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2/13/08: TO THE TRUTH



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Nicole and Joey are hiding some bushes. She looks at her watch, hoping "he" got the message from Henderson. Joey asks who they are waiting for. Nicole tells him to nevermind and to just be quiet and do nothing, since it's obvious he isn't going to leave her side. Joey smiles. Just then, Nicole sees whoever she has been waiting for and tells Joey to stay put.

Nicole emerges from the bushes and the camera pans around to show Philip, who turns and is shocked to see Nicole. He realizes she is the one that left a message with Henderson to meet him. Nicole smiles, saying she knew he would call the cops or someone else and that he would refuse to see her so she called and disguised her voice as best she could, pretending to be a prospective investor and nothing that she heard in the newspaper Titan was working on a multimedia endeavor and used it to her advantage.

Philip calls her a bitch and asks what the hell she wants. Nicole says she will get right to the point. She needs money and the use of the Kiriakis jet to leave Salem...tonight. Philip smiles and asks why the hell he would let her do that. Nicole says because she knows all about how he betrayed his own father, a betrayal that nearly killed him. Philip pretends to not know what she is talking about but Nicole says she has a surveillance tape of him talking about how he helped Orpheus kidnap Victor and how he helped bring him to the cruise ship last summer. She wonders how Victor would feel if he knew that.

Philip calls her bluff but Nicole warns him not to do that, citing what happened to Steve and Hope. They did the same thing and blew her off and ended up losing everything. She asks if Philip wants to suffer the same fate. Philip thinks she is lying and wants to see the proof. Nicole wants the money and the plane first and then she will give up the tape. Philip contemplates and thinks Nicole would have the proof with her right now if she had any at all. Nicole says it was too risky but Philip thinks she is smart enough to have made a copy.

Nicole admits she hasn't had a chance but Philip isn't buying it. He tells Nicole it's a no-go. He then grabs her and says he is calling his father and turning her ass in. Nicole then pushes Philip to the ground and tells him if he tells anyone he saw her, she will make sure Victor and all of Salem knows what he did. Nicole adds that he will regret refusing her...just like Steve and Hope did. The two stare each other down as Nicole runs off into the night, leaving Philip on the ground, wondering if Nicole really does have the proof she claims to have as the scene shifts to...


Alice and Laura embrace as Bill, Doug, and Julie watch. They are heartbroken Laura can't stay for at least the opening. Laura says a patient she was counseling in Africa needs her and she has to go. She's been away long enough as it is. Bill says he wishes he could go back with her and says he will be back soon. Laura says she knows he needs to stay in Salem for Lucas and assures him she will make sure everyone knows that. Laura and Bill embrace. A frantic Maggie comes over with Jack and Abby, saying the music acts for the night have canceled. She has no idea what she is going to do. Julie tries to calm her. Laura embraces her, saying she will be fine. Maggie wishes she could stay. Laura does too but insists Maggie will be fine.

Laura then says her goodbyes to Abby and Jack, telling Jack to take care of her grandchildren and himself and ordering Abby to listen to her father and to go to that safehouse in the morning. Abby nods and the two embrace once more before Laura says her final goodbyes and walks off, wiping away tears. Meanwhile, Maggie asks Max what they are going to do. Max says he doesn't know anyone who can help. Maggie is in a panic, saying the club opens in two hours and wonders what they are going to do as the scene shifts to...


Jean knocks on Alyson's door and is shocked when an unknown woman opens the door. Jean asks who she is. The woman introduces herself as Sharon and she is with the Salem Inn babysitting service. Jean asks where Alyson is, saying she is her daughter. Sharon informs Jean that Alyson went with two other woman, one an older woman, to a club opening. She explains that Alyson left her son with her and one of the other woman left their baby son with her too. Jean looks in and sees Evan on the floor, playing. She figures Alyson must have went out with Carrie to Maggie and Max's opening. She assumes the other woman is Caroline and thanks Sharon for her time and help, saying she will see if she can find them at the club. She blows a kiss at her grandson and walks off as the scene shifts to...

