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Episode 132



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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A day of returns in Springfield.....

Malah House:

Dinah is going through her paperwork.
Mallet walks over, "What's going on?"
She grins, "The tests are back. It's official. I am Belinda's biological mother."
He smiles, "That's great. Now we can be 100% sure we've found your real daughter."
Dinah nods, "And of course now the courts are going to have to side with me when they see this."
Mallet stares, "Oh so you are still planning to take it that far?"
She turns to him, "Mallet I'll take it as far as I have to. I'm not stopping until I have my daughter back."
He sighs, "You need to understand. Harley loves her. In her heart Belinda is still her child."
Dinah shakes her head, "You know what? This isn't fair. I am reunited with my daughter after all of these years. And Harley is the victim in all of this. Not me. Not Belinda. Harley!"
He scoffs, "I'm not saying that. I am so sorry for what happened to you two. But Harley didn't do it. She had no idea that Belinda was your biological daughter. No one did."
Dinah sighs, "Well now we know that she is. And I will die before I lose my baby again."
Mallet has a strange feeling about all of this.


Harley walks into the room.
Cyrus is there, "Your here."
She sighs, "Where have you been? I've been calling you! Then out of no where you tell me to meet you here! What the hell is going on Cyrus?"
He sighs, "Harley this is important."
She nods, "I know it is! It's about my daughter."
He is surprised, "What? You mean...."
She nods, "Belinda! Her biological mother is trying to take her away from me and I'm not going to let it happen."
Cyrus stands up, "Are you kidding me? She can't do that. She gave her up. Belidna is yours now."
Harley sighs, "Well she is going to try. And she always fights dirty when she gets angry."
Cyrus is confused, "Who are we talking about?"
She sighs, "Oh I didn't tell you the best part. Belinda's biological mother. It's Dinah. Dinah Marler."
Cyrus sits down, "I don't.... I don't understand, your saying..."
Harley sighs, "Dinah had her years ago but gave her away. I don't know all the details but Dinah is going after custody now."
Cyrus is still in shock, "I'm uh, I'm going to help you."
She turnst him, "Well I hope you mean it. Because now I need you now more than ever."
Cyrus and Harley look into each other's eyes.


Coop is getting dressed.
Ashlee wakes up, "Are you leaving?"
He nods, "Yes. I sort of have a job to go to. But don't tell anyone okay? It's the first day and I just don't want to make a big deal out of it. It's only temporary."
She sighs, "Coop your family still thinks you are writing novels and stuff. Are you ever going to tell them you gave that up?"
He sighs, "They wouldn't understand. They would think I was giving up on something I loved."
She sits up, "I know it's not that. It's not like you don't love writing anymore. But your heart isn't in it. It's time to move on in life."
He nods, "I just wish people could understand that just because people move on doesn't mean that things are bad."
Ashlee looks at him, "Are we talking about careers still?"
He sighs, "I think we both know what we're talking about."
She gets up, "We can't keep this a secret for too long."
He nods, "I know that."
She walks over to him, "I mean it's only a matter of time. One day your Dad will walk in and see me sleeping in bed and you on the couch. He already noticed my ring was gone."
Coop turns to her, "We'll tell them soon."
She sighs, "I don't know how we are supposed to tell them that instead of bringing us closer, the trip ended our relationship."
Coop hugs Ashlee.


Cassandra stands at the gate.
Reva is waiting on the other side, "Are you going to let me in?"
She shakes her head, "No. I don't think I should let you in. Why are you here Reva?"
Reva sighs, "Listen. I have to talk to you Little Sister."
She rolls her eyes, "I'm right here. Start talking Reva. I'm here to listen to you."
Reva scoffs, "Really? You don't want me to tell you all of this through the gates to the Spaulding Mansion."
Cassandra shakes her head, "It's not the Spaulding Mansion! It's my Mansion. God it is so hard for you to accept that I am the one who's living on the big mansion on the hill and you are down in your little bungalow."
Reva laughs, "Wow! You are just too great Cassie! I mean is this really what you want to do?"
She turns around, "Good bye Reva."
Reva shouts, "Wait! Just listen. I have to warn you Cassie. I am in danger and so are you."
She sighs, "You have 1 minute."
Reva looks at her, "Cassie she has come back into our lives.'
Cassandra is confused, "Who?"
Reva sighs, "Annie Dutton."
Cassandra backs away from the gate.


Rusty is in his room.
Mindy lets herself in.
He turns to her, "Melinda Sue. What are you doing here?"
She runs over and kisses him.
He pulls away, "Wait wait. What is going on?"
She sighs, "Rusty I want you. I want you so bad right now."
He backs away, "This has to be a dream. I'm going to wake up any minute now and laugh."
She shakes her head, "This is real Rusty. I am here. I have fought this ever since you came back to town. I want you Rusty. I never really got over you. I want you."
He nods, "You keep saying that."
Mindy takes his arm, "It's true. Rusty, I've wanted you all along."
He backs up, "What abour Rick?"
She sighs, "Rick and I are over. I know that I thought I wanted to be with him. But all along you and I both knew that we were meant for one another. We are meant to be together."
Rusty shakes his head, "I can't do this. I can't. You want Rick. You chose Rick. I'm not going to be your rebound."
She shakes her head, "You could never be rebound with me. Rusty you know how much I want to be with you."
He walks to the door, "It's time for you to leave."
He goes to open the door.
She shuts it, "No! I'm not going anywhere."
She pulls him back into a kiss.

