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S3 Episode 81



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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The truth comes out in Springfield...


Bauer Home:



Leah is having her slumber party upstairs in her bedroom with the girls.

Leah is carrying in snacks, "I'm so excited! I swear I am totally making slumber parties cool again."

Marti looks at her, "If anyone could do it, it would be you."

Belinda rolls her eyes at Marti's comment.

Clarissa shoves her.


Spencer walks in, "Hey."

Leah rushes over, "Hey you guys remember Emma right?"

She nods, "I go by Spencer now."

Leah nods, "Right, Spencer."

Belinda looks at her, "What's up?"

Leah smiles, "This is going to be so much fun!!!"

Downstairs in the Bauer kitchen.


Michelle is having a snack at the counter.

There is a knock at the door.

She walks over.


Jesse is standing outside with Drew.

Michelle smiles as she opens the door, "Hey what a nice surprise. How are you two?"

Jesse grins, "We're good."

He helps Drew walk in.

Drew smiles, "For once I'm actually doing well. Who would have thought I'd be able to say that after losing my vision?"

Michelle nods, "Well I'm happy for you."

Jesse sighs, "A lot has changed this past month. I've been helping Drew adjust to her new life and we reconnected."

Michelle smiles, "Can't say I'm surprised but that's good to hear. You two look happy."

Drew nods, "We just wanted to come and say goodbye."

Michelle is confused, "Goodbye?"

Jesse nods, "We're leaving Springfield."

A very surprised Michelle stares at them.




Ashlee is walking the halls in her scrubs.

It's another late night at work for her.

She is going through her schedule.

A young nurse walks up to her, "Hey Ashlee!"

Ashlee looks at her, "Hi Caitlin."

Caitlin smiles, "You know everyone says you're like the nicest person here. All the patients love you."

Ashlee grins, "I hope so."

Caitlin nods, "And I think everyone deserves a second chance. Wouldn't you agree?"

Ashlee is confused, "Uh... sure I suppose."

Caitlin hugs her, "Just think about that okay?"

Caitlin walks away.

Ashlee is puzzled.

She notices a lot of other doctors and nurses are staring at her.

Ashlee walks over to the front desk.


She looks at Lillian, "Why is everyone acting so weird?"

Lillian looks at her, "I'm guessing you haven't been down on this floor yet tonight?"

Ashlee shakes her head, "No why?"

Lillian sighs, "I think you should go into the waiting room sweetheart. There is something you should see."

A very confused Ashlee stares at Lillian.

She walks over to the waiting room.


Dalton is standing in front of everyone talking.

He turns and sees Ashlee.

He smiles, "Ladies and Gentlemen here she is, lady of the night and of my life: Ashlee Wolfe!"

Everyone applauds.

A shocked Ashlee stares.


Cross Creek:



Josh, Reva, Noah and Marah all sit in the living room.

Marah looks at them, "If this is such an important family meeting, don't you think Annie should be here?"

Josh shakes his head, "No. Marah you may choose to have Annie be a part of your life, but I have made the choice not to."

Marah scoffs, "What could she possibly have done to throw away your whole relationship?"

He nods, "That's what I was wondering."

Marah sits back frustrated.

Josh, Reva and Noah continue to exchange looks.

Marah looks at them, "Shayne should be here by now."

Reva nods, "He and Ava will be here soon."

Marah scoffs, "Ava? Seriously?"

Josh sighs, "Marah please-"

Reva sits up, "This is serious Marah."

A worried Marah stares at her parents.

The door opens.


Shayne and Ava walk in.

Shayne looks around, "So what's going on?"

Josh sighs, "Sit down son."

Ava and Shayne look at each other.

The two sit down across from them.

Josh sighs, "We just want to say that we love you guys and we are telling you this so you can be aware of what could happen. We aren't trying to worry you or disrupt your lives."

Shayne stares, "Oh God. Mom if your sick again then just tell us. We're going to be there for you."

Marah looks at her Mom, "Are you sick again?"

Josh sighs, "No she's not... it's me."

Shayne and Marah look at their father.

