But then all I could think of was how I couldn't believe I was going out without knowing that I had fixed things with you."

He sits on her bed, "Dinah when I heard you were in Santo Domingo all I could think was 'what has Dinah got herself into this time?' And when I got there and they said you were still inside I just knew I couldn't go home without you. Because no matter how many times we fought and broke up I always was comforted that you weren't really going anywhere."

Dinah has tears in her eyes, "So what are we saying right now?"

The two stare at each other.


Springfield High:


Marti and Leah walk out of school together.

Leah looks at her, "I'm so excited now! I haven't had a slumber party since I was a kid."

Marti smiles, "I know! I always wanted to have one back in Oklahoma but none of my friends would have been into it."

Leah nods, "Just a few people, I promised my parents. But it'll be fun."


Belinda walks past them.

Leah looks at her, "Hey. I'm having a little slumber party next week. Would you want to come?"

Belinda shakes her head, "Uh... you're little cheerleader friends wouldn't like that."

Leah shakes her head, "It's just me and Marti. I wanted you and Clarissa to come. I still really appreciate you sticking up for me this summer."

A guilty Belinda nods, "Sure. Just texted me the details later."

Belinda walks to RJ's car.

She gets in.


A very frustrated RJ looks at her, "I saw you talking to Leah. Did you tell her yet?"

Belinda sighs, "What do you think?"

RJ looks at her, "You can't keep this secret forever. You sent that naked picture of her Belinda."

Belinda rolls her eyes and looks away.

RJ pulls away from the school.

Zach pulls up in his car.

Leah looks at Marti, "Oh you finally get to meet my boyfriend."

Marti grins, "Oh yeah! What's his name again?"

Leah smiles, "Zach."


Zach gets out of his car and walks over, "Hey-"

Zach and Marti stare at each other.

Leah grins, "Zach this is my friend Marti. She just moved to town from Oklahoma. Marti this is my boyfriend Zach."

The two haven't seen each other since their one night stand at the frat party.




Ava sits in her office.

The first time she is back to work after her kidnapping.

She is trying to act like her old self, however she seems to still be shaken from the events.

There is a knock on the door.

Ava looks up, "Come in."


Marah opens the door, "Hello partner."

Ava stares, "Uh... hi. Sorry I probably should have called and let you know I was coming back down to work today. I keep forgetting that you are my partner here now."

Marah smiles, "Yes. Well it's good to see you back on your feet Ava."

Ava nods, "Oh yeah? That's surprising."

Marah laughs, "Oh I know we've never cared for each other. But Shayne is very attached to you now after your incident so I guess we need to get used to each other."

Ava nods, "Plus you're dating my Dad."

Marah's face goes cold, "Edmund and I are no longer speaking."

Ava stares confused, "What happened?"

Marah turns away, "I'm not up for talking about it. Your father is bad news and I'm out of it. I should have listened to Annie about him."

Ava nods, "Yeah, Shayne said you had grown close with Annie over the summer. I heard she and Josh split."

Marah sighs, "For now. But we'll see how that goes."

Ava clears her throat, "Yeah.... oh I should tell you, the police might be around here later."

Marah stares, "Police?"

Ava nods, "Yes. Because I live and work here, they are looking around for any clues."

Marah sighs, "Don't you think this is all going a bit to far?"

Ava shakes her head, "No. I think it went to far when I was kidnapped and spent months away from my friends and family. Whoever is responsible for that is going to have to pay eventually."

A nervous Marah takes a deep breath.


Country Club:


There is a huge crowd at the Country Club today.

Reva Shayne stands in front of the crowd.

She wears an entirely pink outfit.

She smiles, "I'm honored to be giving a speech today. The month of October certainly never feels the same for any of us anymore does it? It has a whole new meaning."

Most of the audience is in pink as well.

Reva nods, "In May of 2006 I came back to town after visiting my daughter Marah in Paris. I finally had my whole life together... for the millionth time. I had put all of my drama behind me, there was nothing standing my way. Then they found the lump. I had never even imagined that it could really be a possibility for me. I mean I survived some of the most dangerous of situations without a scratch. And now I was having to battle something... that was scarier than anything I had ever faced before."

The audience hangs on her every word.

Reva's eyes tear up, "I pushed my loved ones away. I knew if I was going down I couldn't take them down with me. By the end of that year my cancer was in remission. And my life took so many fun twists and turns after that. Some good and some bad. Until the summer of 2009... my cancer had returned and this time it was worse...."

Many people are wiping tears.

Reva holds hers back, "After over a year of battle I finally was able to beat cancer again. And I am here to tell you that there is hope, I don't care if I spend the rest of my life in this battle, I am Reva Shayne and I'm not going down without a fight."

Everyone breaks out in applause.

Reva smiles as she wipes her tears.

She turns to see Josh standing and clapping.

Reva smiles at him.





Upstairs in the boarding house.

Stephanie is in her room.

She looks in the mirror.

