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Episodes 234-236



At home, Katie paces back and forth in her bedroom. Lyla tries to reassure her; seeing the way Brad supported her has convinced Lyla he's a good husband. Katie's glad her mother finally sees through his rough exterior, but it's not Brad Katie's worried about---it's Carly's next move. Lyla tells her not to borrow trouble, Brad obviously doesn't believe anything Carly says. And there's no reason he should start now. Once a little time has passed, she and Brad can start planning their family for real. Brad appears in the bedroom doorway, startling them. Katie skittishly hustles back into bed, while Lyla pretends to fuss over her. Brad thanks Lyla for watching over Katie, especially when she must be exhausted herself. "There's nothing I wouldn't do for my baby," Lyla tells him. Somewhat detached, Brad wonders if he'll ever get to say those same words.

Barbara glides back into town and meets up with Noah at Java. He explains that he can't do this to Carrie anymore; she obviously doesn't share the same feelings as he does for her. Barbara barks that the only thing Carrie has on her mind is Will and her son has been through enough heartbreak; she can't risk sending him down the same path towards another possibility of heartbreak, no matter what a good person Carrie is. Later, Barbara stops Carrie in the midst of her designs and vaguely points out that Noah seems to have her best interests at heart. Carrie sighs that she knows, but she's too preoccupied with work and personal problems to care about Noah the way he cares about her. Taking a break from work, Carrie checks her mailbox and finds a letter from Darryl, surmising that he's clean now and wants to see her. Carrie scoffs and throws the letter in the trash. Barbara comes behind her and notices the letter. At home, Carrie learns from Barbara that she read the letter and is livid. Just because she is Jennifer's half-sister doesn't give her the right to go through Carrie's personal things like a mother. Barbara winces at Carrie's harsh words. She thinks about calling Darryl and decides that as much as she doesn't want to, maybe bringing Carrie's father to town to mend old fences would be the perfect holiday surprise.

Brad insists Lyla go home and rest. He'll "take care of" his wife. Lyla stalls, sensing Katie's guilt grow as Brad starts to pamper her. Brad stands firm, and Lyla reluctantly leaves. Katie starts to ramble, making plans for the holidays, until Brad shouts for her to stop. There won't be any big family gathering at the farm---at least not for her. Shocked speechless, Katie starts to cry as Brad tells her he knows the pregnancy was a lie. Worse, the miscarriage was too. The fact that he was blindsided by her makes him sick. Katie tries to deny it, but Brad shows her the hotel bill proving she was drinking in Chicago, instead of visiting her sister. Stuck, Katie admits it, and tries to explain. Grabbing and shaking her, Brad barks there's no excuse for her lies. It's bad enough she lied to her husband, but Lyla doesn't deserve her twisted mind games. They're over, he fumes, walking out the door and leaving Katie in shambles on the floor. Lyla comes in and explains that she heard everything and she's so sorry. She lovingly pats Katie's head as her daughter melts into tears.

Carly summons the kids downstairs upon Jack's arrival. Sitting them down on the couch, he explains he's taking a job out of the country, and he doesn't know how long it will last. Parker notes the tension between Jack and Carly, and asks if that's the only reason Jack's leaving. Jack assures him it is, and that it's an important job he needs to handle himself. J.J. and Sage accept the news reluctantly, but hug Jack and tell him to hurry back home. Parker is less trusting, but with some prompting from Jack, promises to shoulder more responsiblity around the house. With promises to keep in touch, Jack kisses the kids and ushers them outside to the waiting school bus. He tells them to enjoy their last day of class before the break. Carly invites Jack in for some tea, but he says he has to go and ventures outside to his car. Realizing it's now or never, Carly rushes after him, stopping Jack as he gets in the driver's seat. "Don't go," she pleads. Voice cracking, Jack looks her straight in the eye and repeats that he needs to go. The job's that important. Seeing he won't be swayed, Carly steps back out of his way. Jack starts the engine, as Carly wraps her arms around herself against the cold. The car starts backing out of the driveway, stops, and Jack gets back out. Taking the scarf from around his neck, he gently wraps it around Carly's . "Take care of yourself, and the kids. I'll be back as soon as it's over," he promises before returning to the car and leaving.