Josh sighs, "I'm the one who is sick."

Both of them look at each other.


Museum Apartment:


Maureen sits in the living room.

She is at a desk.

She is writing more songs.

The new chapter in her life has brought new inspiration for her.


Jason walks over, "What are you working on?"

She covers them, "Oh nothing, just making a list for the store later. Why do you need something?"

He smiles, "Those look more like lyrics."

She looks down.

He laughs, "It's not like you were looking at porn. Don't be ashamed of your writing. I didn't know you still wrote."

She sighs, "Just lately I've been doing it again."

He grins, "Can I see?"

She sighs, "No it's lame. Just the dumb corny music that you wouldn't even like and it's not-"

He looks at her, "Please?"

She slowly hands him her notes.

He takes them and sits on the couch.

She watches him for a moment.

She turns away.

It's difficult to watch someone read her work.

He pauses, "Wow."

She turns, "Wow?"

He nods, "This is really good."

She grins, "Shut up."

He nods, "I mean it's like poetry and I love poetry. It's not some lame catchy pop song or anything. It's really good."

He hands it back to her.

She smiles, "Thank you. I guess I've just been more inspired lately."

Jason grins, "Well keep it up. You're very talented. Trust me."

Jason walks away.

Maureen looks back down at her lyrics.




Kevin and Rocky are out on a date.

The two sit at the bar.

Rocky hears a song come on.

He turns to Kevin, "Oh! Okay I know you're going to say no, but please let's dance once!"

Kevin shakes his head, "No."

Rocky sighs, "Please."

Kevin shakes his head, "I don't dance. I never dance. I am not good at it so I don't do it."

Rocky smiles, "Just one time and if you suck I'll never ask you to do it again, trust me."

Kevin reluctantly nods, "Okay."

The two walk out and join the crowd.

They start dancing.

Kevin has trouble loosening up.

He feels uncomfortable.

Rocky laughs.

Kevin scoffs, "I'm done."

Rocky sighs, "No I'm sorry, just relax."

Rocky puts his arms around him.

The two start moving together.

Kevin gets more comfortable.

The two continue dancing.

Kevin looks over Rocky's shoulder sees some guys he knew from high school.

They stare and laugh in disgust.

Kevin's face turns red.

Rocky looks at him, "Are you okay?"

A frustrated Kevin nods, "I'm fine."

Kevin tries to ignore the guys.

Bauer Home:

In Leah's room the slumber party continues.

The girls sit around in a circle.

They have been playing truth or dare all night.

Leah looks at Spencer, "So you seem really tough. So what is your biggest fear?"

Spencer nods, "Uh... my biggest fear is... my Mom. I'm afraid that her drinking is going to get worse and it's going to be because of me. That's why I came back to Springfield to stay with my sister. My Mom didn't want me to see her like that. Ever since I can remember she has been everything for me. And I think that is what stressed her out so much and the reason she turned to alcohol. Because of me."

Leah nods, "I know the feeling. Sometimes I wonder if my parents only got back together because they wanted to make me happy."

Spencer and Leah look at each other.

Belinda looks at Marti, "Your turn. You did dare last time so now truth. Why did you come to Springfield? Your Mom didn't come so you had to have some special reason."

Marti looks around the room.

She is apprehensive about sharing this.

But she confesses, "Okay. At my old school there was this guy named Dustin. I really liked him, but he was the ex of one of my friends. But one night we hooked up and he promised he'd keep it a secret. But he didn't. He told everyone. All of my friends hated me. So I did what I thought was fair... I told everyone that he forced himself on me. Suddenly my friends came to my side and comforted me. But then more people started blaming him and a few guys jumped him one night... his parents were threatening to press charges unless I left town. So that is why my Mom sent me here to live with my Uncle Josh. I falsely accused Dustin of 'rape'."

Marti looks around at the silent room.

The girls stare back at her in shock.


Museum Apartment:

Maureen continues writing her music.

She is still smiling over her conversation with Jason.

Suddenly she hears footsteps behind her.

She turns around expecting to see Jason.


