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Episode #112 - Tuesday, May 16:



Episode #112 - Tuesday, May 16:

- Marlena and John share a steamy and passionate reunion in the rain.

- Lexie declares Tek dead at the church. Abe is shocked when Lexie appears to be overjoyed that he is dead.

- A manhunt begins for Bonnie Lockhart!

- Abby overhears her parents fighting at the church in time to hear that Jack was also working for Stefano because he was blackmailing and threatening Jack and his family. Abby is devastated. She then hears that Stefano was responsible for her shooting. She interrupts her parents and tells her that she hates her father and never wants to see him again. Jack is devastated and falls to his feet begging the women in his life for forgiveness.

- Kayla, Frankie, Kimberly, Max, Cassie, Abby, Bo, Roman, Hope, Anna, Shawn, Jan, Belle, Sami, Carrie, Lucas, Austin, and Caroline all end up at the hospital awaiting word on Shawn’s diagnosis.

- Marlena and John recount how Stefano was posing as Alex and kidnapped Marlena. And then he kidnapped John when he had tracked them down in Maine.

- Abe confronts Lexie about her being so happy Tek is dead. Lexie tells Abe that now that Cassie has confessed that she and Tek were working for Stefano and this is all part of Stefano’s plan that she is disgusted and repulsed by Tek and her father. She says she can’t believe she’s fallen for Tek’s tricks, but she asks Abe to forgive her because Stefano and Tek have manipulated her.

- Mickey and Melissa push Mimi into confessing that she knows what Bonnie has done, but she refuses.

- In the basement of the hospital, Anna tells Roman that he needs to stop being so strong and stoic for his family and show his feelings and emotions regarding his father. Roman breaks down and talks very emotionally about his father and confesses to Anna that he has never stopped loving her. Roman and Anna make love.

- Hope comforts Bo despite their marriage being on the rocks. Hope tells Bo that Shawn is strong and will get through it. They hug. They are interrupted by Billie.

- Kayla and Kimberly comfort Caroline. They tearfully say a prayer together in the chapel of the church and await news from the doctors.

- Cassie tries to comfort Max. Max tells Cassie that he cannot believe her lies and deceit and that she is working for Stefano and has been for years! He says posing as a Brady to infiltrate the family for Stefano is disgusting. In a blaze of fury, he spits on Cassie and blames her for his foster-father laying on his deathbed. Cassie breaks down and falls to her knees asking Max for forgiveness. Abby enters and grabs Cassie. She picks her up from her knees and slams Cassie across the face with her fist. Cassie falls to the ground. Abby screams at Cassie saying that Stefano was the one responsible for her shooting!

- John and Marlena also recall how Stefano had John’s memory erased and how Marlena lost hers in the car crash that ensued when they were escaping the mansion. They discuss how even when they met when they had no memory of each other, they still knew they loved each other. They say that is how strong their love is.

- Lucas comforts Sami. Austin comforts Carrie, but she pushes him away saying that she still plans on staying away from Austin because he did not believe her over Sami for the hundreth time. Austin apologizes but Carrie does not want to hear it. Sami and Carrie's hatred of each other intensifies.

- Abe tells Lexie that he can’t forgive her yet because she did still cheat. Abe remains shaken that he just killed Tek. Lexie comforts him. But Stefano looks on from afar and is satisfied because he thinks the seeds of Dimera have been planted in Lexie once again.

- Mimi decides to confess that her mother is guilty of killing Tony. Rex calls Mimi and tells her everything that has happened at the church. Mimi is horrified to learn that Tony and Marlena are actually Cassie and Rex’s parents like originally thought!

- Jan and Belle compete as to who can get to Shawn’s side first. Jan uses baby Trey as an excuse to come between them. Jan comforts Shawn. They kiss. Belle is upset.

- Max separates Abby and Cassie. He takes Abby into her grandmother, Laura Horton’s, office. Max asks Abby how she knows that Stefano was the one responsible for her shooting. Abby explains everything. Max explains to Abby why he has been pushing her away – because he thought and feared that his past sins caught up to him and how he thought a dark figure from his past came back to seek revenge on him by targeting Abby. Abby and Max share a passionate kiss and begin to take each other’s clothes off.

- Victor wants to comfort Caroline but knows this is not the right time. Kate confronts Victor on still being in love with Caroline.

- Lexie vows to undo the wrong she has done by sleeping with Tek and vows to win back Abe no matter what the cost!

- Mimi is horrified to realize that her mother killed Rex’s father and since she has known about it for weeks, Rex will never forgive her! Mimi decides not to tell Mickey and Melissa what she knows. Mimi runs out to find her mother or Rex…whoever she finds first!

- John and Marlena wonder about the girl who helped Marlena tip off John to her whereabouts and helped Marlena escape. Meanwhile, Paige, the girl Marlena and John are talking about, recalls finding out that Stefano is not her real father, but that her parents are really in a place called Salem near Chicago. She is at a bus station. Meanwhile, Will Roberts also buys a bus ticket bound for Salem. When the two get to talking, they realize they are both going to the same place to face demons that they are not ready to face. She explains that her birth parents are there. He explains that he's run away from home because he is gay and cannot tell his parents. They instantly click. They both decide to take a detour and return together to Salem when the time is right. They exchange their bus tickets for a new destination - SUNSET BEACH, CALIFORNIA.

- The doctors come into the waiting room to give the Brady’s the verdict on Shawn Sr.’s health.


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