Alison, Aaron, Casey, and Gwen all go on a double date to Mona Lisa. Lisa comments on how lovely Gwen looks and assumes that they're on a double date. Recalling that Gwen only wanted to come because she thought they would be discussing ways to help Will get help, Alison changes the subject. Gwen reflects that the whole time she's known Will, she never thought he'd be so reckless as to drink around their daughter. Casey changes the subject, protesting that they're having too good of a time to worry about Will. After dinner, Casey confides in Aaron that he's worried Gwen might still have feelings for Will. Across the room, Gwen tells Alison that she's reluctant to start a relationship so soon after Will, especially with Casey. After all, they do have a rocky past together and Casey still has feelings for Sofie.

Rosanna and Paul arrive in Kansas working on the lead that they received from Neil. A nurse from a local clinic reveals that a toddler matching Cabot's description was brought in yesterday. After reluctantly agreeing to aid them in their search (thanks to a promising donation pledge from Rosanna), the doctor pulls the medical records for them. He explains that the toddler had a mild case of the flu, but his symptoms worsened until it developed into pneumonia. He tried to convince the father to take his son to the hospital, but the father strangely refused. The doctor hands them the medical records and asks them to please not implicate him or he could lose his license; he has a family to support and that would be the ultimate nightmare.

With the kids obviously feeling down, Carly tries to cheer them up by suggesting getting and decorating a Christmas tree. No one musters any enthusiasm for it, including Carly. The night passes quietly, and after a movie the kids don't protest going to bed on time. Later, as she locks up for the night, Parker comes downstairs and asks Carly for the real reason Jack left. Carly admits they fought, but chastises Parker for insinuating Jack lied. The job came at a convienent time, but she doesn't doubt Jack has work to do. Parker warns that he "feels" something is off, and that Jack didn't want to go. Carly assures him he's just upset and Jack promised he'd be back soon. Not mollified, Parker goes to bed, leaving Carly alone in the dark.

Clark reveals to Emma that he feels as if he has seen Lucinda some place before. Emma neglects to tell her boyfriend the mighty Lucinda Walsh's poor farm girl background, but offers up the hypothesis that maybe he did business with her once before...way back in the day. Later, Holden drops Faith and Natalie by the farm. Natalie spends time with her grandmother's new boyfriend and after he's left, starts playing with his jacket and wallet. An old timey photograph comes out of a hiden pocket within the wallet and Natalie observes it. The photo being taken way before her time, she doesn't realize that the photo she's staring at is an old photo of Clark and Lucinda when they were teenagers. Days later, Natalie asks Clark (in front of Emma) about the photo and Clark, recalling the girl he once loved, reveals that the woman in the photo is a very special woman to him. Emma seems to be a bit jealous and Clark teases her about it before heading back to his room at the Lakeview. Once in bed, he remembers Lucinda's face and thinks it odd that she and Mary Ellen have so many similarities, foregoing the thought or possibility that Lucinda and Mary Ellen are one in the same.

Flipping through the pages of a magazine, Dusty jumps when he hears a knock at the door. Lucinda reveals that she saw Clark today and he thought he recognized her. She almost lets it slip that Emily knows about her relationship with Clark when she makes a side comment about hoping Emily hasn't spilled the beans to Clark. Dusty asks what she's talking about, but Lucinda quickly covers. Across town, Emily learns from Michael that Susan is playing hard to get. Emily reluctantly agrees to speak with her mother, but Susan won't budge against her grudge she's holding. Lucinda comes by and asks Emily if she told Clark anything and Emily denies that she did. Lucinda hisses that if she finds out that Emily told a soul about her past relationship with Clark Allan, she'll make her pay. Stunned, Emily asks if Lucinda's threatening her and Lucinda coldly fumes, "You're damn right".

Paul finds the man's contact address, and he and Rosanna end up at a Kansas City hotel. Paul bullies the desk clerk into giving them the room key to Mr. John Doe's room. Once inside, Rosanna gets teary eyed when she spots a blanket that she bought for Cabot his first night home with her. Outside, a man walks up to the door carrying a small child. He sees the door cracked and takes off towards the elevator. Paul hears the man's rapid footsteps and chases after him, cornering him as he steps into the elevator. With the toddler now whimpering, the man turns around and Paul wearily exclaims, "You!" Rosanna runs behind him and stops dead in her tracks when she comes face to face with the man. "Oh my God! Craig!! You're alive!"

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Katie's losing everything and getting exactly what she deserves. There is a God!

Oh Babs, you always think you're doing the right thing, but you're far from it. Carrie's going to flip if she brings Darryl to Oakdale.

Lucinda vs. Emily sounds so good!

Craig's back! Yay! Who's playing him though?

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