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Episode 130



A day of shocks in Springfield....

Old Cabin:

It's snowing around the cabin.
Inside it's very quiet.
Edmund Winslow is still tied up inside a bedroom.
Edmund opens his eyes.
He passed out last night.
He hasn't recieved a visit from the kidnapper in a while.
Edmund takes a deep breathe, "This is how it's going to happen. This is how I'm going to die. Everyone was right. I'm going to die alone. No Cassie, no Ava, no Grandson, nothing."
Suddenly he hears the door opening.
Edmund remains quiet.
He can here the kidnapper walking inside and shutting the door.
Edmund isn't sure what to do.
Yelling and pleading doesn't work.
Edmund's heart races.
He doesn't feel to well. He hasn't had much to eat and is freezing cold.
The kidnapper walks inside.
The place is silent.
The kidnapper worries.
Slowly the kidnapper opens the door.
Edmund Winslow lies still.
He's not moving.


Rufus walks into the livingroom.
Cassandra grins, "Look at you. Good morninng. I knew a good stylist would help you work out a new look."
Rufus smiles, "It's different. But I kind of like it. It's not exactly my thing. But it's cute that's for sure. I certantly could get a lot of booty in Springfield."
Cassandra walks around, "I think you are going to enjoy your time here. Now let's get started on your story."
Rufus nods, "I'm Rufus Taylor."
She sighs, "Okay... the name Rufus. Cute. I love it. Great. But, not really what I had in mind. Maybe a nickname."
Rufus laughs, "Well I've had boys give me a lot of nicknames, but I'm not sure you want to hear them."
She sighs, "Okay. Well I was thinking. Rue. Rue Taylor."
Rue turns to a mirror, "Rue Taylor. What is she like?"
Cassandra walks behind her, "Rue Taylor is a srong, independent, beautiful, woman. Who goes after everything she wants. Every goal she has. Every man she wants to get with. And she always gets exactly what she wants."
Rue nods, "Rue. I think I might like Rue for a little while."
Cassandran hugs her, "Oh. Rue Taylor. Welcome to Springfield."

Alan and Natalia's:

The doorbell rings.
Alan anwswers the door.
Alan Michael is there, "Hello Dad."
Alan smiles, "Son. It's so great to see you. Come on in. Is Mel with you?"
Alan Michael shakes his head, "No. She is not. Mel has work today. She has case she's working on. But she is also spending a lot of time helping me with my persuit of Spaulding Enterprises."
Alan nods, "Yes. I'm confused on that. Phillip told me he was going to take over as CEO."
Alan Michael laughs, "Well Phillip says a lot of things. But no. I'm taking the company back. Now I came over here to warn you."
Alan is confused, "Warn me? About what?"
Alan Michael grins, "Now you can play the good guy with everyone else but don't play it with me. We all know that Cassandra is going to be voted out of her chair soon. And you are going to be first in line to fill the chair. But I'm not going to let you get in my way Dad."
Alan shakes his head, "I don't know what you are talking about. I have no interest to go back as CEO of Spaulding. Sure I still do business there. I work there. But I don't want to run it anymore."
Alan Michael sighs, "Are we really going to play this game. Where you do your little, "I'm a changed man' speech?"
Alan sighs, "I'm sorry son. But the Alan Spaulding you used to know is gone. And my days as the villian of Springfield are finally over."
Alan Michael stares at his father.

