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9/25/07-SHIFT PART 2



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Tony leads Hope and Steve into the main living room. Steve asks who the decorator is. Hope smiles, asking Steve if he has any appreciation for homes like that. Steve says all he appreciates is a cold beer, a good bratwurst and the Rams playing football on television........when they ain’t stinking up the joint. Tony walks over and tells them that they should all look around separately. He says that no one will interrupt them, seeing as the only guard is standing outside. Steve looks at Hope, saying that it is weird that there would be a guard outside now.........but most of the time, back n Salem, people walk around willy nilly without a care in the world and there isn’t a guard or cop anywhere around. Hope says that’s how things are, she guesses. Tony adds on, saying that he would be surprised if a henchman is standing in the bathroom right now.

While Tony heads off to search some bedrooms upstairs, Hope and Steve walk into the billiard room and Hope turns a light on. Steve tells her to keep the lights off but Hope ask how does he expect anyone to see in all this darkness. Steve says he’ll use his bionic eye, to which Hope responds that his name is Steve Johnson, not Steve Austin. Well, Steve says, he is going to keep the lights off so they aren’t found out. Hope once again disagrees. Steve asks if she gives Bo this much grief, to which she responds that of course she does. That’s why they have stayed together for so long.

At that moment, Steve walks over to a shelf and starts to take one of the books off of it. Hope runs over and tries to stop him..........but the guard who was out front is now inside and presses a lever on the wall outside the room that sends both Steve and Hope crashing downward into a dark pit. Both lay on the floor, unconscious, as Tony walks up from behind the guard and puts his arm around him, only offering two words...........

Tony: Excellent work.

As Hope and Steve lay on the floor, the scene shifts to..................


Kayla walks in and sits down in the same booth Bo is sitting in. At that moment, Lincoln walks into the Pub and takes a seat behind them. Kayla sees this and asks who that man is and what is he doing there. Bo says that he is just.............a friend. He also says that Lincoln is there to keep an eye on things. Kayla is surprised, seeing as half the time you can’t find any of Victor’s men or a cop around for nothing. Bo says he knows. She also says that they need to keep an eye on Nicole. No telling what she will do. Bo looks at Kayla and says.....

Bo: What I hope happens is that someone smacks the [!@#$%^&*] out of her.
Kayla: Bo!
Bo: Don’t give me that “Bo!”stuff. With as much trouble as that girl has caused, it’s a wonder she hasn’t been dealt with any sooner.
Kayla: But, Bo.........she feels so left out. She loved Eric so much and now this girl shows up saying that Samuel is his child? How is she supposed to feel?
Bo: Kay, when are you going to start seeing people for who they are, huh? Nicole is no good and I’ve got more important things to worry about than some tramp who knows nothing but starting trouble.
Kayla: Well............I guess the compassionate little brother that I had is gone now. Suppose that is what happens when you hang around Victor Kiriakis.
Bo: Victor doesn’t have one damn thing to do with this. And you want to talk about compassion? How compassionate were you when you stole my X-Men comics and threw them away, huh?
Kayla: That’s what you deserved for telling my boyfriend that he shouldn’t date me because I had a B.O. problem. He wouldn’t come near me for a month.
Bo: Look, I just thought he wasn’t the right guy for you. I did you a favor.
Kayla: Well, then............do one for me now. Keep an eye on Nicole, ok?

Bo gets up, walks up to Kayla, hugs his sister, and says...........

Bo: Ok. For you.........I’ll keep an eye on her. To be honest..........I’m just as worried as you are. I hope she doesn’t do something stupid.
Kayla: So do I, Bo.

The scene fades then fades into..........


Victor sits at a huge antique table as he, Nico, and a couple of other men read over some documents that belong to Orpheus. Roman walks in and hands Victor and Nico two glasses of vintage Bordeaux as Victor tells Roman that the documents he received will prove invaluable. Victor asks how he got his hands on this information. Roman pauses and then says that Victor has his ways of doing things........and he has his own. Victor smiles, only saying.....

Victor: Touche’.

As the men laugh, Maggie comes downstairs and walks into the living room. She walks right up to Victor, saying in a very angry tone....

Maggie: Greta is still laying in a hospital room, fighting for her life........and you are making plans?!
Victor: Woman.........I have had it up to here with you going on about this. Seems like every time I see you, you tell me about Greta. Can’t you come up with another tune please?!
Maggie: So your daughter’s well being doesn’t matter?
Victor: I don’t need YOU or anyone else to tell me my feelings about my children. I’m the [!@#$%^&*] head of this family........and, if you don’t like it........THERE’S THE DAMN DOOR, WOMAN!!!
Maggie: Victor.........all I’m trying to do is get you to realize that all of this.............death and destruction isn’t worth it. Can’t you see that?
Victor: There is only one thing I want to see...........

Stefano and Orpheus’s graves. Now...............if you’ll excuse us.............

Maggie looks at Victor then turns and looks at Roman, who says not one word, and she then turns and storms out the living room, slamming the door behind her. Victor tells the men that they need to resume the meeting, to which Roman says....

Roman: Seems like you and I have the same problem, Vic.
Victor: Yes, Roman. It seems that we do indeed.

Roman turns back around and starts looking over Orpheus’s financial records as Victor just stares at the door...........in absolute silence.

At that moment, Victor’s face morphs into.............


