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Episode 131



A day of confessions in Springfield....

Old Cabin:

Edmund stares at his kidnapper, "Oh my God! Beth?"
Beth sighs, "Edmund... this is not what you are thinking."
Edmund backs up, "You? You? Are you... Oh my God! Beth you are the one who locked me up in here?"
Beth looks at him, "Edmund I know that you are going to think I'm nuts but I just need to explain."
He gets up, "Save it! I am out of here! I am going to town and I am having you arrested."
Beth grabs him, "Edmund. Edmund no! Please! Just let me explain this to you! Please?"
Edmund shoves her, "You are a sick and twisted woman Beth! I heard that you had changed but wow!"
Beth cries, "Edmund! Listen to me! I know that it looks like I'm the one who kdinapped you."
He scoffs, "What? Beth you did kidnap me."
She shakes her head, "No I didn't!"
He turns away, "Then who the hell did?"
She waits before she answers, "It was Lorelei. Lorelei was the one who kidnapped you Edmund."
Edmund turns to her.
The two stares at each other.


Cassandra is texting Rue.
Jeffrey walks in, "Hello Cassie."
She turns, "Oh God! Do you ever stop bothering people? Don't you have anything better to do?"
He sits on her couch, "Well I am sitting here until you agree to listen to me Cassie."
She shakes her head, "Listen I am not going to do this with you again. I'm not having the surgery. I am fine!"
Jeffrey stands up, "What if your not fine? Huh? What if one day you go to sleep Cassie and you don't wake up?"
She turns away, "You know what then I get to be reunited with Tammy again. I love my daughter."
He sighs, "She's not your only child. What about RJ? Can you imagine Josh having to find RJ and tell him that another person he loves is dead! The only person he has left. And then Alonzo has to tell Will that he isn't coming back to Springfield because his mother is gone!"
She looks at him, "Shut up! You shut up! I love RJ and Will! But RJ stays at boarding school and wants nothing to do with me. And Will, Alonzo is trying to keep him away from me now! So really I have nothing."
A security guard walks in.
He takes Jeffrey, "Come on sir."
Jeffrey looks at Cassandra, "I'll go. But you ask yourself is all of this worth it?"
Jeffrey walks out.
She turns to the mirror.
She asks herself, "Is this worth it?"


Aubrey covers her flat empty stomach.
Rafe stares at her, "You are not pregnant Aubrey."
She shakes her head, "Shut up! I... I need you to leave now please. Rafe just go!"
Rafe sighs, "What happened? Was there ever a baby?"
She cries, "There was a baby. In my heart. But I never was able to concieve one of my own."
He stares, "Are you serious? All of these months and you haven't really been pregnant at all?"
She sighs, "I was going to get pregnant! I kept seducing Jonathan but each time I failed to get pregnant."
Rafe sighs, "How long do you plan to keep this up?"
She looks down, "I... I wasn't going to have going on this long. I was going to fake a miscarriage. Then I thought Jonathan would feel guilty and stop this crap with Liz. But now I know that they are growing feelings for each other. And I can't lose this baby."
Rafe takes her, "Aubrey. There is no baby. You aren't pregnant. There is no child."
She cries, "But I want a baby! I want another baby! Sarah is my baby but now Jonathan wants to give her back to Liz! And I want a baby with Jonathan that I carry myself! I just want to have one."
Rafe walks away, "I can't believe this. I mean I wanted to work with you. But now I can't deal with this crap. I got to get out of here."
Aubrey grabs his arm, "I don't think so."
He turns and looks at her.
She is holding her fake baby bump.


Harley and Olivia turn to see Gus.
Gus looks at them, "Why are you in my room?"
Harley holds up the pill bottle, "What is this Gus?"
Gus sighs, "You aren't allowed to do that. You can't do that. This is my room."
Harley shakes her head, "I thought you were done with these. I thought we were past this. Gus, what the hell is this?"
Gus walks in, "I am not doing anything wrong."
She scoffs, "I can't believe you. You are popping pills again Gus! Do you remember what happened last time? It almost ruined our lives! We were never the same after that."
Gus sits down, "Well we're done now. So what's the point."
She shakes her head, "Well our children for starters. If you would return my phone calls you would know that Belinda's biological mother if filing for custody of her."
Gus stands up, "What? I didn't even... Well we won't let her."
Harley sighs, "There's more. It's Dinah. Dinah Marler is Belinda's biological mother."
Gus is confused, "No. I don't understand."
Harley sighs, "Of course you don't."
Gus looks at her, "Harley I... I am so sorry. I don't know how I let this happen again. I want to get past this."
Harley shakes her head, "Gus we tried!"
He pleads with her, "Harley please! You helped me before you can do it again!"
Harley looks at Olivia.