Vi is standing behind her, "Hi."

Maureen stares, "Oh hey."

Vi walks towards her, "Expecting someone else?"

Maureen nods, "Uh Jason was here earlier and we were talking. I was just going to ask his opinion on some stuff."

Vi reaches over and grabs the papers, "I can give my opinion. I'm sure it'll be just as good."

Maureen reaches for the papers, "Actually-"

Vi moves away, "Hmm..."

Maureen looks at her, "Can I have those back please Vi? They are kind of personal."

Vi looks at her, "But not to personal for Jason?"

Maureen stares.

Vi sighs, "No offense but this stuff is kind of cheesy."

Vi drops the papers in front of Maureen.

Maureen picks them up, "You know what Vi... I didn't ask your opinion. But I guess that has never stopped you before."

Vi laughs, "Wow! Maureen Reardon standing up for herself. That's cute. Where was that backbone in high school?"

Maureen shakes her head, "I felt bad for you in high school. It was obvious you were jealous of me."

Vi scoffs, "Get over yourself."

Maureen shakes her head, "Jason deserves better than someone like you Vi. You're cold."

Vi smirks, "Maybe so. But Jason enjoys my company."

The two stare at each other.

Vi nods, "Save yourself some embarrassment. Jason has moved on. Don't try and throw yourself at him now."

Vi turns and walks away.

An annoyed Maureen tries to get back to her writing.


Ashlee looks around the waiting room.

All eyes are on her.

Dalton stands in the center.

She shakes her head, "What is this?"

Dalton grins, "I'm showing you how determined I am to get you back Ashlee. I am so sorry."

A woman looks over, "You know Miss, just on looks alone I think I'd give him a second chance."

Ashlee stares at her.

Another woman hollers, "Glad he's not my son!"

Everyone laughs.

Ashlee stares, "What is this? Did you tell them every detail of our lives or something?"

He nods, "I told them everything that happened. How I lied about who I was and how I told you Amanda was my mother. They all agreed that you were right to dump me."

Ashlee looks around, "They don't seem to be thinking that right now. So I'm confused."

He grins, "I told them all the things I loved about you. I told them about your smile, about your laugh, about the way you hold my hand, about everything."

She stares at him in confusion.

Dalton walks towards her, "Ashlee please... give me a second chance."

Ashlee turns, "I can't do this now."

He hollers, "I promise you Ashlee! I'm going to prove to you that we belong together! I love you."

Ashlee stops.

Bauer Home:

Marti looks around all of the other girls after exposing her secret.

Leah sighs, "Uh... wow."

Clarissa looks down.

Belinda shakes her head, "I'm sorry but that's messed up."

Leah looks at her, "Maybe we just misunderstood."

Belinda shakes her head, "No we didn't."

Spencer looks over, "I'm not trying to be rude Marti but I have to say this: when girls like you lie about that kind of stuff, it takes credibility away from girls that actually are victims."

Marti rolls her eyes.

Belinda scoffs, "She's stupid."

Clarissa shoves her.

Marti scoffs, "Whatever. I wish I hadn't said anything now."

The room gets uncomfortable.

Leah clears her throat, "Okay! My turn! Someone dare me to do something!"

Downstairs the Michelle is standing with Drew and Jesse.

She looks at them, "You're leaving Springfield? Why would you want to do something like that?"

Jesse nods, "We feel like we have sort of run our course in this town. It's time to move on."

Drew nods, "No hard feelings this time around trust me."

Michelle sighs, "What about the club?"

Jesse nods, "We are still owners. We just won't be running it ourselves."

Michelle shakes her head, "I guess I'm happy for you two."

Drew looks in her direction, "I'm sorry Michelle. For everything."

Michelle hugs her, "I'm sorry too."

Jesse smiles at Michelle.

She hugs him, "I'm going to miss you both."

Drew grins, "Well we'll stop by for a visit sometime maybe."

Michelle smiles, "I'd like that."

The three friends finish saying their goodbye.

Cross Creek:

Josh looks at his children.

Ava is holding Shayne's hand.

Marah stares at her father.

