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Kim and Shane in London



So I watched yet another clip on Youtube, involving Shane and Kim, who have become my favorite couple on Days. It was the clip where they were at London, and made love for the first time. They started kissing, and were just starting to get into it, when Kim hesitated and moved away, saying she wasn't sure about it. But then, Shane told her--for the first time--that he loved her, and she told him that she loved him back. So then... they made love.

Now, once again... I'm impressed with the portrayal, and the way it was done in the storyline. I think that, too often today, romance can sometimes seem... forced in a storyline, or more lustful than anything else. Or sometimes, the opposite can be true, where the couple only acts nicey-nicey and it makes it look like love is nothing more than a few sweet words, a hug, and a peck on the cheek, with an occasional all-out smooch.

But this portrayal, it was beautiful, and it was perfect. It's like... it showed what true love is really all about. Or maybe what true love should be all about, and what it should be like.

Man, I keep finding more and more to praise Days of Our Lives about, heh. Well, at least the episodes that aired in the 1980's--I haven't seen much else to form an opinion yet. But so far, I just gotta say... the storylines are beautiful, and the characters are very well portrayed.


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