Marina's House:

Marina is sleeping.
Shayne walks over with a tray of food.
She wakes up, "Good morning."
He smiles, "Good morning. I made you some food."
She grins, "Shayne! Oh my God. I can't believe you did this for me. You are just... You're the best Shayne."
Shayne smiles, "Well I was up and I didn't have much to do. I don't have to go to the office until this afternoon so I thought I'd surprise you with the corny breakfast in bed."
She looks at him, "Thank you. I really appreiate this. You made all of my favorites."
Shayne nods, "Is it cool if I hang out in here with you while you eat?"
She smiles, "Well yeah of course. You made me breakfast. Of course you can stay."
He sighs, "Thanks. I mean it's just us anyway."
She is confused, "Uh. What do you mean? Us?"
He turns to her, "Rocky's not here."
She nods, "Oh. Oh yeah. I didn't know he left."
Shayne sighs, "Rocky has some tests he has to take. I guess he is taking this cop thing seriously."
Marina nods, "Well I sure do. I hate that I'm at desk duty. But I am pregnant. But don't worry about Rocky. It takes a while to become a cop."
Shayne looks down, "Yeah. I guess so."
Marina turns to him, "Shayne. Is that the only reason you wanted to hang out with me?"
Shayne turns to her, "What do you mean?"
She sighs, "Shayne is this about the kiss?"
Shayne looks away.


Jonathan is putting Sarah's coat on her.
Aubrey is wearing a big coat too.
Aubrey walks over, "So make sure you pay close attention to what the pediatricion tells you. You need to fill me in when you get back."
Jonathan nods, "I will. And you need to tell me whatever your doctor tells you. And I want to see the sonogram. I mean I still don't get how you accidentally made the appoinments on the same day at the same time?"
Aubrey nods, "I know. I'm just a little forgetful. But I will go to my appointment and you'll go with Sarah. It'll be fine. Now go. We're both running late."
Jonathan takes Sarah and leaves.
Aubrey takes off her coat.
She is still in her pajamas.
She walks over the computer.
Aubrey opens up a saved file.
She clicks a button.
She gets frustrated, "Why isn't this printing. Print!"
Rafe sneaks up behind her, "What about your appointment."
She is startled, "What the hell are you doing? How did you get in here?"
He smirks, "I got in through the back. So I heard you say you have an appoinment."
She she exits out on her computer.
She stands up, "You need to get going. I'm leaving soon and I can't leave you here by yourself."
He puts his hand towards her stomach, "Look how big you are getting."
She smacks his hand away, "No! Just... I'm sorry but I am very protective of my child."
Rafe laughs, "Well you certantly are eating for two. Your baby bump is getting big."
She scoffs, "I'm going to change into my clothes. Now when I come down here I want you gone."
Aubrey walks upstairs.
Rafe goes to leave.
Suddenly he hears the printer start.
He walks back over.
He pulls it out.
Rafe is shocked by what he sees.


Harley is knocking on Gus's door.
Olivia walks over, "Can I help you?"
Harley sighs, "I've been calling Gus and he doesn't answer his phone. I'm worried about him. Can you let me into his room."
Olivia sighs, "You shouldn't worry about him. He's a jerk. You were right to leave him."
Harley sighs, "Just let me in his room. Please Olivia."
Olivia takes out her key card and opens the door.
Harley walks in, "Gus? Gus?"
Olivia follows, "You know there is something wrong with him. I think he's like bipolar or something. One day he says he feels bad for me. Then another he acts all weird and hits on me. Then out of no where he starts flipping out and acting like a psycho. Now he hybernates in his room."
Harley is in Gus's bathroom, "Oh no. Oh God!"
Olivia turns, "What?"
Harley walks out holding a bottle of pills, "Olivia. What are these?"
Olivia looks, "Those are pain pills. Gus was shot two months ago remember? He was prescribed those."
Harley sighs, "Oh God! You didn't stop him?"
Olivia shakes her head, "Gus was in pain! He was in horrible pain. Why would I stop him?"
Harley shouts, "Because in case you forgot, a few years ago Gus had an addiction to pain killers that almost ruined his life!"
Olivia stares at the pills.