Josh sighs, "I have cancer of the prostate. And it's okay to be scared because I'm scared too. But Noah is a great doctor and I know he is going to help me through this."

The two look at Noah.

Noah nods, "Your father is a strong man and I'm going to stand by his side as he fights this."

Shayne looks down.

Ava rubs his back.

Reva looks at him, "Are you okay?"

Shayne shakes his head, "I didn't even see this coming. With everything that has happened this year with you, Marah, Ava.... Dad was always so healthy and strong..."

Ava nods, "He's still strong."

Marah looks away.

Josh looks at her, "Are you okay Darlin'?"

Marah shakes her head as her eyes fill with tears.

Josh looks down.

A tearful Reva walks over to her daughter.

Reva puts her arms around Marah who begins crying.

Shayne cries as he hears Marah.

Ava holds him close.

Josh tries to hold himself together.

Noah puts his hand on Josh's shoulder.

Bauer Home:

The girls continue their slumber party.

Leah looks at Clarissa, "So what's it really like being a teenage mother?"

Marti and Spencer look over.

Neither of them were aware that Clarissa had a son.

Clarissa nods, "It's tough..."

Spencer nods, "Why did you decide to keep it? I mean, what was it that helped you make that decision?"

Clarissa sighs, "Uh... my friend Rafe talked to me about it and helped me understand that he would help me with it and that I couldn't just give up on my child."

Belinda looks at her, "But you wanted to keep him right?"

Clarissa nods, "Yeah... well I had considered adoption after that but Rafe- well he didn't talk me out of it. But he sort of helped me see things."

Everyone looks at each other.

Clarissa sighs, "I guess sometimes I wonder if I kept Adam for the right reasons or not."

Leah looks at her, "I think you seem like a good Mom."

Clarissa smiles, "Thanks."

Marti looks over at Belinda.

Belinda continues giving her dirty looks.

Marti smiles, "Okay Belinda your turn. You did dare before so now you do truth."

Belinda nods, "Fine."

Marti smirks, "What is the worst thing you have ever done to someone that is in this room?"

Belinda looks around.

She sees innocent Leah looking back at her.

Belinda looks down.

She knows she has to come clean soon.

She nods, "Okay. You really want to know? Because honestly I'm tired of hiding this. And I promised RJ I'd do this a long time ago."

The girls are all confused.

Belinda takes a deep breath.


Rocky and Kevin are walking out of the club.

Rocky looks at him, "Why do we have to leave so early?"

Kevin shakes his head, "I'm getting tired. Besides this place is loud and annoying."

Rocky stares, "What?"

Kevin looks around, "It's full of losers I used to go to school with. Let's get out."

Rocky stops, "That's what this is about? You're embarrassed by me?"

A frustrated Kevin looks at him, "No! I'm not!"

Rocky looks away, "Whatever."

Kevin tries to prove it to him.

He pulls Rocky into a passionate kiss in front of everyone.

Rocky smiles at him.

The two walk out hand in hand.

Kevin takes a big sigh of relief.

The two make their way to the car.

Suddenly they hear a voice behind them.

A guy named and his friends walk over, "Hey Marler! What's going on here? Something we should know?"

Kevin scoffs, "Get lost Henson."

Henson smirks, "I should have known. You always did spend extra time in the showers after a game. Fruit."

Rocky shakes his head, "Ignore them. Their drunk."

Kevin's face is turning red.

The guys walk closer.

Henson nods, "Don't worry I'll see you around Marler. Or maybe I'll see your faggy little boyfriend first."

Rocky turns looks at Kevin.

Kevin's face is beat red.

Kevin turns around and rushes over.

Rocky shouts, "Kevin!"

Kevin punches the guy across the face.

The two fall on the ground.

Kevin begins dropping punches one after another.

Rocky runs over as the other guys try to pull him off.

Blood is already staining the ground around them.


Belinda confesses!

Rocky is horrified by Kevin's rage

Amanda makes some decisions

Ashlee gives Dalton an answer

Johnny confronts Roxie

Drew and Jesse leave Springfield


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