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Ed wants to know if the two will go out on stage or not. Sami says she has a cold and can’t go on stage. Kate looks at her like she’s crazy and asks when the cold came on. Sami says just now and the two women start arguing when Ed tells them to stop. He walks off but not before telling them they have one minute to get on stage.........or else. The women decide to go on with the show....

And walk out on stage in front of the drunk, whistling crowd. The music starts and Sami looks at Kate, saying that she is following Kate’s lead. Kate rolls her eyes as she starts to dance and Sami and her separate as they take a side of the stage. Both women slowly start to take their clothes off, with Sami thinking of Lucas and Kate thinking of........something to drink.

The women then start to walk toward each other, not knowing they are about to collide. They do and the music stops, with Kate yelling at Sami about what she was doing. Sami says dancing and Kate says that’s a laugh. It looked like she was having a seizure, Kate says. Well, Sami tells her, at least it didn’t look like she had a bat shoved up her ass. Kate gets offended and takes a swing at Sami, who ducks and tackles her off the stage....

And into the crowd below. Ed runs out and breaks it up and sees both of their wigs have fallen off. He kicks them out of the club and into the alley and, when some of the drunk patrons try to follow, Silvana, who is in the alley smoking a cigarette, stops them cold with threats of being dealt with by the bouncers. As the men go back inside, the two ladies thank Silvana and she wonders why they went through all that trouble since they clearly aren't strippers. They look at each other and then Kate tells her....

They are there........to see her.


Nicole sits on a bench with Joey next to her. She knows she has to get money so they can leave town and Joey says he can get a can and panhandle. Nicole shoots down that idea but gives him credit for thinking on his feet. She has an idea but thinks it would be best if, just for a little while, they parted company. Joey says he’ll be good and Nicole doesn’t want him to get hurt.

At that moment, two men come walking down the stairs, which makes them hide. Nicole and Joey overhear their conversation and one of them mentions Victor. Now she knows she has to get out of town.......these are his men. They sneak off undetected as Nicole says she has an idea but she has to act fast........


Roman and Lucas watch television in their cell. Roman has to pay up to Lucas for losing the Super Bowl and Roman is none too pleased. As they watch the news, a report of a plane crash comes on the screen, which makes Roman flashback to a memory of Bo running toward him on a beach. His head starts pounding and Lucas asks if he is ok. Roman yells at him to leave him alone and Lucas backs off. The memory subsides and Roman apologizes. Lucas accepts and asks what is going on.

Roman says.......he wish he knew.


Belle runs up to Marlena as she walks out of her office door, telling her she’s there to drag her to Maggie’s club opening if she has to. Marlena says she was going to support Maggie anyway. Belle is glad and says that with everything that is happening with Roman, she needs a night out. Marlena tells her she doesn’t know the half of it. If she told Belle everything her and Roman have been through......it would look like War & Peace.

Belle knows that, even with Lawrence on the horizon, things will work out. Marlena knows that too, and they both walk down the hall arm in arm.

ORPHEUS SECRET PALATIAL HOME(on the outskirts of Salem)

Orpheus looks at a map of Salem and simply says........

Orpheus: Well.........it’s.......nice to be back.

As he smiles, he sits down in front of a control panel and zooms in on Stefano’s living room at the penthouse. Stefano and Lincoln sit at the dinner table discussing if Roman can remain in his fog long enough for his people to get to him and Lincoln doesn’t know. He tells Stefano that Roman is getting bits and pieces of his memory back more and more each day.....but one of the side effects is working. His personality is changing. Stefano smiles, saying......

Stefano: Exactly how I wanted my best Pawn to react.

Stefano then takes a sip of his drink and tells Lincoln to keep a close eye on things. Lincoln leaves the room and, in a move that shocks Orpheus, Stefano walks up to the monitor he had planted in his penthouse and looks into it, saying.......

Stefano: I know who you are.....and I know where all the monitors are. You have one week to get them out of my home.......before I lay waste to yours.

With that, he smashes the monitor, leaving Orpheus to praise his father. As he laughs.....

Stefano tells a returning Lincoln that it’s now time to set Cassie into motion. Lincoln knows Stefano hates doing this and Stefano says......

Stefano: I do, my friend........but, she is the only one now. The one........who will start the chain reaction.

Stefano sees Lincoln leave as he makes a move on his chess board with a Pawn........

And the scene fades to black.





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