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2/11/08: UNDER MY SKIN





ORPHEUS SECRET PALATIAL HOME(on the outskirts of Salem)

Orpheus tells Nicole long time no see and says he is pleased to see she made herself at home in his hideaway during his absence. Nicole is in shock and points out Orpheus is supposed to be dead. Orpheus laughs, reminding her who is father is. He says the son of the Phoenix is set for life.

Orpheus: You know, Nicole. I'm quite shocked about this young little friend of yours. I mean, is this the first child you've been in major contact with that you didn't steal...or did you?
Nicole: Bastard! (moves to slap Orpheus but he catches her hand in mid-air)
Orpheus: Now I thought you were smarter then that. Tsk Tsk.
Nicole: So, what now? Your back. What happens?
Orpheus: Very to the point. I like that.
Nicole: Perhaps we can make a deal, like the old days. You help me, I help you. I need money and a way out of Salem.
Orpheus: Ah, yes. You've made enemies out of most of the town and Victor's people are after you, along with the cops. Brutal!
Nicole: I need your help.

Orpheus rolls his eyes.

Orpheus: Been there, done that. No use for you anymore. I have alot on my plate without having to worry about a pain in the ass like you.
Nicole: We've worked out deals before. Help me.
Orpheus: Not this time, In fact, there is no time to waste. Get your little friend and get out. I have much to do and don't need anyone, least of all you two, getting in the way.
Nicole: We could work something...
Orpheus: Get out!

Nicole backs away and says he will regret this. Orpheus reminds her their partnership is over. They both served purposes for the other and now he has no purpose for her so it's not beneficial to him to partner with her once again. Nicole begs him to just get her out of Salem but he refuses to listen, saying she made her own bed and she has to lie in it.

Orpheus: I helped you steal Evan from Carrie and did everything in my power to help you hold on to him.
Nicole: For your own gain!! Then, Eric and Austin ended up dead because of you.
Orpheus: You pulled the trigger that killed Eric. Austin would not have been involved had you not done what you did.
Nicole: It was an accident. I wasn't directly responsible.
Orpheus: Maybe not but, much like your recent actions on New Year's with poor Frankie Brady, you were involved. And, yes, I know all about your little exploits in my absence, which brings up something else I did for you. I provided you with the tape you used to blackmail Steve and Hope. Not my problem you misused it.
Nicole: I was trying to prove a point.
Orpheus: Yes, that the Brady's are hypocrites. Well, good for you. Too bad your crimes have added many new people to your list of enemies. I'm sure you will make a few other enemies too since you've been looking through my surveillance tapes.

Nicole looks at him, stunned.

Orpheus: I know everything, Nicole. Always.
Nicole: Everything I did....I did out of love. Love for Evan. He was my son first and, while he really wasn't mine, Carrie and the Brady's didn't have to isolate him from me completely. Hell, they even kept me from my own husband's funeral. They made things worse. I screwed things up with Eric. I know that but...losing Eric was bad enough. Not being able to mourn at his funeral...not ever seeing Evan...and then there is Sam. Sam is the last living link to Eric. He has Eric's eyes. I see so much of Eric in him and that is why I'm drawn to him. Yet, I'm kept from him too.
Orpheus: Can you blame them? Your kidnapped Evan and tried to kidnap Sam twice. Your clearly delusional.
Nicole: I take most of the blame but those around me share in it. They made things much worse and it's funny how they are forgiving to others but, when it came to me, my ass was kicked to the curve, without a chance. They give others chance after chance but, me, nope. One and done. Nobody understands and I don't think anyone ever will. Hell, Eric never seemed to either. Brandon did in some ways but...
Orpheus: I've had enough. You have a half hour to pack you and the kids [!@#$%^&*] and get out. Hope you enjoyed your stay! Feel free to tip on your way out!

Orpheus walks off but not before issuing Nicole a warning and tells her to pass it on to Joey too. He warns them both to not tell anyone about his hideout or about his being alive...or else. He then tells Nicole she should know what the "or else" is. Orpheus smiles bids her a good night and tells her to tell the kid the same. Orpheus walks off as a worried and confused Nicole looks on, unaware of Joey, who is in the background, having heard the whole exchange between Nicole and Orpheus and the scene shifts to...


Sami and Kate walk up outside the club, dressed in stripper garb and see that they are in luck. New strippers are being hired. Sami thinks that makes their job easier. Both are wearing tons of makeup and high heels.. Sami is dressed from head to toe in red leather and Kate in black leather. Kate points out that their outfits look a bit too similar, except the color. Sami tells her they have more important things. Kate can't believe she is wearing a halter top. Sami points out she is wearing a jacket on top but Kate still feels uncomfortable.

