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S3 Episode 80



People drown in complications in Springfield...


Carriage House:


Blake sits in her living room.

She goes through some old pictures.

She looks at pictures of her father.

Blake still feel emotional following the events in Santo Domingo.

Her doorbell rings.

Blake looks and sees Ross's car through the window.

She gets up and goes to the door.


Ross is standing there when she opens it, "Hello."

She sighs, "Hi."

He nods, "May I come in?"

She steps aside, "Of course."

He walks in.

Ross sees the picture on the table.

He picks one up, "Wow. I haven't seen this one before."

Blake nods, "Yeah. I haven't really looked through these in a long time. Just ever since we got back I've been looking through old stuff. I can't get it all out of my head."

Ross sighs, "That's understandable. You went through an awful lot."

She nods, "My father was a very dark and tortured soul. Sometimes I see myself and I wonder what I'm capable of."

Ross shakes his head, "You are not your father Blake."

Blake nods, "I really understand Clarissa now. She wants to distance herself from me. I get it."

Ross takes her hand, "Never let yourself think you're anything like your father."

Blake nods, "You mean that?"

He looks at her, "I know it. Blake I know you."

Blake looks into Ross's eyes.

She kisses him.




Clarissa is carrying around a huge trash bag.

She is grabbing all of the anonymous gifts and throwing them in.

She has found out they were from Sebastian.


Rafe walks in, "Hey what's going on? I heard about what happened in Santo Domingo."

She nods, "Yep me too. And apparently my crazy uncle is the one who sent me these things."

Rafe nods, "Wow."

She sighs, "Yep. Now when I look at them I think about Roger Thorpe."

Rafe nods, "That was your grandfather right?"

Clarissa nods, "Yep. I didn't know him but from what I hear he makes your grandfather sound like a prince."

Rafe laughs, "I don't know about that."

Clarissa throws it all in the bag, "I just need to get it all out of here. It's tainted."

Rafe walks over to little Adam who is laying in his crib.

He smiles, "Look at my little Buddy. He's getting bigger everyday."

Clarissa sighs, "Yeah it's getting harder to pick him up. I can really have time for the gym which makes it harder to lose this weight."

He looks at her, "You still making time for your online classes?"

Clarissa looks down, "Yeah... that's going fine."

He walks over to her, "Well good."

She nods, "Yep everything is going great."

He sighs, "I was thinking maybe enough time has passed for us to talk about... the kiss?"

She nods, "Oh, yeah I think so."

He sighs, "I think we both need to be clear on where we stand."

She nods, "I agree."

The two look at each other.


Springfield High:


Leah, Zach and Marti all stand on the front steps.

Leah looks at them, "You two are acting weird."

Zach shakes his head, "What do you mean?"

Marti looks at her, "Weren't you supposed to get something from your locker before we left?"

Leah's eyes widen, "Oh! Crap! I'll be right back."

Leah rushes back inside.

Zach stares at Marti, "I can't believe this. You didn't tell me you went to Springfield! Or that you were best friends with my girlfriend."

Marti shakes her head, "You think I knew? Leah has been great to me! I had no idea you were her boyfriend when we met."

Zach sighs, "She can never know about this! It will crush her."

Marti sighs, "I won't tell her. I don't want to hurt Leah. She's my best friend right now."

A frustrated Zach stares at her, "This is so screwed up. I made one mistake, and now..."

She shakes her head, "I'm sorry Zach. I really liked you though. I didn't just think it was some one night stand."

Zach looks at her, "It will never happen again."

The two stare at each other.

Inside Leah is walking down the hall.

She goes to her locker.


Across the hall the new goth girl is staring at her.

Leah feels uncomfortable.

The girl walks over, "Leah."

Leah stares, "Hi..."

She grins, "It's me..."

Leah's jaw drops, "Oh my God! Oh my God! Emma?"

Emma smiles, "Hi."

Leah hugs her, "Shut up! I can't believe you're here! It's been years. Wow you look different..."

Emma nods, "Yeah... you look great."

Leah grins, "Thank you. Are you moving back?"

Emma nods, "I'm enrolling."

Leah smiles, "Welcome back to Springfield!"

Leah is excited to see her childhood friend.


Harley's House:


Phillip and Harley are in her living room.

An emotional Harley turns away from him.

Phillip stares, "What did you just say?"

She shakes her head, "I'm sorry."

He shakes his head, "No. Don't apologize. Tell me what you just said Harley. Did you just say you didn't love me anymore?"

Harley sighs, "I don't know okay! I mean I do love you! You are Zach's father, I spent a long time with you, a part of me will always love you but I just don't know..."

Phillip nods, "If you're still in love with me?"

She has tears in her eyes, "I'm sorry. But don't tell me you don't feel the same way."

He scoffs, "Don't tell me how I feel."

He sits on the couch.

Harley looks at him, "Then you tell me."

Harley sits next to him.