Alan and Natalia's:
Alan Michael looks at Alan, "Are you kidding? You expect me to believe that you don't want your seat back as CEO of Spaulding?"
Alan shakes his head, "Nope. I have moved on. I have the life that I always wanted but never new I wanted."
Alan Michael looks around, "This house is cute but it's not the mansion. I mean really?"
Alan nods, "Really. I am happy here. This is my home. With Natalia and the baby."
Alan Michael sighs, "That's another question. Natalia is a sweet woman. She's Mel's best friend. She is innocent, kind, caring. But she's not a Spaulding Dad."
Alan walks away, "Natalia is a Spaulding. She's Rafe's mother. My wife and the mother of your baby brother."
Alan Michael nods, "I know. She is family. But Dad. Look at all of your other wives. She is nothing like them. Doris, Beth, Olivia. All the others."
Alan nods, "I know. She's more like your mother."
Alan Michael sighs, "Don't drag her into this."
Alan sighs, "I lost a lot of loves. Your mother. Gus's mother. Now I finally realize that the company was the other woman ruining my relationships. The one that cost me them."
Alan Michael sighs, "Dad. This is our company. We are Spauldings. You have to atleast have some urge to take this back from Cassie."
Alan sits down, "No. I have taken Tammy away from her. I will never forgive myself. I feel bad for Cassie. That company is going to make her life even worse. I know that."

Rue and Cassandra sit on the couch.
Rue looks at her, "So what is my job that you are going to have me involved in with the Lewises?"
Cassandra sits up, "Okay. You are going to be doing business with MM Lewis Fashion. Mindy and Marah Lewis. They are cousins. Now we will start there. You need to get some inside information on the business and the family. We need to know what's going on with their parents."
Rue nods, "Okay well is there any stuff I need to know or look for while I'm doing this?"
Cassandra sighs, "Oh yes. Let's see. Mindy's father Billy is a recovering alcoholic. Marah's mother Reva is a slut. Mindy is dating Rick Bauer. Or was I'm not sure. You can find out. Marah is in a relationship with a lawyer. Jeffrey O'Neill."
Rue smiles, "Oh! I think I've seen him before. I saw him visiting you before right? I thought maybe he was your guy?"
Cassandra sighs, "No. Once upon a time. But now he is with my niece Marah. I don't need to have a man holding me back anymore."
Rue grins, "So does this mean that Jeff is up for grabs?"
Cassandra turns to her, "No. But I do think there might be a guy that you have s shot with."
Rue grins, "Who?"
She sighs, "Well I'm not sure. But maybe my nephew Shayne might be interested."

Marina's House:
Shayne looks at Marina, "The kiss?"
She nods, "Yeah. We've had two now. But who's counting?"
Shayne laughs, "I uh... I don't know what to say about that."
Marina sighs, "Shayne. I don't know what's going on between the two of us. I mean, is this more than what I think it is?"
He looks down, "Marina, I'm with Rocky. And I'm happy with Rocky."
Marina sighs, "You know I love my uncle. I do. But you and Rocky aren't happy. You aren't getting along. You go through these silent treatments. You guys don't even seem happy together."
Shayne sighs, "We are having our problems. But we are trying to make things work. We are trying."
She shakes her head, "You shouldn't have to try so hard."
Shayne turns to her, "I know that this is a hard time for you. You are pregnant. You are mourning Danny."
She nods, "And I'm giving you my baby."
He sighs, "You said you wanted to give the baby to me and Rocky."
Marina looks down.
Shayne scoots away, "I uh... I need to get going. I have some errands I forgot about. Call me if you need something."
Marina cries and knocks the food to the floor.

Olivia takes the pills, "These were prescribed to him by his doctors Harley. He didn't steal them."
Harley sighs, "His Doctor's probably didn't know about his history with these! Oh God! Not again!"
Olivia stares, "So your saying Gus is addicted to pills again."
Harley sits, "I don't need this now! Why now?"
Olivia looks at her, "That's right. Dinah told me about Belinda. When they find out about this, Dinah's going to get custody."
Harley stands up, "Olivia! I thought Gus was your friend now? Why are you threatening to help take our daughter away?"
Olivia sighs, "I don't want to do that Harley. I want to help Gus with this. He saved me. I want to return the favor. But I don't need you in the way of all of this."
Harley sighs, "Olivia I helped him before!"
Olivia shakes her head, "You aren't his wife anymore! You are with Cyrus Foley now. Where is he anyway?"
Harley sighs, "He's out of town. He'll be back."
Olivia walks over, "Harley, you need to focus on keeping your daughter. Let me take care of Gus. You know what you have to do Harley. This is it Harley. You have to decide now. Do we have a deal?"
Harley takes a deep breathe.
Gus walks in, "Hey. What is going on?"
The two women turn to him.

