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Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Tony is still stunned after learning that Daphne had another child with Stefano. He is even more stunned that he is has to seek out his ex-wife, Liz Curtis, to learn the identity of the child and to fill in the rest of the blanks. Just then, the guard Tony knocked unconscious begins to slam on the door, along with another guard. Tony realizes he has to get out of there and that he has to reach Steve and Hope. He just hopes he isn't too late to save them from the gas. Tony goes over to the bedroom window and realizes it's the only way out. He pockets the two pieces of paper he found in the painting and climbs out the window.

Meanwhile, Hope and Steve continue to lay in each other's arms. Hope struggles to stay awake and looks over at the pipe. She sees that the pieces of her blouse she tore off aren't working and the gas is filtering in quickly. She gets up and struggles to stay on her feet as she walks toward the pipe. She tries to position the fabric better in the pipe but realizes there is nothing she can do to stop the gas. She covers her mouth and goes back to Steve. She taps him gently on the shoulder and tells him that it's not looking good.

Hope then notices that he doesn't seem to be breathing. She recalls that he breathed in alot more gas then her when it first started filtering in. She calls out his name repeatedly while also shaking him desperately, trying to wake him up. He doesn't stir and, as she checks his pulse, she realizes she has to do CPR. She gets dizzy and nearly passes out but recovers. She begins compressions and yells out to Steve:

Hope: Don't you leave me like this! You hear me!! I can't lose you! I can't!!

Hope continues CPR as the scene shifts to...



Marlena continues to break down in Barbara's arms, saying it's all her fault.

Marlena (crying hysterically): I should've died that day!! Not my sister!! My poor sister!! My poor family!! All I bring is pain and and suffering to them!! I don't deserve them!! I don't deserve to be loved!!

Barbara tells Marlena to relax and then decides she needs to bring her out of her hypnotic state. She tells Marlena to awaken when she counts to ten. She counts to ten and tells Marlena stirs. She stares at Barbara and asks what happened. Barbara fills her in, saying she took her through the events of the past year and all the guilt she feels over traumatic events she experienced that she feels led to pain and heartache for her family.

Marlena asks Barbara what her professional opinion is. Barbara tells Marlena that she needs to realize that all the kidnappings and mind control incidents were not her fault and needs to move past them. She tells Marlena she also needs to forgive herself for Sam's death as that is the one traumatic event that seems to have started it all in her mind and seems to be where most of her guilt is stemming from. Barbara adds that she believes that is why Sam was the dominant personality when Marlena was stricken by her disorder. She tells Marlena she needs to forgive herself and move past all these traumatic events, especially Sam's death, or else she may never truly recover.

Marlena contemplates Barbara's words as the scene shifts to...


Forrest insists Sylvia has nothing to do with the mission and orders Miranda to keep her out of this. Miranda demands assurance that Forrest won't compromise the mission. Forrest assures he won't and that he is in this to complete the mission at hand. There is no other reason. Miranda still doesn't seem to buy it and says she will let it go on this day but will be watching him. She tells him she needs to go but she will keep in touch and warns him to keep his focus. She also tells him that if he feels he can't do this without looking at Abby and seeing Sylvia, then he needs to let her know so he can back out and they can find someone else. She will not let the mission become a failure because he still hasn't gotten over losing Sylvia. Forrest says he understands and that Miranda has nothing to worry about. Miranda coldly stares at him before saying she hopes he is right and then leaving the room.

After she leaves, the phone rings. A frustrated Forrest wonders who else is going to try to ruin his day. He answers the phone in an huff and quickly realizes it's Abby and apologizes. Abby asks if everything is ok. Forrest says he is fine. He just needs some rest before leaving on the trip. Abby senses some upset in his voice and asks if he is sure he is alright. Forrest's frustration boils over as he lashes out at Abby, saying he is fine and just needs her to back off. A stunned Abby says she will leave him alone but is stopped before she can finish her sentence as Forrest apologizes. Forrest tells Abby he is just nervous about the trip and for her recovery. He wants her to be well and he also admits being a bit tired and having a headache.

Abby says she understands and is sorry to have bothered him. Forrest tells her she was fine. She just caught him at a bad time. Abby smiles and tells him she had never heard him like that and it took her by surprise. Forrest tells her he is not usually like that. Abby tells him it's over and done with and that she looks forward to tomorrow. She was just calling to see when he was picking her up. Forrest tells her around 7:30AM since their flight is at 10:00AM. Abby says ok and that she will see him tomorrow. She orders him to get some rest and to feel better. Forrest thanks her before they both say goodnight and hang up.