She looks at him, "Look me in the eyes Phillip and tell me that you're still in love with me. That as of this moment you are in love with me."

He stares at Harley.

The two look at each other for a while.

Phillip finally looks down.

Harley starts to cry.

An emotional Phillip looks at her, "So what do we do?"

She shakes her head.

A very confused Harley looks back at him.




Stephanie is getting dressed in her room.

She is trying to be excited about her date with Peter.

However she doesn't want to get her hopes up.

There is a knock on her door.

She turns, "Just a sec."

Stephanie walks over to the door.


Susan is standing there, "Hey."

Stephanie looks, "Oh hi. I thought you were someone else."

Susan nods, "Well that's always a nice greeting."

Stephanie sighs, "I'm sorry. But I actually could use some advice from you right now."

Susan looks at her, "Well I'm not always the best source for good advice but I let's give it a try."

Stephanie looks at her, "Well I need your advice as a woman, an acquaintance, and as... Peter's step sister."

Susan smiles, "What? Oh my God! I knew it! There is such sexual tension between you and Peter."

Stephanie nods, "That's a weird thing to say involving your brother."

Susan sighs, "Whatever. Peter is an awesome guy. He's like the nicest person in the world. You'll love him."

Stephanie shakes her head, "Are you forgetting something?"

Susan stares, "What?.... Oh. He's not out of your league. Don't worry."

Stephanie rolls her eyes, "Okay. Not what I was talking about."

Susan is confused.

Stephanie nods, "I've yet to tell Peter that I'm carrying Guillespie's baby! You know the guy we killed?"

Susan stares, "Oh!!!"

The two stare at each other.


Country Club:


A very emotional Josh and Reva are together.

Reva stares, "What did you just say?"

He sighs, "I have prostate cancer Reva. I've been diagnosed and I'm starting my treatment soon."

Reva stares at him in shock.

She backs away.

Josh looks at her, "Reva..."

She shakes her head, "That's not funny Josh. Why would you even say something like that?"

Josh nods, "I'm serious."

She stares, "No."

He nods, "Yes."

Tears start to fill in her eyes, "No."

Josh looks at her, "It's going to be okay Reva. But I have to fight this. I heard your speech. I listened to every word. It really made me feel better. I think I can do this."

Reva stares, "This can't be happening."

He sighs, "That's what I thought. I'm still thinking of how I'm going to tell the kids."

Reva covers her mouth, "Oh God the kids!"

Josh sighs, "I know. I'm afraid of telling them too."

Reva wipes her tears, "This is going to be a lot for them. But they do need to know."

Josh takes her hand, "I know."

She looks at him, "Joshua..."

He nods, "I'm going to need you Reva. Now more than ever."

Reva stares at him.



Rafe and Clarissa sit together.

Rafe looks at her, "We've been friends for a while now Clarissa. Ever since Spring Break."

She nods, "When I gave up on Mickey ever helping me with the Baby."

Rafe smiles, "It was pretty amazing how strong you were."

She sighs, "And then you stopped me at the clinic... if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have Adam now."

He sighs, "And I talked you out of adoption. I just knew you were going to be a good Mom. And whether we are together or not I am always going to be here to help you."

She nods, "I'm glad. You're a great friend."

He smiles, "Right now we both have a lot going on. We barely see each other as it is. It wouldn't make sense for us to try and start a relationship."

Clarissa nods, "I totally agree."

He grins, "But maybe after the holidays when things cool down, we can see if we still feel this way?"

She nods, "Yeah. I'd like that."

He kisses her hand, "Good."

She grins, "Good."

He gets up, "I have to go meet my Mom. But I will probably swing by later."

Clarissa nods, "Yeah I need to give Adam a bath."

He smiles, "See you later."

She nods, "See ya."

Rafe leaves.

Clarissa feels good about Rafe.

She walks over to her computer.

She gets ready to do some work for her online classes.

But for the third time today she chickens out.

She is afraid to see how much work she has fallen behind on.

A very stressed out Clarissa puts her head in her hands as Baby Adam starts crying again.

Springfield High:

Marti and Zach are outside talking.

Zach stares, "Have you told anyone about our one night stand?"

She shakes her head, "My only real friend here is Leah. And I couldn't tell her because she thought I was home sick that night."

He nods, "Okay."

She shakes her head, "This is so messed up."

Zach is frustrated, "I'm so stupid. I finally get something great in my life and I screw it up."

She takes his hand, "Stop beating yourself up."

Leah and Emma come walking out of the building.

Marti and Zach move away from each other.

Leah rushes down.

She is holding Emma by the arm.

Leah grins, "Look who I found."

Zach stares, "Emma?"

Emma nods, "What's up?"

Zach is surprised, "Hey... I didn't know you were back in town."

She nods, "Yep."

Leah looks at Marti, "Oh Emma is Bill's adopted daughter. So I think she's like your cousin too."

