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Question about Days of Our Lives



Okay well... I am taking a break from that original fic series I was working on, partly because I have a bit of writer's block with it, but also because I spent so much time working on it yesterday it gave me a headache, LOL. Plus... I think it's getting a little ridiculous in some ways anyway. *snort*

Anyway, the main purpose of this entry is I wanted to ask if anyone had any good recommendations for some good Days of Our Lives episodes. Like... which episodes were your favorite, and why? And which era did you like best? The 80's, 90's, or when?

Personally.... from what little I have seen so far, I think I might like the 80's, although I tend to prefer TV shows from around that era anyway, because I like the way they were written. So far I have only seen the 1987 Christmas episode of Days of Our Lives, but... I think I might like to see more from that era as well.

So anyway... like I said, I just wanted to ask for opinions and recommendations from other Days fans :)

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for me anything from 92 to about 98-99 was must watch. And the beginning of The SSk storylines. I have heard Cruise of deception was very good. People say when the Brady's and Dimera's first came the show was good( Early to Mid 80's I think)

People also say Bill Bell's Days was good too. Bill/Laura/Mickey

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