She lifts up her shirt.

Her stomach is starting to show a little.

She grabs some of her clothes and walks out.

She is walking over to the bathroom.

She opens the door.

Stephanie gasps, "Oh! Oh I'm so sorry!"

She shuts the door.

She has a small smile on her face.

An embarrassed Stephanie starts to walk back to her room.

The bathroom door opens.


Peter steps out in a towel, "Is this the part where I yell at you and knocking and you yell at me about locking?"

She sighs, "I am so sorry. I didn't know anyone was up here besides me. Are you staying here now?"

He nods, "Yeah. My Uncle Matt got me a good room here. So I guess we'll be neighbors?"

She laughs, "I don't know what you'd call it. But I suppose we should work on the bathroom since it's right by our rooms."

He smiles, "Well I'll remember to lock it."

She nods, "And I will work on knocking. It's always been a small problem of mine."

He laughs, "Okay thanks for the warning."

She walks past him, "Guess I'll take my shower now."

He nods, "Enjoy."

Peter goes back to his room.

Stephanie goes into the bathroom.


Harley's House:


Harley is getting ready to go to work.

Phillip walks inside, "Hey. I'm home."

She looks at him, "Hey Honey. Sorry I'm on my way out. We're supposed to go do some more investigating down at the Beacon. It's ridiculous how little clues we have in this case. And then I'm going to swing by and check on Blake. She's been through a lot."

Phillip sighs, "I got home early hoping we could have a little conversation for once. We barely talk anymore."

Harley nods, "Well I'm sorry but I'm trying to find the person responsible for Ava's kidnapping."

He shakes his head, "It's not just that Harley! We've hardly been talking at all since I told you about Beth."

Harley nods, "I told you I'm not angry with you."

He sighs, "Are you angry with Beth?"

She shakes her head, "Nope surprisingly not. She is going through a lot right now. I can't even wrap my head around what she must be feeling. She kissed you as an impulse."

He looks at her, "Then why are you upset?"

Harley sighs, "When you and I started becoming friends again... your relationship with Beth was falling a part. I swore I'd never fall into that trap again. But there was no way that you and Beth could overcome that stuff. And I fell in love with you all over again."

He smiles, "I know the feeling."

She backs away, "And now we find out Beth was acting that way because of Lorelei. I feel like the rug was ripped out from under me and I'm left feeling the like the worlds biggest moron."

He stares, "What? Harley what are you talking about?"

She starts to walk past him, "I have to go."

He steps in front of her, "No. You aren't leaving until we talk about this. It's time to settle this, now."

Harley and Phillip stare at each other.


Springfield High:

Marti, Zach and Leah all stand in front of the school.

Leah looks at them, "I'm so glad you finally get to meet. Marti is like my new bff. So expect to be seeing a lot of her."

An uncomfortable Zach nods, "Uh... yeah great."

Marti nods, "Yeah."

Leah grins, "I love introducing people."

Zach and Marti keep staring at each other.

Leah turns to Marti, "I'm making him dinner tonight to make up for a couple of weeks ago. I was supposed to go to a frat party with him but I was obligated to go to the cheerleader stuff."

Zach nods, "It's not a big deal now Babe."

Leah nods, "Marti missed it because she was sick."

Marti sighs, "Yeah..."

Leah stares, "You are both acting weird."

The two look at Leah.

Inside of the school.

A new girl walks down the halls.

She is dressed in all black.

Everyone stares at the new goth girl.

She just rolls her eyes.

She walks up to the front desk, "Hi. I'm supposed to be getting my late enrollment information."

The woman smiles, "Oh are you new to Springfield?"

She nods, "Uh Springfield High yes. But the town is my old home."

The woman grins, "Oh how nice. Just give me your name."

The goth girl nods, "Emma Spencer. But it might be under Emma Lewis or Emma Spaulding. Just to warn you."


Stephanie comes out of the bathroom in her towel.

Peter walks out of his room.

She looks at him, "Hi."

He looks at her, "Enjoy your shower?"

She nods, "Yeah."

He smiles, "At least no one walked in on you."

She laughs, "I'm really sorry about that. I promise it will never happen again."

He laughs, "I'm just teasing."

She looks down.

He grins, "You look good like that."

She stares, "In a towel?"

He laughs, "Without make up. I like the natural look."

She shakes her head, "Now I know your teasing."

She walks past him.

He turns to her, "So tell me something?"

She looks at him.

He smiles, "Is it offensive for a guy to ask a girl out when she is wearing a towel?"

She grins, "Not if she walked in on him in the shower earlier."

He nods, "Maybe we can go to dinner sometime?"

She smiles, "Sure. I'll see when I'm available."

He nods, "You know where to find me."

He walks back to his room.

She goes back into hers.

Stephanie can't stop smiling.

Until she looks in the mirror.

Stephanie quickly remembers she is pregnant.


A frustrated Marah walks around Ava's office.

