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Days of Our Lives characters--just a few... first impressions

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Well, I watched a few more YouTube clips of Days of Our Lives. And I saw a few new characters.

Now, first of all... I must say that I like Shane and Kim very, very much. They are so sweet, and they're like the PERFECT couple, even though they've obviously had their problems in their relationship, just like any other couple.

I also saw a little of Belle and... Shawn, was it? And Belle's miscarriage of Shawn's child. That was so emotional, and so sad.

Furthermore, I saw Marlena for the first time, and I would say she is a very sweet woman and a kind mother. I haven't seen much of her yet, however I will say that my first impression was a good one.

Although Daysfan and I talked a little about what happened when she was possessed in the series, during the 94-95 era, and from what she described... I think I do not wish to see that for myself, because frankly, things like that creep me out, big time. Anything that deals heavily with the occult, or actual demons... *shudder* Gives me chills. Plus I heard it was very poorly handled in the storyline anyway.

Oh yeah, and I also watched the very, very first episode of Days. I'll say this, I'm slowly learning my way around the series, and I'm slowly figuring out who everyone is and what their names are. Anyway, one thing I found particularly likeable in the first episode was Julie Horton. Man, that girl was SUCH a spoiled brat in that episode, and in the following one... has no respect whatsoever for her elders. And yet somehow... she was just such a loveable character, in my opinion. I think I would like to see more of her, and... see how she grows up, hehe.

Anyway, so far, I would have to say that my most favorite characters are Kim and Shane, simply because they are so wonderful together and they're a beautiful couple, and I also like Julie Horton, although I haven't seen much of her yet.

So yeah, I think that is enough for this blog entry, heh. Signing off >.>

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I personally loved the Possession and yes it was very Gothic and campy. Even creepy at times so its a good thing you didn't watch. Good background music, crazy stuff happening. It was great entertainment for me

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