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Episode #118 - Wednesday, May 24th:



Episode #118 - Wednesday, May 24th:

- Kate feels as though she can breathe now that Ivy has left town.

- Marlena continues to feel faint. John asks her what is wrong, but she refuses to say.

- Jennifer opens up to Alice and Laura about what happened with Jack working for Stefano.

- Caroline, Kayla, and Kimberly make all of the funeral arrangements as the Pub gets packed for the viewing of Shawn Sr.

- Jan escapes to outside the Brady Pub where she calls her Mother back. She feverishly asks her what she wants. Then, Jan screams into the other end of the phone that she cannot return to town!

- Mickey tells Belle that he will look into annulling her marriage to Phillip.

- Cassie and Jack arrive at the Pub and are greeted with silence.

- Jan recalls how she tried to kill Phillip when he learned the truth about her and how he ended up in the coma because she through him off the hospital roof.

- Marlena fears that she could be fatally ill. She asks Lexie to run a battery of tests.

- Abe and Roman reveal that Alex/Stefano has left town and will live to strike another day. They also reveal that Bonnie is the one who killed Tony. When Mimi walks into the pub, Salem stands and salutes Mimi with boisterous clapping. They tell her that her mother should be given an award for finally offing a Dimera – for good.

- Kate tells Bo, Billie, Sami, and Lucas that her private investigator has a surveillance tape of Will and Georgia…TOGETHER! She says the tape shows them boarding a bus for a seaside California town called Sunset Beach. Bo, Billie, Lucas, and Sami decide to fly to California on the Kiriakis jet and be back in time for the funeral. But Caroline, Roman, Billie, and Sami convince Bo that Bo should stay and let Billie, Lucas, and Sami bring Georgia back. Bo feels better when Hope says she’ll go with them.

- Hope, Lucas, Billie, and Sami board a plane immediately so they can be back in time for funeral. A few hours later, they touch down in Sunset Beach and decide to head to the Java Café, where Kate’s private investigator said he began to lose their trail. Meanwhile, red-headed sexy and sassy, Annie Douglas, walks down the street in Sunset Beach sporting the finest clothes, handbag, and shoes money can buy. She’s pulled into an alleyway and told to give up all of her money. She is being held up by a homeless Paige and Will!

- Jennifer tells Jack that she has consulted Laura, Abby, and Alice about the decision, and they support her. He is confused. She says that she is divorcing Jack. But in the meantime, she is leaving Salem and taking Jack Jr. with her!

- Lexie tells Marlena that she doesn’t know how to tell her this, but she’s pregnant…again!

- Kate says that there is something that Ivy did not know…and that she can never know….she and Stefano….had TWINS!


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