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Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Nicole is with Joey at an old, abandoned warehouse on Salem's west side near the pier. Joey asks if this is a good hiding spot. Nicole admits she's known people to hide in some of the warehouses around here and it should be good for awhile. Joey asks her again why she was so mean to Philip and Jean earlier.

Nicole says she needed their help and refused. She tells Joey it's a long story but she will tell him there is a good number of people out there that she feels never even bothered to understand her feelings and where she was coming from. She feels if someone at least had tried, she may not be in this predicament. Joey asks what they are going to do with so many people after her. Nicole says she needs him to stop asking questions if he is to stick with her and she points out she still thinks they should part ways. Joey says he isn't going anywhere but he will stop asking questions if she wants.

Nicole contemplates for a few minutes and says there is something she can do but it's risky and it's extreme but she may be out of options. She gets up and gets into disguise, telling Joey to stay here. Joey refuses but Nicole assures him she will be back. Just like all the times she left him at the apartment...she always came back then and she will come back now. Besides, she will be bringing some people back with her. Joey asks who. Nicole says he'll see and says she will be back, telling him not to be quiet and suggesting he hides if someone should come in as homeless people often hide out in the area. Joey nods as Nicole leaves and the scene shifts to...


Sami and Kate are walking and are stunned by the info they received from Silvana. Sami feels they are on the right track to saving Lucas and can't wait to hear the rest of what Silvana has to say tomorrow night. Kate agrees and says she wishes they didn't have to go through hell on that stage and with all that men. Sami smiles and tells Kate to admit she loved it. Kate says she will pretend she didn't hear that and adds that she is going to go see Billie and fill her in. She's wanted Billie's help with this anyway but she's had trouble getting a hold of her.

Sami thinks that's a good idea as Billie may be able to help. Kate tries calling her again and gets no answer, admitting she's been worried about her. Sami admits Billie's been acting strange lately. Kate says she is going to head over there.

Sami tells Kate she is going to Maggie and Max's club opening to meet her mom and Belle. Kate forgot that was tonight and tells Sami she will see her tomorrow. Sami nods and says it was nice working with her. The two exchange looks of sarcasm. Kate tells Sami not to push it and then walks off as Sami laughs and walks off in the other direction and the scene shifts to...


Billie is passed out at her desk, a bottle of gin that is a little under halfway filled sitting next to her and several empty bottles of liquor lie in the room around her. The camera then pans in on her face as we hear Billie murmuring "No." It turns out she is having a nightmare and the scene shifts to that nightmare. Billie is in a dark room and she then sees Jack in the distance, telling Billie:

Jack: I can't love a Dimera. Nobody can.

She then sees Abby.

Abby: Your a Dimera. Your evil.

She then sees Bo and Hope.

Bo: I can't believe I was ever involved with you.
Hope: I always had a bad feeling about you. I guess I was right.

Billie begins screaming in anguish as she sees Stefano and Orpheus appear.

Stefano: Another darling granddaughter to help continue the Dimera legacy.

Stefano walks up to Billie and kisses her hand.

I know you will make me proud. A true Dimera, you will be.

Billie screams "No!!!" as Orpheus walks up, saying:

Orpheus: Like father, like daughter.

Billie breaks down in tears and turns around in disgust to see the man she knew as her father for years, Curtis, standing before her.

Curtis: I always knew you were trash. That you weren't worth a damn. Now, your Dimera trash. No one will ever love you. How could they? Your not only garbage like your mother...your a Dimera too!! Doesn't get much worse then that, Billie girl!!!

Billie then screams out again and begins pounding on Curtis, saying "No!!" repeatedly and then the scene quickly pans back to Billie, who jumps up and quickly awakes at her desk, sweating and in tears. She then takes the bottle of gin and, as her hands shake, begins gulping it down as the scene shifts to....


Victor arrives with Bo and Carly. Maggie is shocked to see Bo and Carly. Carly says she had to convince Bo to come. Bo says that between Caroline and Carly convincing him and Victor as well, he had no choice. Plus, he heard Kayla was coming and Stephanie agreed to watch JT and Theo at the Abe's. Bo says he also had to support Max of course. Max comes over with Caroline and Abby. Both are happy Bo made it. Bo says he would've never lived it down if he hadn't. Caroline smiles and embraces him, saying they all need this night. Frankie would want them to enjoy life again.

