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Three more victims of the "Ides of May" storyline have been revealed, including the names of the supercouple who were marked for an exit in April! This move is sure to shock and appaul fans. As we revealed then, a supercouple has been let-go from the show due to storyline purposes. "We thought this was a unique way to write them out. We have every intention of one day bringing them back. As fans know, this is a VERY open-ended exit."....says a source with the show. "That's deliberate. This is an excellent story to tell. And it involves them leaving and having this time apart. They are not getting the RIDE OFF INTO THE SUNSET ending. He did this awful, awful thing in an effort to protect her and their family. He has to pay the price for fifteen years of his impetuousness."

Who is the supercouple, you ask?

IPB Image

Yes. It's true. The curse of Jack and Jen has struck again, and Matt and Missy are out! "It all started with the rumors that Missy was leaving the real show. We wanted to re-evaluate and see if we wanted to keep her on after that. We had big plans for her and Jack. Readers might remember the rumor a few months ago that we were going to do a social issue/disease storyline with one of the characters. It was originally a breast cancer storyline intended for Jennifer after she and Jack had re-united. We understand that this re-write will upset readers, but we have kept J&J front-burner since the blog began, and we are planning to have them return someday to resolve their storyline and face more ups and downs and trials and tribulations together! I promise you that blog readers have not seen the end of Matt and Missy!"

Unfortunately, as well, the recently-returned Laura Horton (Jamie Lynn Bauer) will be leaving town with the heart broken Jennifer. They last aired together on Thursday, May 25th. Matt Ashford (Jack) will last air Friday, May 26th.

Fans of the supercouple can still see their lovechild, Abby. Ashley Benson will stick with the show and portray their angst-ridden daughter, Abigail, who is in for a BIG shock when a girl who is a dead ringer for her dead best friend/her boyfriend's dead ex-girlfriend, Chelsea, pops up in June. "Rachel Melvin is returning to play a character who is ten times more lovable and interesting than Chelsea was. Melvin is a talented actress, and we're glad she's back. Her character, Erika, is going to really stir Salem up!"...previews the source.


1. Thomas "Tek" Kramer "Tek" (Rhasaan Orange)

2. Bonnie Lockhart (Judi Evans)

3. Kim Johnston Ulrich (Ivy Crane)

4. Wayne Northorp (Stefano Dimera as Alex North)

5. Frank Parker (Shawn Brady Sr.)

6. Jamie Lynn Bauer (Laura Horton)

7. Missy Reeves (Jennifer Rose Horton Devereaux)

8. Matt Ashford (Jack Devereaux)

9. ??????????

10. ?????????

11. ?????????

12. ?????????

Who will be the final four casualties of May?


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