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2/15/08: REACTION



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Steve and Hope sit at a booth and Steve says it sure feels nice to just have a decent meal for a change. Hope agrees, saying that it also feels good having her old friend back. Steve smiles and then says he’s going to the bathroom. He tells her to try and not eat everything while he’s gone. She sticks her tongue out at him as he gets up......and he walks right into Bo and Carly. Bo gets angry and Kimberly tries to tell him not in the club. Carly and Caroline agree but Bo wants to know what is going on, asking why Steve can’t keep his hands to himself.

Hope wonders where Bo’s hands have been since Carly has breezed back into town. Bo can’t believe she’d ask that but Hope says that nothing is going on between her and Steve. And, she feels he doesn’t have the right to know any longer. Caroline says that’s enough. Bo should be ashamed of how he’s acting on Maggie and Max’s big night but he doesn’t care as he storms off. Carly says how sorry she is and Kayla grabs Steve and yanks him toanother side of the huge room.

She wonders what he was doing and he says nothing. After what has happened, Kayla can’t believe he would rub her face into what he did. Steve says that’s not what’s happening. Kayla strongly disagrees and says if he wants to save what’s left of their life together.....he better get his act together and fast. She walks off as Shane comes over and asks Steve if he is ok. He says he’ll be fine.......when he’s back with his lady.

Sami walks up to Marlena and Belle and they all greet each other. Marlena asks how Lucas is doing and Sami says with Roman there with him, he’s holding up pretty well. Belle says she got a letter from Shawn overseas and he says he misses everyone very much. Sami asks if he is ok and Belle says that the fighting is fierce but he’s keeping his head down, like Bo and Victor have told him. Marlena just hopes Roman will be proven not guilty so he can come home. It’s been one problem after another.

As Belle excuses herself, Sami and Marlena sit down. They both love the new club but Marlena takes her hand and asks if she is getting involved in Lucas’ case. Sami looks at her mother and tells her that she will do what she has to do to save the man she loves. Marlena truly can’t blame her and just tells her to be very careful, knowing she can't stop her. Roman would never forgive her if something happened to Sami while he was locked up.

As the band plays, Doug, Julie and the rest of the Horton family gather around Victor and Marlena. Victor says he got some nice musical acts to come to the opening but everything is secret and he doesn’t want anyone bugging him as to who it is. Doug just hopes that Abby will be safe from Lawrence. Alice says that there are a lot more people than just Abby who has to worry. Marlena agrees, saying once again that everyone has to watch their backs.

Meanwhile, Jack wonders where Billie is.......


As she lays in her office on a couch. Kate tries to wake her up from her drunken state and she stirs but still has a bottle in her hand. Kate takes the bottle from her and sits her up, saying how sorry she is for what happened. Billie wonders if Kate loves anyone else but herself and Kate says she has always loved her kids......she just has a bad way of showing it. Billie agrees, saying that she should have listened years ago when her children told her to let up.

Kate knows she will spend an eternity paying for the mistakes she’s made.......but she truly did it out of love. A drunk Billie is helped up by her mother, saying all she ever wanted was a mother who loved her for her. Instead.......she got a mother who always made her feel worthless. Kate starts crying as she helps Billie sit down, saying that she is sorry about making her feel that way. Billie is her first baby and if she had it all over to do again, she would change everything except one thing.......

Her love for Billie.

Kate sits next to Billie as she rests her head on Kate’s shoulder and Kate rocks her back and forth. Mother and daughter cry as Kate makes Billie a promise.......after she helps to get Lucas free, she will help Billie become the wonderful person she’s always knew she was. And she will try her best to stop meddling. Billie laughs, saying that if she had a nickel for every time she heard that........and Kate stops her.........she stops her from taking another drink.

Kate tells her they both have a long way to go as the scene shifts back to...


Tony takes Anna on the dance floor as Carrie walks up. Tony and Carrie hug and he excuses himself as Anna and her catch up. They say how nice each of them look and Carrie asks how the new business venture is going. Anna says fine. She hopes all goes well, especially with this new partner she has. Carrie hopes so too as Abe is seen dancing with Celeste. The scene then shifts to the outside....

As Jean waits in a long line trying to get in. All she wants to do......is to talk to Alyson.

Alyson, meanwhile, is inside with Philip, but his mind is on Nicole. Alyson ask what’s wrong and he says it’s just business. Belle sees them get up and walk to the bar and it pisses her off, which Philip notices......and smiles about. They then start dancing which pisses Belle off further and Victor walks past her to tell Maggie that one of the special acts has arrived. She gets excited as they are led to the back and the scene shifts to...


Nicole is now in full disguise (black-haired wig, eyeglasses, and dressed in lots of layers) outside of Alyson's suite. She wishes she didn't have to do this but needs the ransom money to get out of Salem and doesn't know how else to get it quick. She then says Sam is Eric's child and Evan was her child for the first nearly 6 months of his life so there is some right in this. She knocks on the door, takes a deep breath, as Sharon the babysitter answers and asks what she can do for her. Nicole lies and says there is a problem and Ms. Parker and Ms. Brady sent her to pick up the children. She says it's a family emergency and she needs to take the children to them right away as they must catch a plane. Sharon is shocked but seems suspicious, saying she would like to hear from Ms. Parker and/or Ms. Brady first.

Sharon says she will go and call them since she has their cell numbers. As she goes to make the call, a desperate Nicole realizes she has no choice. She takes one of the baby toys and knocks Sharon over the head, knocking her unconscious. She then hides Sharon behind the
couch, packs Evan and Sam's things, puts them in a traveling bag and prepares to leave, wishing it didn't have to be this way but she had no choice.

As Nicole puts both babies in the carrier and and prepares to leave when Sharon stands up, blocking the door. She picks up the phone and tells Nicole she isn't going anywhere...

As the scene fades to black.





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Nicole needs to give up this child stealing schemes. She has kidnapped Sam and Evan more times than John Black has changed identities. Nicole is a complex character who can certainly use other schemes other than kidnapping. She has always been resourceful.

I like that Hope and Steve are going forward with their relationship. The fallout is good.

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Nicole needs to give up this child stealing schemes. She has kidnapped Sam and Evan more times than John Black has changed identities. Nicole is a complex character who can certainly use other schemes other than kidnapping. She has always been resourceful.

I like that Hope and Steve are going forward with their relationship. The fallout is good.

Actually, she has kidnapped Evan but never really got away with Sam but I see what your saying. I knew this would be controversial and it will be even more in upcoming episodes. She is at the end of her rope and that will be really evident next week.

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