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Anna and Tony



I watched another clip on Youtube the other day, one that involved these two. It was a scene where Anna woke up and discovered Tony gone, and had thought he had run out on her after she had poured out her heart to him, so she almost checked out and left the hotel. Then when Tony returned--apparently having just gone out and made some plans--he found out that Anna was leaving, and thought that she was running out on him. But thankfully, they managed to get that miscommunication straightened out, and it looked like their relationship had taken a turn for the better.

Overall I thought it was rather humorous in some ways, though at the same time, not so humorous. I mean, it was very realistic, and unfortunately things like that can happen between real people. And yes, I know this is just a television show, but it had occured to me that things might not have been worked out so well, and they could have been angry at each other for a looong time, maybe never discovering the truth or only finding out after it was too late. So overall, it is good that those two got it worked out, apologized, and renewed their relationship.

Oh yeah, and another couple I saw a little bit of was... Bo and Billie. Honestly I have not yet seen enough of them to form an opinion, but... Billie seems like such a ditz :P


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