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Episode #113 - Wednesday, May 17:



Episode #113 - Wednesday, May 17:

- The doctors tell the Brady’s that Shawn Sr. has been stabilized. The Brady’s breathe a sigh of relief, but they continue to pray.

- Mimi is on her way to find Rex when she is mysteriously yanked into an alley at Salem Place.

- Melissa and Jennifer run into each other. The cousins hug and catch up on old times. Hope joins them. The three talk about their lives. Hope explains everything about having a husband, Liam, and a son, Mason, from her time as Princess Gina. Jennifer tells everything about Jack being blackmailed into working for Stefano. Melissa says that she and her husband divorced, and he and his new family won custody of the baby that she was pregnant with when she came for Grandpa Tom’s funeral.

- Kate and Victor fight over his feelings for Caroline. Meanwhile, Ivy taunts Kate saying that Kate’s sleeping with Ivy’s husband, Julian, is not the only thing she has on her.

- John and Marlena board a plane back to Salem.

- Jack arrives at the hospital and decides to tell the Brady’s everything about his being blackmailed by Stefano. He tells them about Stefano blackmailing him into almost killing Shawn Sr. in the winter.

- Mimi is relieved to see that Bonnie is the person who has nabbed her. Bonnie tells Mimi that she has to leave town before Mickey, Melissa, or the police find her.

- Melissa tells Jennifer that she remembers when she and Jack were almost married. But how it didn’t happen at the last minute because she found out that he was using her to further his political career. She says how Jack is always doing things without thinking, and this case is nothing new. Jennifer agrees but says that she cannot ever forgive him this time.

- The Brady’s are furious with Jack, but Caroline says that she forgives him because she knows how Stefano is and she says she understands, especially, after Abby’s shooting. Caroline also tells the family to forgive Cassie, saying she is a young girl that Stefano took advantage of. She tells the family not to waste time or energy being angry or hateful but put it towards prayer and focus on that. She says that the people to blame here are Stefano and Tek.

- Mimi tells Bonnie that Tony and Marlena are really Rex’s parents and that she’s scared what Rex will do when he finds out that Mimi has known for a few weeks that Bonnie killed Tony. Bonnie tells Mimi that she can’t let Rex know that she’s known.

- Kayla and Jack catch up on old times. She tells him that she doesn’t blame him for her father’s condition right now. They talk about Jack’s brother, Steve, and how he and Kayla had a great love. She says that she has forgiven Jack for a lot…namely, his raping her, and she believes that Jennifer can forgive him for this too.

- Bonnie and Mimi share a tearful goodbye. Mimi begs Bonnie not to go. She says that even though Bonnie is a pain most of the time that she is going to miss her and can’t imagine life without her. Bonnie holds Mimi close and kisses her goodbye on the forehead. She tells her that she is going to take Connor with her. Mimi is devastated but she says goodbye to her mother for the last time. Bonnie gets into a car with a little boy, Connor, in the back. She looks back with tears streaming down her face and waves goodbye to Mimi.


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