Adrienne's suite as she and Steve hug. Adrienne says she really doesn't want to leave Steve during this difficult time. Steve says he is fine and he will deal with it. She needs to get back to Justin and the children. She promises Steve she will call and check in everyday and begs him to be honest with her if and when something is wrong. She assures him that her and Justin will come and visit soon with the kids. Steve nods, saying he will and that a visit would be nice. They embrace again and say they love each other. Steve then offers to take her to the airport. Adrienne insists she can take a cab but Steve insists he take her, reminding her of all she has done for him with everything going on. Plus, she is letting him have her suite. Adrienne gives in and collects her luggage, which Steve helps her with, as the scene shifts to...


In the alley outside, Silvana asks why Sami and Kate would want to see her. They fill her in on how they came across her in Joelle's contact book. Silvana asks if they broke in to Joelle's apartment. Sami and Kate look down. Kate fills Silvana in on how they feel Lucas is being framed for all that he did to Joelle and for Joelle's murder. Sami adds to that by saying they don't trust the police and their measures so they are handing this themselves.

Sami says she loves Lucas with all her heart and he is the father of her son. She doesn't want him punished for something he didn't do. Kate echoes those sentiments, saying she loves her son and she can't bear to lose him. Sami informs Silvana she is the daughter of the police commander and half her family is in law enforcement. Silvana asks if that is supposed to scare her into dishing dirt on Joelle. Sami says they just need her help.

Silvana shocks them both by admitting they don't have to scare her or pay her off to get info on Joelle. She hates the bitch. Kate asks why. Silvana explains how Joelle and her were best friends in high school but parted ways when Joelle went off to college. Her family sacrificed alot to put her through college but Silvana's family couldn't afford it no matter what they did. Silvana explains she couldn't find a job so she became a hooker and then eventually an exotic dancer and that is how she ended up where she's at. It's the only way she had to make money. She did it behind her family's back and her family became ashamed and threw her out. They didn't care that she was trying to help. It was about honor and about not selling herself to the highest bidder.

Kate looks on, clearly thinking of her own past. Sami asks about Joelle. Silvana says she could tell through everything that Joelle looked down on her but they still remained friends. Joelle had fallen on hard time after college. She didn't have what it took in the corporate world. People would beat her out for jobs. She was like jelly compared to all the pariahs out there.

So, as Silvana continues, Joelle ended up broke and living with her. Silvana offered to help, saying she could her a job at the club she was working at but Joelle was like her family. Too much pride and cared more about her reputation then doing what it took to survive. Eventually, though, she gave in but didn't become a dancer. She became a hooker and that is how her son, Joey came into the world. Silvana adds that Joelle kept the truth from her mother but, when her mother caught her with a john one night. she had a stroke and ended in paralyzed and very ill, a condition that never improved.

Kate interjects, saying that is why she hired her. She saw all that Joelle had been through. Sami sees tears in Kate's eyes. Kate tries to hide them and wipes her eyes. Sami turns back to Silvana, telling her to go on. Silvana explains that Joelle quit working the streets after her mother's stroke but she needed money more then ever with a baby boy and a sick mother now. So, she went back into the corporate world to find something while also waiting tables at a restaurant for the time being. Eventually, she ended up with work when she was hired at Basic Black and then she moved on to Roberts and Co. Kate nods, saying she was a hard worker and good employee for many years. Silvana nods.

Sami asks about their friendship. Silvana admits that once Joelle began working full-time, they barely saw each other. She had her mother and son and her job while she worked nights and slept during the day. They only recently began getting close again because she felt she needed someone to confide in, a fact that led to them not being friends anymore. Kate asks why. Silvana says that it was always about Joelle and her problems and then, after years of seeing and hearing from her sparingly, she starts spending time with her again just to dump her problems on her. She got sick of it and they had a falling out.

Silvana adds that on top of that, alot of what Joelle was doing, she didn't agree with and wanted no part of it nor did she want to know about it. Sami asks what she is talking about. Silvana admits it involved some guy Joelle kept calling her "meal ticket" and she was prepared to do whatever it took to get him.