Old Cabin:
Edmund stares at Beth, "What are you talking about? Lorelei has been gone for some time now."
Beth shakes her head, "Not as long as you think."
Edmund walks over to her, "This. Is this serious Beth? Honestly? Is Lorelei back?"
She nods, "She has been back. It's a back and forth thing now. I'll have these blackouts and then hours or even a day later I won't remember what happened. Now I realize it's her. Lorelei has been holding you captive. I don't know how she did it but she did."
Edmund sits, "I can't believe this. I mean Lorelei left years ago didn't she?"
Beth sighs, "She did but she came back."
He turns to her, "When did she come back?"
She takes a deep breathe. "Shortly after I married Alan. Lorelei took over. And she kidnapped Alan and Gus. She held them in this very cabin."
Edmund shakes his head, "No. No. Beth that was you."
Beth shakes her head, "No. That's what everyone thought. But it was her. Lorelei did it."
He stands up, "I don't believe this. Are you just going to confess every crime you committed and blame it on your split personality?"
She turns to him, "You of all people should know how real Lorelei is. Only now she has even more of a life."
He is confused, "What do you mean by that?"
Beth looks at him, "Lorelei has done a lot more in Springfield then anyone knows."

Lewis Fashion:

Rue is sitting at the desk.
Marah smiles, "It's nice to meet you. So you wanted to help us put together our fashion show this Spring?"
Rue nods, "Yes. I want to help you women get settled in to make your bit 2009 debut. I mean you were quite popular in Europe but in the states things are different."
Marah nods, "Well I am from here."
Rue smiles, "Well I know. But we all need a little help sometimes right?"
Marah nods, "Yeah I get what you mean. With everything going on right now we need all the help we can get."
Rue leans in, "What do you mean?"
Marah sighs, "Oh it's business stuff. I can't really talk about."
Rue laughs, "Come on. If we're going to work together we can't share secrets."
Marah sighs, "Well okay. We have been offerred to move our business over to New York."
Rue smiles, "New York? That's a great place to work in this business. Believe me."
Marah nods, "I know. But you see Lewis Enterprises just started. So for us to relocate and work with other businesses wouldn't look so good. We are really using our family unity as a face for the company."
Rue nods, "Oh dear. So this information could be bad. I mean it could jeopardize the business."
Marah nods, "Oh yes."
Rue has gotten off on a good start.


Old Cabin:
Edmund stares at Beth, "This story is just a little to difficult to believe right now."
Beth looks at him, "It's not a story. Lorelei was here for a long time. She was the one who did all of those things."
Edmund sighs, "I don't understand."
She shouts, "Neither do I! After the mess I went through I couldn't handle it. Phillip was gone. Alan was out of control. I couldn't handle it so I allowed Lorelei to take over again. I have regretted it to this day."
He looks at her, "So what all did Lorelei do?"
She sighs, "The Beth who was in love with Alan, got pregnant with his child. That was her."
He stares, "So your telling me that the crazy kidnapping Beth I heard about. Wasn't you?"
She shakes her head, "Not very much of the time. I mean my relationship with Rick was all me. Once I married him Lorelei was gone. But a few months ago she started to fight her way back."
He shakes his head, "I can't believe this. Lorelei Hills. I thought she was gone forever."
Beth nods, "So did I. This could ruin my life. I finally have Phillip back. And now I could lose it all again."
Beth cries.
Edmund keeps staring at her.

Cassandra sighs, "Surgery. Is it really as bad as it sounds. On one hand I get to live longer. Be a mother to RJ, maybe Will. I can get rid of this thing that has been slowly killing me for years. On the other hand I lose something else."
A voice is heard, "Me."
She turns around.
A vision of Tammy appears, "You would lose me Mom. Are you serious? Are you really trying to get rid of me?"
She shakes her head, "No! Oh no! I was just thinking. I was wondering about what would happen."
Tammy's vision shakes her head, "You don't even care do you? You don't love me anymore."
Cassandra shakes her head, "I love you! I'm so sorry! I wasn't going to go through with it I promise."
Tammy turns away, "I just thought that you liked your visions of me. I thought you wanted me to guide you. But I guess I was wrong. Your just like the rest of them. You want to forget me."
She sobs, "No! I love you Tammy! You are everything to me. Everything. I love you."
Tammy nods, "Then you will not stop this. If this tumor is what's keeping me here then you won't let me go again. Even if it kills you."
Cassandra nods, "Even if it kills me."

Lewis Fashion:
Rue is still talking with Marah.
Marah sighs, "I don't know. It's just so difficult. I mean I love my family. I love Springfield. So does Mindy."
Rue nods, "But?"
She nods, "But this is a great opportunity to expand our business. New York is a great place. We could make even more connections there. This is going to be one of the hardest decisions I've ever had to make. Mindy has put it all in my hands now."
Rue puts her hand on Marah's, "Sweetheart. That is a lot to take on all on your own."
Marah sighs, "Well who do I have? I haven't told my boyfriend yet. I don't even know if he'd move with me. Now I just have no one that I can talk to about this."
Rue grins, "What about me? I could be here for you?"
Marah sighs, "We don't know each other that well."
Rue smiles, "We can get to know each other. I think we could be great friends. Just think of me as your fairy godmother."
Marah smiles at who she thinks is a new friend.

