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Due to personal issues and time constraints, Salem Lives has been on an up and down schedule of late. It could not come at a worst time given that it's sweeps so in an effort to maintain the excellent sweeps we have going, this week will feature a two episode a day schedule to catch us up. In other words, 10 EPISODES IN 5 DAYS!!!!

To avoid confusion, here is how this will work out starting with today:

Monday 2/25/08: The Monday 2/18/08 episode and Tuesday 2/19/08 episode will be posted.

Tuesday 2/26/08: The Wednesday 2/20/08 episode and Thursday 2/21/08 episode will be posted.

Wednesday 2/27/08: The Friday 2/22/08 episode and Monday 2/25/08 episode will be posted.

Thursday 2/28/08: The Tuesday 2/26/08 episode and Wednesday 2/27/08 episode will be posted.

Friday 2/29/08: The Thursday 2/28/08 episode and the regularly scheduled episode for this day will be posted.

We look forward to getting back on track and we thank you for your patience and understanding. Stick with us!


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