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Shane and Kim's First Date



So I watched a couple more clips on Youtube from Days of Our Lives. Honestly, these days, YouTube is my main source, whenever I want to look up a TV show or something.

Well, I watched Shane and Kim's first date. This is the first time I've really seen the couple, and... I think they're charming. Kim has spunk, I'd say, and she's not afraid to voice her opinion, and when she doesn't like something or doesn't want to do something, she says so, clearly. She also has a heart, and seems like a sweet woman.

And Shane, well... first off I'll say he's cute, LOL. Very good-looking. But yeah, anyway, I think he's a tad bit pushy sometimes, but he's very patient, he's very encouraging, and all throughout the episode I saw, he treated Kim like she was a queen. It shows genuine affection, and it shows he cares. Frankly... I wish I could see more couples getting along like they do. I mean, it would be nice if people in the real world could interact as well as them.

When I started watching this episode, somehow I had a feeling that Shane would still get her to go horse-back riding, even though she kept insisting she wouldn't do it. I mean, he seems like a person who knows her very well, and he probably had everything planned out to the letter, including how she would react, and how he would talk her into going. But I can also tell it wasn't done out of selfishness... I think he was just trying to help her get over her fear of horse-back riding. He didn't push her or force her or anything, he just talked her into it, and then he was very encouarging when helping her get on the horse, even when they had a little miscommunication over which foot she was supposed to give him, heh.

Then later, after they were finished horse-back riding and got back to her home, she was aching all over. He tells her what she needs is a hot bath, and that he's got just the thing to help with her aches and pains. She says he is NOT going into her bathroom, but... somehow, I sorta knew he would end up doing it anyway.

In the next scene, she is in the bathtub, enjoying a hot bath, and then... Shane walks in, with his hand over his eyes. I'll admit I was a little "OH MY GOSH!" when he walked right in on her like that, but like I said, I kinda figured he was going too, heh. I thought that the way he kept his hand over his eyes was very gentleman-like.

Overall, I think it was a very sweet episode, and they make an adorable couple. Both are charming, both are considerate, and... they're both hilarious together.


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