Kayla then arrives with Shane and Kim. Kim apologizes, saying they had to drop Stephanie at the Carver's. Shane adds that Abe and Celeste are on their way. Caroline is happy Kayla came out, saying she did the right thing. Kayla says she wanted to support Max and knew very well Caroline and the rest of the family wouldn't rest until she came out. She says she is only staying for a bit. Caroline understands. Bo and Kayla embrace and ask how each other are doing. Kayla says she is struggling. Bo nods.

Caroline asks Maggie and Max how they came up with the name "Radius" for the club. Maggie says they had a couple of names but she left it up to Max. They thought about naming it after Frankie or Mickey or someone they loved but thought it may be too much. They want people to be able to enjoy life at the club and felt they needed a modern name that appeals to everyone and is catchy.

Max thought of "Radius" because it has a vibe that many college students will like and it seems to fit the club. Plus, as a former race, it sounds cool to him. Everyone laughs. Maggie directs their attention to the stage area, which she says is called the "Red Zone," named after the nickname Mickey gave her.

Max adds that the bar area has a drink named after Frankie called the a "Francois Crush" and adds there are several booth and table areas named after Mickey, Frankie, Jennifer, Eric, and Austin to memorize them. Maggie says it helped with organization since the club is large so they thought naming table areas after deceased loved ones was a nice idea. Everyone is impressed and likes the references to loved ones lost. Max says they hope to come up with more ideas to honor loved ones lost.

Meanwhile, Alyson and Carrie walk around, checking out the club. They bump into Marlena, who has come with Belle, and the 4 of them catch up. Philip then arrives and Alyson excuses herself when she sees him. She wishes him a happy Valentine's Day. Philip says he got her message and tried calling her to say he couldn't make it. It's not a good time. Alyson asks if something is wrong. Philip recalls his encounter with Nicole and says it's just been a bad day. Alyson tries to persuade him to stay, reminding him he promised they would get together. Philip realizes Alyson won't give up until he gives in so he agrees to stick around for a little while. Alyson is pleased.

Meanwhile, Jean arrives outside and discovers a long line and that the club is only letting people in a little at a time now to control crowd flow. Jean hopes she can find Alyson inside, insisting they need to talk.

Back inside, Abe and Celeste have arrived and are greeted by Alice, Doug, Julie, Mike, and Bill. They all wish each other Happy Valentine's Day. Alice reminisces about Tom and how he used to always take her on a night on the town on Valentine's Day. They never liked a quiet Valentine's Day. Julie says Doug always did the same and it seems they are doing the same thing this year, being at the club and all. Bo and Carly then greet Abe and Celeste. Abe asks how Bo is doing. Bo says he's dealing as the scene shifts to...


A disguised Nicole walks down the hall and observes a suite, hoping the babysitter Alyson and Carrie left the kids with isn't too of a problem. She then admits how easy it call the Pub and get Alyson's phone number from Amy, the Pub waitress, so she can find out if Alyson and Carrie had gone to the club opening too like she thought. Nicole says the situation couldn't make this any easier and then admits she doesn't want to do this but has no choice. She needs money quick and this is the best way she can think of to get it. She has no other options and then admits that there is some right in this. Sam is Eric's son and Evan was her son the first 6 months of his life.

Nicole wonders if this is how things were meant to end up. Her ending up with Sam and Evan and both children being her ticket out of Salem to begin a fresh start. Nicole observes the suite and the hallway and takes a deep breath, saying there isn't much time and she needs to do this now if she is ever going to. Nicole moves in on the suite as the scene shifts to...


Hope is walking outside the club, wishing she had not come but knowing Doug would've probably came and got her himself if she hadn't agreed. She then hears a horn beep at her. It's Steve, who asks Hope what she is doing. Hope fills him in on Doug practically forcing her to come to the club. Steve says he was on his way back from taking Adrienne to the airport and asks if she wants company. Hope isn't so sure with so many people they know inside but Steve reminds her they will have to deal with what they did the rest of their lives and they are friends. Besides, he doubts Bo and Kayla will be there. Hope admits it would help her as she doesn't feel like dealing with this on her own. Steve admits he doesn't feel like being alone. He's had Adrienne there with him and now she is gone.

Hope finally says ok and tells Steve to park around back and meet her at the service door. Maggie instructed her to show ID to enter around back so she doesn't have to wait in line. Steve agrees and pulls in around back.

Back inside, Marlena tells Carrie she wishes they had their husbands this Valentine's Day. Carrie nods, saying even Sami doesn't have Lucas. Belle looks on, saying they just need to pray things get better.