Cyrus looks at Harley, "Is there something you are not telling me?"
Harley sighs, "Gus. He's popping pills again. He isn't fit right now. He's going to be out of the picture until he can get himself together. Otherwise he'll complicate things."
He stands up, "I'm sorry. I'm sorry this is happening to you."
She shoves him, "I'm still mad at you! You are supposed to be there for me when I need you!"
He sighs, "Harley I had no idea. I didn't know this was going to happen to you and Belinda."
She shakes her head, "No! I called you! I called and called. You never called me back. You just let me feel like an idiot."
He sighs, "I'm sorry. I lost my phone. That's why I used a payphone to call you this time."
She sighs, "Why didn't you use one before?"
He looks down, "I had a lot going on> I couldn't call you."
She walks over to him, "You still haven't told me what is going you. You said it was a job opportunity. But it is obvious now that you were lying to me then. So what is it?"
Cyrus sighs, "I was trying to help you."
She shakes her head, "No! If you were trying to help me then you would be helping my daughter!"
He nods, "I was!"
Harley stares with confusion.


Cassandra stares at Reva, "What are you talking about?"
Reva sighs, "Chandler and I found out the truth about Annie. She is coming back to Springfield. We don't know when or why. But she is and we need to be prepared for when she does."
She scoffs, "We? Who the hell is we? Oh wait you me and Josh? No, I do not think so."
Reva nods, "We as in all of us. Including Blake, Harley, Phillip, Rick, and everyone else connected to her."
She shakes her head, "Look at that list. I'm probably on the bottom of it. Besides what do I have to worry about. Look at me. I'm sitting pretty up here in my house."
Reva sighs, "Annie Dutton is insane. There's no telling what she could be up to after all of this time."
Cassandra sighs, "She wasn't insane until you ruined her life with Josh."
Reva backs away, "I cannot believe that you are sticking up for Annie Dutton."
Cassandra sighs, "Maybe I understand her more now. Me, Olivia, Annie. We all share something."
Reva has tears in her eyes, "Your hatred for me? Well you know what I'm sorry I even came here. If you want to be in denial fine. But it's your death sentence."
She gets furiuos, "Go away! Get out of my sight!"
Cassandra storms into her house.

Coop looks at Ashlee, "I think it's just a little bit over dramatic to say that Ashlee."
Ashlee sighs, "It's true Coop."
He shakes his head, "Europe didn't ruin our relationship. It opened our eyes. We are going in different directions. We aren't the same to people we were two years ago when we first got together."
She sighs, "Yep. We grew up."
He nods, "And we're moving on."
She sits on the bed, "I feel like I should be more sad about all of this. But I'm just not."
Coop nods, "Well we didn't have a big blow out or fight. We just realized that it was time to end things."
She sighs, "But they are going to understand that. They are going to think you cheated on me or that I'm still sick. Or that there is something that we aren't telling them."
He looks at her, "We'll talk to them later. But right now let's just work on our seperate lives. Before we tell them that we are done."
She stands up, "I'm so sorry that it didn't work out. I really thought you were the one."
Coop has tears in his eyes, "I loved you Ashlee."
She nods, "I loved you too Coop Cooper."
The two kiss.
Coop takes his jacket and walks out.

Malah House:
Mallet looks at Dinah, "I'm sorry that I upset you."
She sighs, "It's fine. I know you mean well."
He hands her the mail, "You should finish opening it. There's stuff from your doctors."
She sighs, "Great. I'm not opening it."
Mallet looks at her, "What are you talking about? You took your cognitive tests a few weeks ago. We need to see your results. What if they have improved?"
She nods, "And what if they didn't. If Harley finds out she is going to use that to take me down. Say that I'm not smart enough to raise my own kid. I won't let her do that."
Mallet hands her the file, "Open it. Dinah you know whatever happens. I will help you through it. I know at first this whole brain damage thing hurt us. But I think it's brought us closer together."
Dinah slowly opens it.
She pulls out her papers.
Her mouth drops.
Mallet looks at her, "Oh Babe. I'm sorry...."
She shakes her head, "No. This says that I have improved... like a lot."
He looks at her, "What do you mean?"
She smiles, "My test scores are the highest they've ever been. I think I'm back where I was before... before that bullet went in my head."
Mallet hugs her, "Oh my God! That's great! I can't believe it."
She smiles, "I know! I'm back. The old Dinah is back!"
The two kiss.