Harley knows what she has to do, "Gus I am sorry. But I won't do that again. I won't."
Gus stares at her, "What?"
She sighs, "Gus I am not going to help you with this again. You aren't going to see the kids until you pull yourself together."
He scoffs, "You can't do that."
She nods, "Yes I can. I could take legal action. But I don't think you want that Gus."
He walks to her, "Please! Harley I need you."
She shakes her head, "I am not your wife anymore."
Gus sighs, "It's about him isn't it? Cyrus Foley?"
She sighs, "No it's not."
Gus cries, "But I still love you."
She takes his hand, "I will always love you but I can't do this anymore. I won't do this again. Gus you need to work on yourself. By yourself. I'm sorry. But I can't help you.'
Gus gets down on his knees, "Harley please!"
Harley cries, "I'm sorry Gus!"
She runs out.
Olivia helps Gus up, "I'm sorry. I just can't believe Harley would do that to you."
Gus shakes his head, "I don't need her. I can get through this on my own."
Olivia shakes her head, "You don't have to."
The two hug.
Olivia knows she is doing what's best for Gus, and herself.

Aubrey takes Rafe's arm, "I still need you."
Rafe shakes his head, "I am not getting tangled up in your psychotic mess that you've started."
She sighs, "I know that this seems crazy. But I'm not giving up. I do have a plan."
He nods, "Oh yeah? What's that."
She sighs, "I can't share that with you. The less you know the better."
He shakes his head, "Uh-uh. That there. That is a sign that this is messed up and I need to cut my losses."
She takes his arm again, "Remember Rafe. The first time week shook hands when I paid you to kidnap Sarah. Then we toasted when we teamed up to keep Jon and Liz a part. But now we are taking another step. Maybe we can find a new way to seal the deal."
He is confused, "What?"
She takes off her top, "I'm giving it to you. You know you've wanted me since the day we met."
He backs up, "No. I'm not going to fall for this."
She strips down to her underwear, "Come on. You know that you want this Rafe. Is it a deal?"
Rafe walks over, "You sure you want to get into this."
She takes off his shirt, "Oh kid. You better listen. I'm in charge. You do what I say. I can handle this. Can you?"
Rafe kisses her.
She pulls him down to the couch.
The two begin to have hot sex.

Old Cabin:
Edmund sits with Beth, "Phillip?"
Beth nods, "Yes. He proposed to me not to long ago."
Edmund nods, "You two are engaged?"
She sighs, "Uh, he's giving me time. But I don't know if I can say yes. I mean what if I say yes but then Lorelei says I do. She could destroy Phillip she is a sick woman."
Edmund is confused, "I remember Lorelei. I spent a lot of time with Lorelei. She was somewhat of a bad girl. But she was no villian."
Beth nods, "Her life as Mrs. Alan Spaulding changed her. She was always money hungry. Once she got it. Well it did what money does. It changed her. She became a different woman."
He turns to her, "Why would Lorelei kidnap me?"
She sighs, "I don't know! Maybe she still felt a connection with you. I do feel that. I feel like, not that she was trying to hurt you. But she wanted to have you close."
Edmund sighs, "Classic Lorelei. She would go this way to get my attention."
Beth has tears in her eyes, "So you believe me?"
He nods, "Oh yes. I mean I am still furious. I'm starving and thought I was going to die."
She hands him a plate of food, "I don't have much but I found this. I'm so sorry Edmund."
Edmund sighs, "I don't even know what to do."
Beth turns to him, "Edmund. I need you. I need you to help me."
He is confused, "I don't think I can help you much."
She nods, "Yes you can. You once helped teach Lorelei about me. Now I need you to teach me about her. I need to stop her before she takes over again."
Edmund stares at Beth.

Harley finds Cyrus
Reva's life is in danger!
Dinah gets good news
Coop and Ashlee discuss their situation
Mindy throws herself at Rusty


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Rafe looks like he is about 16 Aubrey is baby crazy. There are so many kids in Springlfield she has a buffet to choose from. This story is taking a lil campy tone I like it.

I swear Gus can be a complete ass hole at times. I do feel bad for him but damn.

This loreileigh buisness wih Beth is interesting.

I love Rue. With her comppasion and corprate espionge. I love it. I have found new respect for Rufus and I cant wait till she comes home. You are doing a great job with her. I like how she told Marah she was her fairy God mother after Sandra told her the same thing. I see Rufus in a whole new light now. Thanks Jay for that.

I really can't belive Harley left Guss like that. She just to love him deeply. Damn I would be devasted if the womanI loved did that to me. Even though we aint together. That means the love was not true. And good liv, swooping right in like an Eagle. I would too. Perfect timing and it couldn't be any easier.

Rafe is a damn dummy and so is Aubrey. Aubrey is nasty and a lame and also a loser and she a nasty dumb bitch. I hate her.

I do wonder if Beth is lying about LoriLee

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Thanks ML!

Rafe is legal... barely. But I doubt that would have stopped Aubrey.

Oh yes Gus has hit a low point.

The Lorelei story is just starting!!!

I'm glad that you like Rue. I really wanted to find something inside of her without ruining Rufus. She has more emotional stuff coming up before she leaves. I want her to take something special from her experiences in Springfield.

Olivia blackmailed Harley into ditching Gus. Olivia is back to her old self.

Rafe and Aubrey are in over their heads!

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