After hanging up, Abby wonders if there was more to Forrest lashing out at her then what he said. She then thinks she is over analyzing and returns to packing her things. Meanwhile, Forrest sits on the couch of his suite and looks at the picture in his wallet yet again, saying with tears in his eyes:

Forrest: My, sweet Sylvia. Oh, how I miss you. I love you so much...so much (a tear steams down his face)...

Forrest wipes his eyes with his handkerchief and continues to be fixated by the picture as the scene shifts to...


Marlena admits to Barbara she isn't sure she can do all that. Barbara tells her it's the only way. There isn't much else she can do. The majority of it is up to Marlena know. She tells Marlena to do as she said and to continue to take her medication. She also wants to schedule another session. Marlena tells Barbara she will call her with a date and time. Barbara says she will hold her to that and tells her to make sure she remembers. Marlena promises and thanks Barbara for everything. Barbara smiles and embraces her, telling her to remember what she said and to try to relax and take care of herself. Marlena nods and says goodbye to Barbara. Barbara tells her the same as Marlena slowly leaves her office. Once outside Barbara's office, Marlena wipes tears from eyes and says:

Marlena: I don't think I can do what you said, Barbara. I'm not sure I'm even ready or if I will ever be ready.

Marlena then tries to collect herself and walks off as the scene shifts to...


Tony climbs through another window on the lower level of the house and is now back inside. He looks out for any guards and can hear footsteps above him, which makes him realize he must hurry. He races down a long hallway, praying he isn't too late.

Meanwhile, in the pit, Hope continues CPR and gets woozy, nearly falling backwards. Hope realizes she is becoming overcome with the gas and it's starting to affect her despite her covering her mouth with fabric from her blouse and pipe with fabric. It's no longer working and they are running out of time. Hope;s eyes fill with tears as she realizes Steve still doesn't have a pulse. She continues with CPR and then begins to lose hope. She breaks down in tears and pounds on Steve's chest with her fists, saying:

Hope: No!! You can't do this to me!! Your not allowed to!! You said we were in this together, damnit!! Come on...don't do this!! Damnit!! Someone please help!! Help!!

Just then, Hope hears Tony screaming her and Steve's names and calls out to him. The door is locked and Tony can't seem to get in so he searches for something to bust through the door. He races up and down a hallway until he opens a closet and finds a rusty old crowbar. Tony uses it and busts open the door. He then looks into the pit and apologizes that it took him so long. He asks if Steve is ok. Hope says he inhaled alot more gas and isn't waking up or breathing. She tells Tony to find a rope because they need to get out of there and into fresh air fast. Tony searches around him and then races back out into the hallway as a desperate Hope tells him to hurry.

Hope bends down and puts her face closer to Steve's, begging him to hang in there. After a few moments, Tony returns with a bed sheet and some curtains and throws them down, asking Hope if they can combine them and make them long enough. She thinks they can and begins to tie them together. Tony tells her to tie the makeshift rope around Steve and he will pull him up. Hope just hopes the fabric is tough enough. Tony tells her they have no choice.

After Hope has tied the bed sheet and curtains together, she ties the makeshift rope around Steve and makes sure it's tight. She tells Tony to pull him up and to hurry. Tony pulls him and, after a short struggle, manages to pull him up. Tony then sends the "rope" down to Hope and pulls her up with successfully with little struggling. Hope and Tony both kneel down by Steve and realize he is still not breathing. Hope asks Tony to help her with CPR.

After a few minutes, Tony stops. Hope tells him he can't stop. Tony shakes his head as a tearful Hope says she isn't stopping. She isn't giving up on him. She won't give up on him. Tony notices the growing bond between Steve and Hope and Hope's desperation to keep him alive and for him not to leave her. Hope begs Steve not to leave her and to fight to come back to her and to all the people who love him and need him. Tony tells Hope it's no use. Just then, Steve begins to stir and smiles, saying:

Steve (coughs and looks at Hope): Hey...what's all...(coughs)...the hoopla...
Hope: Oh, thank God!! (embraces Steve) I don't know what I would've done if I lost you!

Tony watches as Steve and Hope embrace each other, noticing the bond once again and saying to himself that they were always close but never like that. Tony then hears footsteps getting closer and tells Steve and Hope they have to get out of there now. Hope gets dizzy and Tony catches her. Tony tells her they need to get out to fresh air and need to leave the house now as the guards are closing in. Hope agrees.

Hope and Tony both help Steve up and help him walk out of the room as the scene fades to black.




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