Tony and Anna have arrived and Tony brings drinks to their table as Anna hangs up the phone, saying she has great news. That investor that postponed their meeting earlier called. He's going to come and meet them at the club in a few hours. Tony admits that's great but he wanted to spend Valentine's Day with her. Anna says they still can before and after they meet with the investor and, this way, he gets to meet him too. Tony says ok and says he will just have to deal with the little interruption. They kiss and wish each other a Happy Valentine's Day.

Kim tells Kayla, Shane, and Caroline she wishes they had something to celebrate on Valentine's Day. Kayla nods. Bo and Carly come over. Bo is shocked when he sees Hope and Steve together being greeted by Doug, Julie, and Alice. He then sees them walk over to the bar. Kayla sees this and is unsettled as well. Bo becomes furious and walks off in Hope and Steve's direction. Carly follows, begging Bo not to do this, as the others, including Kayla, follow as well. Doug, Julie, and Alice see this and think trouble may be coming. Julie admits she was shocked Hope and Steve came together too. Alice says they just need to hope things don't get out of hand.

Victor walks over to Maggie and can see she's trembling. He tells her not to worry...the musical act issue has been taking care of. He says he pulled some strings and there was two modern music heavyweights in the area and they will be there momentarily. The local band just needs to fill some time before they arrive. Maggie is overjoyed and embraces Victor, saying he is her lifesaver. He says she can show him her appreciation later. Maggie says she will. Afterall, it is Valentine's Day. Maggie then asks who the performers Victor got are. Victor thinks they should keep it a secret so he whispers in Maggie's ear. Maggie is stunned and excited.

Max and Abby are dancing. Jack comes over with his notepad, jotting down ideas for his article on the club opening, and asks Max if he should be fulfilling his management responsibilities. Max says he is but needed a break. Abby smiles. Jack rolls his eyes and walks off. He wonders if Billie will be coming and tries, calling her. No one picks up. Jack is worried and asks himself what is going on with her. The scene then shifts to...


Billie looks at her phone and then pulls it right out of its socket, saying she is sick of hearing it ringing and giving her a headache. She then tosses the phone against the wall, asking why people don't just leave her alone. She then hears Kate knocking at the door and tells her to go away, clutching her head and drinking more gin. Kate says she heard a loud noise and says she is coming in, whether she likes it or not. Kate then uses a hairpin to pick the lock, hoping she remembers how to do it right from her sleuthing exploits.

Billie, thinking Kate can't get in with the door locked, is shocked when the lock turns and Kate enters. Kate is shocked to see a disheveled and drunk Billie. She sees the gin in her hand and all the bottles around her. Kate shakes her head in disgust and sadness, saying:

Kate: Oh, God. Billie...no. No!

Billie just looks out into space and takes another sip out of her gin bottle as the scene pans back over to a crying Kate, who is still shaking her head in disbelief, and then fades to black.





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I have a couple questions. Did Child Services or even Patricia ever wonder who is taking care of Joey? Has he been reported missing? Patricia had a connection to Joelle, she must have known about Joey. And speaking of children, why would Amy give out Alyson's phone number to someone over the phone? Nicole has a distinctive voice and I would think anyone at the Pub would know her so why would she give it out.

I really like Kate and Sami banding together for Lucas. Loved the line that Sami said about Kate loving it. It's nice to see them working towards a common goal. Favorite scenes were Billie spirialing out of control. She has a lot on her plate and she is no where near bottom yet.

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I have a couple questions. Did Child Services or even Patricia ever wonder who is taking care of Joey? Has he been reported missing? Patricia had a connection to Joelle, she must have known about Joey. And speaking of children, why would Amy give out Alyson's phone number to someone over the phone? Nicole has a distinctive voice and I would think anyone at the Pub would know her so why would she give it out.

I really like Kate and Sami banding together for Lucas. Loved the line that Sami said about Kate loving it. It's nice to see them working towards a common goal. Favorite scenes were Billie spirialing out of control. She has a lot on her plate and she is no where near bottom yet.

Yes, Patricia knew of him, especially since Joey ran from the scene to get help when he found Joelle. When he returned, all the cops and EMT's scared him and he heard his mother was dead. He didn't want to go to an orphanage or to strangers so he ran off. Yes, he has been reported missing and there will be some scenes coming to address some things.

The Amy scene I was worried about but the way I imagined it in my head is that Amy be new at the Pub and I had Nicole disguise her voice too. I was going to have her steal something from Orpheus to disguise her voice like Orpheus did during the MCF story but I thought that may be too much.

Good questions though.

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