Marti grins, "Oh cool. Nice to meet you Emma."

Emma nods, "Actually I usually go by Spencer now."

Leah nods, "That will take getting used to."

All four of them stare at each other.

Leah smiles, "My slumber party is going to be epic!!!"

Harley's House:

Harley and Phillip sit next to each other.

Phillip sighs, "Can I ask you something?"

She looks at him, "What?"

He sighs, "Do you regret us getting back together? Since we ended up right back where we were?"

She shakes her head, "No. Because we aren't. Maybe we needed this Phillip. I mean I'm not mad at you anymore. We can be friends again, we can work on getting Zach back on track."

Phillip nods, "He certainly needs it."

Harley sighs, "He was such a sweet kid. It's hard to accept how wild and materialistic he's become. But I think Leah is good for him."

Phillip nods, "I think so too."

She looks at him, "I don't know if you are planning on getting back with Beth or not. But whatever you do I will be there for you."

He nods, "Same to you. I know before I wasn't that supportive of you with other men."

Harley laughs, "Yeah. Well trust me I'm not jumping into anything. Single life sounds pretty appealing."

Phillip smiles, "Tell me about it."

Harley looks at him, "So what are you planning on doing about... where you live."

He sighs, "I guess I should start packing."

She looks at him, "You don't have to leave right now."

He turns to her, "What are you making for dinner."

She shoves him and laughs.

He smiles, "I'm glad we can end on a good note Harley."

She smiles, "Me too Phillip."

The two sit back on the couch.


Stephanie sits on her bed.

Susan looks at her, "I guess you're whole pregnancy is starting to seem a lot more real?"

Stephanie sighs, "I don't know. Guillespie's death doesn't even seem real still. I keep thinking he is out there somewhere waiting to come back to Springfield."

Susan shakes her head, "Well that would be pretty scary since we buried him in the woods."

Stephanie sighs, "I know."

Susan sits by her," You aren't feeling guilty are you? Guillespie would have killed us both and gotten away with it."

Stephanie sighs, "I know. But this baby never did anything to anyone."

Susan nods, "That's why you are keeping it and you're going to raise it to be happy."

Stephanie nods, "What would Peter think?"

Susan shakes her head, "Well he's a guy so you carrying someone else's baby would be tough. But if he likes you he won't let that get in the way."

Stephanie sighs, "When do I tell him?"

Susan nods, "When you're ready. You don't have to rush now. Let things start going without that complication."

Stephanie sighs, "I think you're right."

Stephanie hopes she's doing the right things.

Country Club:

Reva and Josh walk away to get more privacy.

Reva looks at him, "Josh... you know if I can help you in anyway, I will. But I don't want to give you the wrong idea."

He nods, "I know Reva."

She sighs, "I'm not trying to hurt you either. I just want to make sure we are clear."

He sighs, "I am not trying to guilt you into anything. I need you for support. We are still partners in a lot of things. But I'm not trying to pull you back into a romantic relationship."

Reva nods, "Really?"

He shakes his head, "I wouldn't use my disease. And trust me right now I'm not very good company."

She sighs, "I'm sorry Joshua. You don't deserve this. But then again no one really does."

He sighs, "Maybe."

She looks down.

He nods, "I know you're happy with Noah. He's a great guy. You two are very lucky. And me breaking up with Annie doesn't change anything. I'm not going to mess up what you have."

Reva takes his hand, "You're very important to me. I'm going to help you Joshua."

He nods, "Thank you."

Reva and Josh share a hug.

Carriage House:

Blake and Ross are kissing in her living room.

She slowly pushes him down on the couch.

Blake climbs on him.

He laughs, "Wow. Slow down a little."

She keeps kissing him passionately.

He gets uncomfortable, "Blake settle down."

She looks at him, "Tell me you don't want this. Come on Ross! We've been fighting this for a while."

He moves away, "Not like this Blake."

She is confused, "What?"

He stares, "My God, Blake I love you. I want nothing more than to take you and make love to you. But not like this."

She stares, "What are you talking about?"

He looks at her, "This isn't about me and you. This is about your father, and Sebastian, and everything else that you are going through right now. It's not us at all."

Ross stands up.

Blake gets up, "I want to be with you Ross. Don't you want to be with me?"

He nods, "You know I do."

She starts unbuttoning his shirt, "Then prove it to me!"

He pulls her hands away, "Not like this."

She shouts, "You're the love of my life Ross! Please!"

He shakes his head, "This isn't you Blake!"

She starts to cry, "Don't tell me that! You don't know what who I am! I don't even know who I am. Not anymore."

Ross nods, "And we cannot be us again until you figure that out."

Ross walks out the door.

An emotional Blake stares as he goes to his car.


Leah has her slumber party

Drew and Jesse have an announcement

Josh breaks his bad news to his kids

Vi warns Maureen

Dalton begs Ashlee

Kevin's anger is unleashed!


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