Ava looks at her, "I know you aren't happy to hear that I'm bringing police here but-"

Marah looks at her, "What will the guests think? No one is going to want to be around here if they think it's dangerous. For once could you think about something other than yourself?"

Ava stares, "I cannot believe how mean you still are. Listen Marah I am trying to get along with you for Shayne's sake. But I feel like you still have resentment towards me about everything that happened before my kidnapping. But I'm over it."

Marah nods, "I am too."

Ava sighs, "Then what is this really about? Is it about Edmund? What is it that he did?"

Marah sighs, "It's not about Edmund."

Ava stands, "Then what is it Marah? We are partners now. We need to work on being open."

Marah shakes her head, "Don't worry about me."

Ava sighs, "Are you worried about the police questioning you?"

Marah turns, "What?"

Ava shakes her head, "I mean we hated each other. You probably might end up on the suspect list."

Marah's heart starts pounding.

She shakes her head, "No."

Ava sighs, "I know you didn't do it Marah. Don't worry. I mean you have done some horrible things. But I know you're not capable of something like that. You're still Shayne's sister."

Marah takes a deep breath, "Yeah... I have to get to a meeting. I'll see you around."

Ava stares.

Marah walks out of the office.

A very emotional Marah is trying to hold it together.

Chamberlain Mansion:

Mallet and Dinah sit across from each other on her bed.

Dinah looks at him, "What does all of this mean Mallet?"

Mallet sighs, "What do you want it to mean?"

She shakes her head, "Don't play games right now. No more beating around the bush. No more tip toeing around. I stopped doing that a long time ago. I told you how I felt over and over again."

Mallet nods, "I know. And I kept pushing you away because I was afraid of my feelings for you."

Dinah nods, "Yeah?"

He takes her hand, "I was afraid of loving you again. But maybe I never stopped loving you. All I know is I feel like I've fallen for you all over again and it's scary."

Dinah smiles, "I know the feeling."

Mallet sighs, "But if we do this Dinah, we have to be for real this time. No more games. We have to make it work."

Dinah nods, "I'm not letting anything screw it up this time. Life is too short not to be with the person you love."

He smiles, "Exactly. And Dinah this place isn't you. This house may be beautiful but it's not our home."

Dinah grins, "You want me to move back in?"

He smiles, "Well how can you not?"

She just stares.

He nods, "So are we doing this?"

Dinah looks into his eyes, "I love you."

He grins, "I love you too."

She puts her hands on his face.

The two lean in and kiss.

Harley's House:

Phillip stands in front of Harley.

Harley tries to get past him, "I have to get to work."

He shakes his head, "I don't care. We need to talk about this before things continue to get worse between us."

She turns away, "You're being over dramatic."

He sighs, "Am I?"

She looks at him, "Why can't you just let this go?"

He stares, "Why can't you?"

She sighs, "I don't know Phillip! I know you didn't cheat on me! And I know you are trying so hard to make things right with me! But something isn't right. It's not like the way it was before."

He nods, "Well what can we do?"

Harley shakes her head, "We shouldn't have to do anything. We shouldn't have to try to recreate what we had all those years ago."

He sighs, "Is that what you think this was? Just us trying to recapture the magic from the past?"

She stares, "Wasn't it?"

He shakes his head, "How can you even say that?"

She has tears in her eyes, "After everything we did to each other, I thought we would never even be friends again. My God Phillip, I hated you! I hated you after you tortured me and everyone else in Springfield. I was so afraid of you. And then you came back and you were the Phillip I loved."

Phillip nods, "I'm still that man."

Harley nods, "But I'm not that Harley! That's why we can't connect! That's why we keep fighting! That's why we don't love each other anymore!"

A shocked Phillip can't believe what he has heard.

Country Club:

Reva walks off the stage.

Josh smiles at her, "You were great."

She grins, "You think so?"

He nods, "It was beautiful."

She smiles, "Thank you."

Reva walks past to get a bottle of water.

He looks at her, "It's amazing how strong you've become. I mean you were always the strongest woman I knew. But after your cancer it's like you're a super hero or something."

She smiles, "Well keep going Joshua. My ego is in need of a good boost. This is fun."

He sighs, "I'm serious. Reva you are my hero. I wasn't there for you. But you battled it all on your own... twice."

Reva sighs, "Well I had a great support team the second time. And the first time it was my choice."

Josh sighs, "And I understand it now. I understand why you did what you did. You didn't want the cancer to take our lives... the way you thought it was taking yours."

Reva feels emotional, "Joshua..."

He sighs, "I'm sorry."

She looks around, "Josh why are you here?"

He sighs, "I can't do it though. I can't keep secrets about something like that. I need support and I'm admitting it."

Reva is confused.

He nods, "I have cancer Reva."

Reva stares in shock.


Josh leans on Reva

Stephanie gets advice from Susan

Phillip and Harley make a decision

Rafe has a discussion with Clarissa

Zach and Marti worry

Blake throws herself at Ross!


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