Aubrey walks downstairs.
Rafe is there.
She isn't happy, "Rafe. I told you that you had to get going. Okay? I have my sonogram."
He laughs, "Your sonogram? That's funny? You mean this sonogram?"
She stares at a printed off sonogram photo, "Where did you get that?"
He grins, "I found it. In your printer. Now you edited it to look like it was your sonogram for your baby. Now why would you need to do that if you really had an appointment?"
Aubrey scoffs, "I don't need to explain myself to you. You need to go now. Or I will get angry for real."
Rafe looks at her, "You know I have a little theory. Do you mind if I test it on you?"
She walks away, "I am not going to listen to you."
He grabs her, "Not so fast."
She freaks ou, "Get off of me! I'm pregnant! Don't touch me!"
He fights as she struggles.
He puts his hand up her blouse and then pulls it out.
Her face is pale.
She turns to him.
He looks down, "Oh wait. Where's your baby bump now?"
She is speechless.
He holds up his hand, "Oh here it is."
He is holding a type of strapped round pillow.
Aubrey looks down at her flat, unpregnant belly.

Old Cabin:
The kidnapper walks in.
Edmund lies on the ground.
He's not moving.
It's hard to tell if he's breathing or not.
Slowly the kidnapper leans down and checks his pulse.
One can't be found.
The kidnapper unties his hands to check his wrist for a pulse.
Edmund's eyes open.
He lunges for the kidnapper, "Come here!"
The kidnapper shoves him and runs.
Edmund finds the strength to come to his feet.
He goes after the kidnapper.
He make a leap.
The two are in a struggle.
Edmund over powers.
They fall to the floor.
Edmund sits up.
He looks down at his kidnapper who is face down.
He pulls down the hood.
Edmund is surprised.
Long blonde hair is sticking out of the back.
He flips them over.
He removes the mask.
Edmund is shocked by who he sees.
It's his ex wife!
Edmund gasps, "Oh my God! Beth?"
Beth's face looks up at Edmund.

Beth shocks Edmund!
Harley confronts Gus
Aubrey pleads with Rafe
Rue makes her debut
Jeffrey visits Cassandra


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So much mystery on FTL. WHO in the hell kidnapped EDmund

LMAO My God I love Rufus's dialog. It's so funny. Esp the boys and nick names. I SO LOVE THIS JAY!!!

Nice to see that Alan has changed!! I hope it's last.

Shayne making Marah "BIB" I am not LIKING THIS ONE BIT. Shayne is leading her on

LOL RUe and Shayne, I love it

Marinia better back up and Shayne better too. I dont like them getting back together

Olivia really is bossing around Harley Letting her know the boundries. WOW

I had to laugh at Rafe pulling out the baby bump. It wass funny. So she is faking that pregnacy

[[email protected]#$%^&*] BETH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What the hell? A GREAT SHOCKER NEVER SAW THAT COMING!! Why would she do that

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I have a lot of fun writing for Rue.

Soon Alan will have to choose between the two lives he has lived.

I think Shayne has feelings for Marina right now but he is also mad at Rocky so that could have something to do with it.

Marina hasn't been emotionally stable since Danny passed away and throwing herself into Shayne and Rocky's lives was not a good choice for anyone.

Olivia is back to her old bitch self! LOL!

Oh Aubrey. The girl is kinda nuts. But she has a lot of interesting stuff coming up.

Yes Beth kidnapped Edmund. Or did she? We'll find out on Friday's episode.

Thanks ML!

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