Rusty pulls away from the kiss, "No! No you can't do this to me again. You can't play with my feelings so you can get your anger out and then go running back to Rick."
Mindy shakes her head, "That's not true! I'm not doing that."
He nods, "Yes you are. You may not realize that but you are."
She stares, "What is this Rusty? Why are you doing this? You say that you want me and you want to be with me but then you go and push me away like this when I am finally ready to be with you."
He nods, "Exactly! You are finally ready to be with me. I was supposed to sit on the side and wait until you were done playing your games with me and with Rick. Now I get my prize."
She shakes her head, "No that is not true!"
Rusty nods, "Mindy! I can't do this. I can't do this again. Because I know that not matter what you and I are going to have some kind of problem. I'm not ready to get hurt."
Mindy sighs, "Neither am I. But this is what I want. This is where I want to be. I am so sorry. It was selfish of me to do that to you. And now I here I am in your room, throwing myself at you and expecting you to still want me after all of that. I mean what guy could deal with that?"
Rusty walks towards her, "A man in love."
The two kiss again.
Rusty takes Mindy into the bedroom.

Harley backs up, "Cyrus what are you talking about?"
Cyrus sighs, "Harley. The reason I left was because I got a phone call."
She shakes her head, "From who?"
He sighs, "My brother."
She is in shock, "What? Guillespie called you? Why?"
Cyrus takes her hand, "They were in some serious trouble."
Harley gasps, "Oh God! No! Tell me Susan is okay! Where is she?"
Cyrus looks at her, "Listen. They called and said they were in trouble. They went back to dealing again. They got into trouble in Austrailia and G brought her back to the states."
Harley backs up, "Wait. So Susan is back in the country? Where is she? Where is my little girl?"
Cyrus sighs, "The cops found them Harley. But I stopped calls from getting to Springfield."
Harley shouts, "Why? Why would you do that? Why are you hiding them? Are they in jail?"
Cyrus looks down, "This is way to complicated to explain."
Harley cries, "Where is she? Where is my daughter?"
The door opens up.
She walks out, "Hi Harley."
Harley stares at her daughter Susan.

Cassandra is driving away from the mansion.
She thinks about what Reva said.
It flashes back in her head
"If you want to be in denial fine. But it's your death sentence."
Cassandra shakes her head.
She runs her hand along her forehead.
Tammy's vision appears next to her, "Don't let them trick you Mom. Your fine. You don't need surgery. I'm with you."
Cassandra drives down the road.
A few yards down Reva's car is broken down.
Reva is trying to see what's wrong with it.
Cassandra sees her.
Tammy looks at her, "Don't stop. We don't need to help her. Maybe it's time to once and for all take her down."
Cassandra shakes her head, "You don't mean..."
Tammy nods, "Speed up! I don't deserve to be dead while the slut of Springfield is walking around."
Cassandra puts her foot on the gas.
Reva turns.
She can't recognize the car, "Annie! Annie! Is that you?"
The car is right in front of her.
Out of no where someone tackles Reva and they go rolling down the hill.
Reva turns over and looks up.
She is stunned by who she sees.
"Hello Reva."
Annie Dutton is standing over Reva Shayne.


Reva and Annie come face to face!!!
Rue confronts Cassandra
Harley is reunited with Susan
Vi has a new interest
Rusty and Mindy make a big decision
A brunch has huge arguments


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Belinda is the inncoent one here. Dinah gave her up. Thats her loss. She just cant decide to give her away and take her back. Being a mother is not a part timew job nor do u put it in layaway. Camp harley and Cyrus all the way.

WOW Coop and ASH o beatifully written I must say I can't belive they broke up. I am so hurt.

LOVED reva's and Cassie convo through the speaker and loved Casie remarks esp refusing to let her in.

Is Mindy smoking crack. Is she high? Drunken? Where did this come from. She was JUST pleading with Rick. What the hell did I miss. She sure does not waste no time.

Again superb writing with Reva and Cassie

Why did Coop and Ash have to break up I loved them so much and I already know what ur going to say Jay " They grew apart" NO!!!!!!!!!

Now we got queend bad ass back in town. Here we go again. Wonder what the hell kinda of s h i t she will pull out her ass this time.


Is all I can say about that ending. [[email protected]#$%^&*] [[email protected]#$%^&*] ASS The best cliffhanger EVER ON FTL. I ought to slap myself for not reading sooner. And the ending had a twisst . First cassie bout to mow down Reva and than ANnie saves her what a way to bring her back.

A FLAWLESSLY WRITTEN EPISODE JAY. THIS IS THE BEST WORK I"VE SEEN FROM YOU YET. I am so loving FTL i think it's now my fav blog. I've come along way from trying to get into it and was so confused and now look I am so addicted. Thanks for a great read. I had to tell Tara come read it it wa so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Members

Thank you oh so very much ML! That means so mcuh coming from you! :)

In the end it is Belinda's decision who she wants to be with.

Yes they grew a part!!! Not even I wanted to happen but it just did. This stuff writes itself. But I'm not saying that they will never be revisted again. These two are going down completely different paths at this moment.

Cassandra has much hatred towards her sister Reva.

Mindy and Rusty have been fighting this for a while and it all just happened.

I hope you enjoy BW as Susan. She will be different but still the same trouble maker. You will never believe who she is hooking up with!!!!

Oh yes this was a huge twist. When Annie left she was trying to kill Reva. Reva and Cassie were very very close then. My how time changes things.

Thank you again. I can't tell you how much all of that means to me!

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