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Episode #119 - Thursday, May 25th:



Episode #119 - Thursday, May 25th:

- Will and Paige aim a gun at Annie and ask her for all of her money. Annie scoffs and asks if they are joking. She asks them…”How old are you!? TWELVE?!” But the insist and point the gun in her face. She hands over all of her money and credit cards. Paige tells Annie to hand over the shoes. Annie refuses claiming that they are Minolo’s. Will jabs the gun closer and closer to her face. Annie squeals and hands over the shoes and runs away. Paige and Will make a getaway from the alleyway. They throw their water gun into their bag and continue to make their getaway.

- Jennifer tells Jack that she is indeed leaving Salem and how he is not coming with her.

- Mimi decides to learn from her past mistake of lying to Rex…she decides to tell him that she has known for a while what her mother has done – she knew her mother killed Tony his father!

- Marlena asks Lexie if she is sure she is pregnant. Lexie says that she is sure. Lexie asks if Marlena had sex while she was away or has had sex with the man she thought was Alex in the last few months. She says the only man she has been with is John, but she is just worried about her health, especially after the pregnancy last summer. Lexie says that it will be a very difficult and delicate pregnancy, but she will recommend a very committed and talent caretaker for her.

- Annie makes her way into the Java Café with bare feet and messy hair. Sami, Hope, Billie, and Lucas are there showing images of Paige and Will. They ask Annie if she’s seen them. Annie freaks out and screams and rips the picture from Sami’s hands and tears it up.

- Jack says that Jennifer cannot take Jack Jr. from him! Jennifer says that she is looking out for Jack Jr.’s best interests because he will not be safe near Jack – not if Jack has ties to Stefano Dimera. Jack explains how Stefano blackmailed and threatened him. But she does not want to hear it. She tells Jack that she is leaving the day after tomorrow no matter what he says. Jack takes comfort in the fact that he has 48 hours to convince Jennifer to stay in Salem and give him another chance!

- Shawn tells Jan that he is going to be a great father to their child and be a good husband because that is what Grandpa Shawn would have wanted. Meanwhile, a mysterious woman watches Jan and Shawn from afar.

- Sami lunges towards Annie and tells her that this is the picture of her missing son she just ripped up! Annie tells Sami that her missing son just held her up in the alleyway! Sami and Billie dart out of the Café and look for Will and Paige, who happen to walk into the Café at the moment to buy food with Annie’s money.

- Laura, Jennifer, Abby, Mickey, and Alice have a frank talk about Jack and Jennifer. Abby tells her mother that she wants to stay in Salem if she really is going to leave. Jennifer says that she will let Abby stay with her grandmother and great-grandmother, Laura and Alice. Laura tells Jennifer that she wants to go with her. The Horton’s tell Jennifer that if she wants to leave as soon as possible that the Brady’s will understand. Frankie arrives and confirms this. As a result, Jennifer decides that she will leave town immediately. Jennifer says goodbye to Alice, Mickey, Frankie, and Melissa. She says a tearful, tearful goodbye to Abby.

- Annie screams and points towards Will and Paige. Lucas turns and runs and grabs Will and Paige before they can leave. Hope is blown away at the beauty of Bo and Billie’s daughter, Paige. Lucas grabs and hugs Will. He tells Will he loves him and asks him never to do anything so stupid ever again. Will promises never to and is moved to tears. Sami and Billie enter after having no luck finding Will and Paige. They are shocked to see them there with Hope and Lucas! Sami hugs Will, who does not look pleased. Annie interrupts the moment and tells everyone that she wants her money back and her purse and her shoes. And she tells them all that she is pressing charges. Will explains that it was a water gun. Annie calls him a little brat and has to be held back by Lucas. Meanwhile, Billie and Hope pull Paige aside and confirm with her that she was a guest on Stefano’s plantation and how she is in search of her parents whom she believes are in Salem. Billie and Hope give each other a knowing look.

- Marlena prepares John a dinner. She and John recall their adventure during which they both got amnesia and they remember how their love was strong enough to get them to remember. Marlena and John feed each other strawberries and whipped cream. Then, she confesses to John that she is pregnant!

- Shawn leaves the loft and goes to Belle’s apartment. Belle tells him that she is going to have her marriage to Phillip annulled and how she wants to be with Shawn. Shawn says that will never happen because he has to be a provider and a father to Jan and Trey.

- Jennifer writes a goodbye letter to Hope. Then, she writes a goodbye letter to Jack. She fondly recalls all of their times together.

- Meanwhile, back at the loft, someone breaks into the apartment through the fire escape. Jan is shocked and grabs a fire poker to attack the person. The person jumps up from the floor. Jan screams… “MOM!?” Megan Spears (Gina Tognoni) reveals herself to Jan!

- John takes Marlena in his arms with tears in his eyes. They are overjoyed. Marlena tells John that Lexie says the pregnancy will be very delicate and difficult and that she will be confined to bed rest for most of second trimester and all of her third! Just then, the doorbell rings. When Marlena answers it, a beautiful redheaded woman walks in. She introduces herself as Nurse Paris (Michelle Stafford.) She explains that she is the nurse that Lexie has assigned them.

- Jennifer, Laura, and Jack Jr. finish packing up. She tells Laura that she can’t believe her life has come to this point. She tearfully explains that she didn’t think there was anything Jack Devereaux could ever do to make her truly think they could never be together. But she explains that his working for or being blackmailed/threatened by Stefano was the final straw. She tells Laura that she does not know how she is going to live without him. Laura tells her that they will get through it together. Laura takes Jack Jr. out to the car. Jennifer turns to face the Devereaux house one more time before turning off the lights and closing the door. “Goodbye, Jack.”….she says to herself.


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