Sami and Kate both look at each other, knowing this is likely about Lucas. Silvana is told by one of the bouncers, who comes outside, that it's her to perform. Silvana says she needs to go. Sami and Kate would like to hear the rest of what she has to say. Kate promises she will be paid for her cooperation and help. Silvana says she has 3 performances tonight so she thinks it best if they come back tomorrow night...8PM. She tells them to wait for her in the alley since they won't be welcome inside. Silvana puts her cigarette out and goes inside as Sami and Kate joyfully look at each other, feeling like they may have the break they need as the scene shifts to...


Maggie in on the phone with Victor, telling him Max found a local act to fill some time but they still need two main acts. Victor assures her everything will be ok and tells her not to panic, saying he is on his way. Maggie says she will try but she just wants everything to be perfect. Victor is sure it will be. Meanwhile, Carrie and Alyson walk in with Caroline and are greeted by Alice and Julie. Caroline says Max said they could come early.

Max walks up and kisses Caroline, who says she is proud of him for the beautiful club he and Maggie have. Carrie tells everyone how her grandmother would not stop until she agreed to go and said they had to convince Alyson to come as well. They left Evan and Sam with a babysitter at the Salem Inn. Caroline says she just wanted the family together tonight and that she has convinced Kayla and Kim to come to. Shane is bringing them. She thinks Kayla could use a night to forget everything. Alyson didn't know she was considered family. Caroline says of course she is.

Doug and Bill listen in and Doug says he convinced Hope to come by too. He just thinks she needs a night out to forget everything and Bo has JT tonight. Bill asks if that is a good idea considering the circumstances. Doug says that Bo, Hope, and Kayla will see each other eventually and there will be alot of people at the club so it shouldn't be that big of an issue. The scene then shifts to...


Jean is on her way to the club, hoping she can get to Alyson before it becomes hard to find her in a packed club. Nicole and Joey approach and Nicole's eyes light up as she tells herself it must be her lucky day...Jean was just who she was looking for. Nicole tells Joey to hide behind some crates and approaches Jean. Nicole calls out to Jean, saying long time no see. Jean is shocked to see her and can't believe she would be out in public with all the people that are looking for her. Nicole smiles, saying desperate times call for desperate measures. Jean pulls out her phone and says she is calling the police. Nicole warns her not do it that but Jean is about to dial. Just then, Nicole says if she does that, she will tell Alyson the truth about what happened to her father.

Jean is stunned and asks what the hell she is talking about. Nicole says she has surveillance evidence that would tell Alyson what really happened the day her father died. Jean is trembling and can't seem to even speak. Nicole tells Jean she wants $3 million dollars within 24 hours or she shows Alyson the tape. Jean thinks Nicole is lying and insists there is no secret. Nicole asks why she is shaking in her boots then. After a few moments, Jean turns and asks how she is supposed to get that kind of cash.

Nicole smiles, telling her to use that creative mind of hers. Jean thinks she is bluffing and that she has no proof. Afterall, how would she be able to get surveillance evidence. Nicole says she has her sources. Jean thinks for a moment and says she isn't doing a damn thing for her. Besides, who would believe her after all she has done.

Nicole asks if that is her final answer. Jean tells Nicole defiantly she isn't scared of her. Nicole thinks Jean should be, reminding her of what happened to Steve and Hope when they called her bluff. She asks if Jean is sure. Jean gives her a cold look. Nicole walks off. Jean begins to dial on her phone. Nicole orders her to stop and says if she tells anyone she saw her, Alyson will know the truth within the hour. Nicole then tells Jean she had her chance and made her bed. Now she has to lie in it. Nicole walks off as a still in shock and worried Jean looks on. Nicole walks over to Joey, grabs his hand, and drags him off. He asks why she was mean to that woman and to that guy earlier.

Nicole tells him to stop asking questions if he wants to stick with her and then sees some officers in the distance. She says she is running out of time and drags Joey off, telling him to come on as they race off into the night and the scene fades to black.





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