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Wednesday February 6 2008




All The Days of Their Lives

Wednesday February 6 2008

Chelsea, Stephanie, Andrew, Max, and Nick are sitting on the couch.

Andrew: We have to find a way out of here.

Chelsea: There are guards everywhere! What do you think we should do? Dig ourselves out?

Andrew: Ha ha Chelsea

The door opens, and Gina walks in.

Stephanie: Aunt Hope! Thank God your here!

Gina: No, not Aunt Hope.

Gina raises her hand for a handshake.

Gina: Princess Gina Von Amburg.

Doug and Julie are sitting at the Brady Pub.

Doug: Well, what are you having my dear?

Julie: I'm not sure. Mabye pancakes.

Doug: We already had breakfast.

Julie: I know, but I"m craving them so bad.

Doug: Ok, lets get pancakes.

Carly walks into the pub. She walks to Doug and Julie's table.

Julie: Can we help you with something?

Carly: Yes, actually; bring yout grandson to Salem.

Bo, Hope, Billie, Marleana, Sami, Frank, and Lucas arrive at the airport in the New Orleans.

Hope: Look!

Bo: What?

They turn around, and see Adrianna. Bo walks to her.

Bo: Where the hell are they?

Adrianna looks shocked.

Bo: Your not going anywhere till you tell me where they are!

Adrianna: Stefano sent them to Maison Blanche!

Frank has a memory.

Frank is walking in a dark hallway, with a tray of food. He slides it through a door, and a person yells.

Frank comes back.

Marleana thinks she sees Stefano off in the distance.

Marleana: Guys, if I'm not back buy the time you leave, go without me.

She walks towards the person.

Gina: So how do you guys like it here?

Cheksea: Go to hell!

Gina: Thats quite rude.

The doors open, and Adrianna, Bo, Hope, Billie, Sami, Lucas, and Frank walk in.

Hope: Get away from them, Gina.

Gina turns around. She smiles.

Gina: How nice. Now the whole family can be here!

Her smile fades, and she takes out a gun. She shoots Frank!

Chelsea: Dad!

Gina: Have fun!

Julie: I'm, sorry?

Carly: Scotty is the father of my son.

Julie: What?

Carly: I have a DNA test to prove it.

Doug: Why don't you sit down?

Carly: No, I have somewhere to be. Just work on getting him to Salem.

Carly walks out of the pub, and Julie stares at Doug in shock.

Marleana is in a dark room. A person comes, and puts a phone to her ear.

Person: Talk to Roman.

Roman: Hello?

Marleana hesitates.

The person takes out a gun and puts it to her head.

Marleana: Roman... It's me.

Roman: Marleana? What's wrong?

Marleana: Somebody kidnapped me. I'm in the New Orleans.

The person takes the phone.

Person: Come by midnight tonight, or she dies.

The person hangs up.

Marleana: Don't do this.

Person: Shut up.

Stefano unlocks the door of a room in Maison Blanche. He looks around, and doesnt see anyone.

Stefano: Where the hell did you go?

Frank is on the couch, and his wound is covered.

Sami: Your going to be ok.

Gina comes in the room.

Gina: Ok, lets get you in your rooms. Adrianna and Andrew, he will take you to a room.

She points to a guard.

Gina: Sami, Lucas.

Sami, and Lucas are taken to their room.

Gina: Max, Stephanie, Chelsea.

A guard takes them.

Gina: Bo, Billie.

A guard takes them.

Gina: Lastly, Hope and Frank. Stay here.

Gina leaves the room.

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Roman walks into a room in the New Orleans.

Woman: The bird no longer remains in the nest, Roman.

Roman: Oh my God.

Jeannie picks the lock at the DiMera mansion.


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