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Jan Spears is CRAZY

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So since it's been... forever since I've even been here, or posted anything at all, or even looked at this blog for that matter, I figured I would post something just for the heck of it.

(On a side note, I'm going to have to go back through and look at this blog, simply because I have totally forgotten what I've even posted in here O__o)

So I've seen quite a bit of the Jan Spears saga (as I'll call it) on Youtube. To be quite honest, I think she's insane and she's evil... but that's what makes her such a neat character.

I can't believe some of the lengths she went through to try and make Shawn love her, although considering the fact that she's an obsessed pyscho-woman, it's not overly surprising. And it's really cute how she thinks her Kewpie doll actually speaks to her.

In many ways though, I feel bad for Heather Oleson. I mean, I'm sure she tried her best to act the part, and it's not entirely her fault if she can't act too well. I will definitely say I prefer Heather Lindell's acting, but part of me just feels bad for Heather Oleson, that's all.

And... I do wonder if Jan will ever be back on the show, someday.

That's all I guess... signing off.

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