Sami thinks they need to come up with undercover names. Sami goes with Lacey and Kate goes with Mona. They enter the club and see that it's covered from wall to wall in men. Just then, a muscular guy and an older man walk up to them and ask what they are doing in a gentleman's club. Sami and Kate introduce themselves, using their aliases, and say they are there to work. Ed recognizes Sami's voice and thinks it's familiar. Sami, realizing Ed is who she talked to on the phone and worried he will remember her, quickly dismisses the claim.

Sami points to the "Now Hiring Dancers" sign in the window. The older man examines them and says he likes their work, especially the older woman. He looks at Kate, saying he loves the sophisticated look. A Naughty Businesswoman performance will bring in the bucks. Kate gives him the evil eye for a moment and then snaps out of it so he doesn't catch on. The older man introduces himself as Ed, the manager. He points to the muscular man next to him and says that his name is Deuce and he is the bouncer. Ed says they are short on dancers so it looks like it's a lucky day for all of them. He needs them both on stage in the next five minutes.

Sami and Kate panic, saying they weren't expecting to perform tonight. Ed says they must. They don't have enough girls. He reminds them they were looking for work. Sami and Kate realize they are stuck and decide they have no choice. They both agree, reluctantly. A large round of applause and yelling is heard by men in the club. Ed says it seems like he was a little off and they will need them on in less then 3 minutes. He tells them to go backstage and get ready...now. Sami and Kate hesitate but realize they have no choice. Deuce shows them the way. As they walk off, Sami and Kate both see a dark-haired woman in a robe talking to Ed and hear Ed call her "Silvana." They then see Silvana head backstage and Sami tells Kate that is who they are looking for.

As they go backstage, they can't seem to get to Silvana, who is picking out outfits and busy talking to people. Ed then comes backstage and tells them it's their time. He says he has already introduced them and wants them to perform as a team. He tells them to wing it . Sami and Kate both realize once again they have no choice and they must go out and perform. They look out into the audience at all the rowdy, screaming men as the scene shifts to...


Tony and Anna return to their suite with Lexie behind them. Tony says she didn't have to come back with them but Lexie insists she wanted to make sure he was ok. He knows he is hurting with what Cassie did to him. Tony admits it does hurt but he still has hope she will come to his senses and he doesn't plan on giving up on her either. Not yet.

Tony: I of all people know the temptation of what Stefano can offer can be rather difficult to overcome. However, what you must give up and devote your life too...it will end up eating you alive. I just hope Cassie realizes this or my daughter will truly be lost.

Anna wonders if they should call Marlena but Tony reminds her that Marlena has enough to deal with nor will Cassie listen to her. He thinks she just needs time to think and perhaps she will realize her mistake. Lexie says she has to go as she has to cover someone's shift who took her place earlier. Tony thanks her for everything and tells her to be careful as there is no telling what Stefano will do now that he knows. Lexie nods and thanks him, saying to call if he needs anything. Lexie and Anna exchange goodbyes as she leaves. Tony then looks at a picture of Cassie solemnly. Anna comforts him as the scene fades to...


Stefano tells Cassie how proud he is of her. Cassie is silent and Stefano asks if she regrets her decision. Cassie says she wants to be someone he can be proud of. She wants fame, power, and influence but she hates that she has upset her father. Stefano tells Cassie that Tony will realize in due time that he was holding her back and, if he does not, that's tough. She is doing what is best for her and what she needs to do to live the life of her dreams. Stefano points out sometimes excruciating sacrifices need to be made to be all that you can be and that may be the case here. Stefano caresses Cassie's cheek and kisses it, saying she did the right thing and has proven herself a true Dimera. Cassie smiles as Stefano says he has business to tend to. They will talk later. He kisses her hand before leaving the living room.

Once Stefano is gone, tears begin to stream down Cassie's cheeks. She remembers the look on her father's face when he realizes she told Stefano everything and contemplates calling Tony. She goes to the phone, picks it up, and then remembers Stefano's words and all that he is offering her. She decides not to make this harder then it is and puts the phone down, saying the less she talks to and sees Tony, the better. She then says she can't look back. She must look forward and have all that she was promised and all that she feels she deserves. Cassie wipes her tears, walks away from the phone and then walks out of the room as the scene shifts to...


Nicole is dragging Joey along. He asks why her friend kicked them out. Nicole says there wasn't enough room. Joey says she is lying and says he heard them talking. Nicole is shocked and asks if he heard everything. Joey nods. Nicole tells him she doesn't want to talk about and says they just need to keep moving. Nicole then sees police in the distance and takes Joey's hand and drags himself, telling him:

Nicole: Come on! We have to go! The walls are closing in....

Nicole and Joey race off through the park as the scene slowly fades to black.





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