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Episode #114 - Thursday, May 18:



Episode #114 - Thursday, May 18:

- Melissa, Jennifer, and Hope continue to bond over their troubles.

- Ivy and Kate get into it once again. Ivy calls Kate a whore for sleeping with her husband, Julian, years ago.

- Mimi tells Rex that her mom has left town and confessed to the murder of Tony before she did.

- Roman and Anna make passionate love in the basement of the hospital. Later, they re-join their loves ones.

- John and Marlena touch down in Salem and when they arrive at the loft, they get their messages and immediately head to the hospital.

- Abby and Max rip each other's clothes off while in Laura's office.

- Mickey, Mimi, and Rex are all shocked that Bonnie has confessed to Tony’s killing! Mimi gives

Mickey a letter that Bonnie left him. Mickey reads Bonnie’s letter in which she confesses that Maggie was not drinking again, but she was tricking Maggie into thinking she was!

- Marlena arrives at the hospital and comforts Sami and Carrie over their grandfather.

- Liam and Billie get to know each other better. Billie can’t help but think Liam is keeping something from Bo and Hope.

- When Jennifer returns to the hospital, she and Anna bump into each other. Anna tells Jennifer that she should forgive Jack. Anna tells Jennifer that she has no idea how manipulative and persuasive Stefano can be. Anna asks Jennifer to re-call how Stefano had Anna turn against Roman and had her use Carrie to do it. She says it was a long time ago, and Roman has forgiven her now, but they’ve lost many years because of it. Jennifer says that she cannot forgive Jack the way Anna has forgiven Roman. Kayla tells Jennifer that if she forgave Jack, then Jennifer can too. Anna and Jennifer are shocked to turn and see Kayla.

- Victor admits his love for Caroline from afar.

- Abby asks Max to make love to her.

- Billie is taken aback when Liam suggests that Mason break up Hope and Bo's special moment when she comforts him in his time of need.

Kate and Ivy fist fight once again when she threatens to expose Kate’s darkest and oldest secret.

- Marlena finds Belle who explains that she’s lost Claire to Shawn, and Shawn to Jan, and Phillip who has been sent away to seek medical treatment after he fell off the hospital roof! Marlena comforts Belle and urges her to fight for the love of her life – Shawn.

- Kayla tells Jennifer that she forgave Jack all of those years ago for raping her and says that the Brady's have forgiven him for being manipulated by Stefano. She thinks Jennifer should be able to, as well.

- John is shocked when Victor informs him that Titan held a take over of Basic Black in his absence. John is upset, but he tells Victor that Basic Black was a cover-up for his I.S.A. dealings, and his heart really was not in it the way Kate’s was.

- Marlena, Sami, and Carrie call Eric and tell him about Shawn Sr.'s shooting.

- Max says that he can't take advantage of Abby in this state. He says that they are running on high emotions since they have just cleared up all of the misconceptions keeping them apart. They re-join the Brady's in the rest of the hospital.

- Caroline, Kayla, Kimberly, Frankie, Max, Bo, and Roman stand by Shawn Sr.’s bedside and pray for him.

- Meanwhile, his grandchildren and great-grandchildren – Carrie, Sami, Shawn, and his kids, Claire and Trey, and little ones, Zach and J.T., – put aside their differences and gather in the chapel with Alice, Mickey, and Celeste to pray.

- Ivy tells Kate that all of her children – Billie, Austin, Lucas, and Phillip – would all turn on her if they knew that, before any of them were born, Kate had a child with STEFANO DIMERA!

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VERY NICE!!! I've always wanted another

Stefano spawn. I wonder if the child is living

in Salem...if it is, I wonder if it's Jan :-O!!

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