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Episode #85 - Friday, April 7th:



Episode #85 - Friday, April 7th:

- Roman and Caroline go to Shawn Sr.'s side and welcome him back to the world.

- Carrie tells Austin how hurt she is that he doesn't believe her and how she can't believe how Austin has slept with Sami.

- Melissa Horton (Lisa Trusel) returns to Salem to be with her father, Mickey, when she hears of her mother, Maggie's, death.

- Roman, Abe, and Jack decide to set a trap for Tony's killer.

- Abby's new friend introduces himself as Derek. He takes her to a building he calls a shelter.

- Austin is upset with Sami for telling Carrie that they made love, but when she turns on her performance, he forgives her.

- Roman, Abe, and Jack decide to brainstorm on how to trap Tony's killer.

- Bonnie competes with Melissa over who gets to comfort Mickey.

- Shawn Sr. insists that Caroline and Roman bring him to Maggie's memorial service.

- Derek takes Abby into the building and locks her inside a room in "the shelter."

- Anna and Lucas overhear Sami saying that she has a secret.

- Derek tells a distraught Abby that he is going to make her participate in his business.

- Max realizes that Abby is missing. Max interupts Austin, Sami, Lucas, and Carrie, and they then begin a search for Abby while on their search for Will!

- Abe decides to send an anonymous tip to the Salem Spectator. The Spectator runs a story saying that the Salem Police have found a new lead in Tony's case, and when they crack the DNA testing on it, they will know if Tony's killer is Kate Roberts, Abby Devereaux, or Bonnie Lockhart.

- Alice, Mickey, and Melissa recall their fondest memories of Maggie as they have a candlelight vigil in honor of her memory at St. Luke's. All of Salem comes out to remember Maggie Horton.

- Maggie is seen in a mysterious cabin being taken care of a faceless stranger.


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