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Episode #84 - Thursday, April 6th:



Episode #84 - Thursday, April 6th:

- Mickey mourns Maggie's death.

- Caroline is thrilled when Shawn awakens. Victor can't help but be jealous.

- Max has a nightmare about Abby's shooting.

- Austin awakes and is convinced that he has slept with Sami. Sami plays coy and says that she was drunk very early in the night. Austin theorizes with Sami's help that he, too, must have gotten drunk and they must have made love in their hotel room.

- Max wakes up in his hotel room to a very sexy Cassie who seduces him into having sex.

- Kate realizes that Victor still loved Caroline.

- Bonnie comforts Mickey over Maggie's death.

- Lucas and Carrie suggest that they continue their search for Will.

- Kate confronts Victor about still having feelings for Caroline.

- Alice is skeptical about Bonnie and urges Mickey to stay away from her.

- Cassie makes it a point to tell Abby about her amazing sex session with Max.

- Sami tells Carrie that she and Austin made love. Carrie is devastated. She slaps Sami and tells her that she'll prove that Sami framed Carrie for blackmailing Nicole out of town.

- Abby flees the hotel, crying after her encounter with Cassie.

- Mickey does not take Alice's advice and seeks comfort in Bonnie.

- Kate and Victor's exchange gets heated. Their anger turns to passion, and they make love.

- Alice offers to call Melissa, Maggie and Mickey's daughter and break the news to her. But Mickey thinks it should come from him.

- A sharp looking man in his twenties finds Abby very emotional and offers her a place to take refuge. Abby agrees.


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