Stefano’s face, who is standing near the huge window of the suite. He looks out on Salem as one of his men walks in with a letter. Stefano puts down his brandy sniffer and opens the letter up, reading it very quickly. He gets a determined look on his face as he thanks his guard for bringing the letter in. As Stefano dismisses him, the guard walks over to the door and then looks back, announcing that Stefano has a visitor.........

Stefano: Yes, show him in.

The person walks in and over to Stefano, who asks him.........

Stefano: So, what are the Brady's up to?
Lincoln Bane: Right now, Stefano, they have so much family drama going on the last thing Bo, his father, or Roman are thinking about is getting you.
Stefano: Excellent, Lincoln. You have done well.
Lincoln: As usual.
Stefano: (laughing) Ah, the arrogance of youth. How I miss it so.
Lincoln: Well, you’re not doing too bad in that department, Stefano. Taking on Victor and Orpheus........some may say that’s MIGHTY arrogant.
Stefano: (putting his arm around Lincoln) No, no. Not arrogance. Playing the averages. Something my father taught me when I was a young man starting in the family. So............the Brady's don’t expect a thing, yes?
Lincoln: Not one damn thing. We’re positioning men and equipment right now. When you give the word.......
Stefano: We strike. Come, Lincoln. Time for a game of chess.
Lincoln: You bet, Stefano.

Stefano leads Lincoln into the next room when another one of Stefano’s men come in. He whispers in Stefano’s ear and Lincoln asks.......

Lincoln: Trouble?
Stefano: Yes.........yes, I think so.
Lincoln: What kind of trouble?

Stefano stares off into the distance completely incredulous, then turns and looks at Lincoln, ordering him to......

Stefano: Find Roman Brady. Whatever you do.........do you understand?
Lincoln: Aye, maybe I could......
Lincoln: Crystal.

Lincoln stomps out, holding his rage in check, as Stefano looks down at his chessboard, takes one step forward......

And then picks the chessboard up, throwing it against the wall and cursing Roman.....

Stefano: That bastard!!! So........if he thinks removing his face and wiping out his memory was tragic.....

Imagine what he’ll think when I destroy his LIFE!!!!!!!

The scene then fades from an enraged Stefano to..............


Joelle drags an unconscious Lucas into her bedroom and drops him on her bed. She looks down at him, wondering what to do next. Lucas then starts to stir but is so out of it he doesn’t know where he is. What upsets Joelle is that he keeps calling out for Sami. But, Joelle perks up when she comes up with an idea. She slowly starts to take Lucas' clothes off as the scene then dissolves into........


Orpheus is monitoring what is happening at Stefano’s compound when one of his men comes in and tells him that his lady operative is about to put their plan into effect. Orpheus smiles at his man, thanking him for this latest information and ordering that Samantha Brady is not to be disturbed until Orpheus says so. The man obeys and leaves the room as Orpheus then starts upstairs to Sami’s room.

Once there, he walks in and says hi. Sami turns and tells him that if he doesn’t want another slap, he better stay away from her. Orpheus says that he is tired of the threats. They need to learn how to be at least civil to each other. Sami says she can’t be civil. He kidnapped her and took her from her family. Now, how is she supposed to react to him? Orpheus agrees, saying that he was wrong to do that to her. It was never her. It was never her mother. His torment is only for one person......

Roman Brady.

Sami asks him why he doesn’t give up this stupid [!@#$%^&*] with her father. Orpheus walks closer to her, telling her.....

Orpheus: My dear.......your father has had this on the books for 20 years. Anything I must do to get to Roman........I’ll do. And, if that means that I go through each and every person close to him......his daughters, his surviving son, his brother, sisters, his mother, and his lady........so be it.

There is a knock at the door and Orpheus excuses himself. He steps out into the hallway, speaking with one of his men. It is one of his chief advisers, who tells him.........


Michael Stone: Your operative is in position, so to speak. Should we pipe it through to Ms. Brady’s room?
Orpheus: Of course. Also, make sure that none of the other channels can get anything but that, understood?
Michael Stone: Yes sir. It’s as good as done.

Michael walks off as Orpheus re-enters Sami’s room, long enough to tell her that there is a special program on tonight that she just might want to see. He then bids her a good night and leaves as Sami hurries and cuts on her television.

When she looks at her television...........she sees who appears to be Lucas, laying semi-consciousness in someone’s bed. It’s Joelle’s apartment and Joelle is almost done taking off Lucas’ clothes. Joelle then stops, turns around.....

And looks right into the camera, smiling. She then says........

Pity he may not remember this. Pleasant dreams..........

And turns off the feed as a shocked and now crying Sami drops to her knees. After a few moments, she looks towards the door, jumps up, runs to it, and starts banging her hands on the door, screaming at Orpheus to........

Sami: LET ME OUT!!!!! GET ME OUT OF HERE, YOU SICK !@#$%^&*]!!!!!! LET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!

As Orpheus stands against the door...............laughing. The scene then freeze-frames on his face as Sami’s screams and Orpheus’s laughter can be heard as the scene slowly fades to black.




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I knew that there was a reason I hated Joelle! I have hated her since the moment she came into this blog. She must die and I really want Alyson to do it. I want to bitchslap her all the way back to whatever rock she crawled out of.

Great casting with Marky Mark. The hot man quotient just went way up *grin*. No seriously, he will do awesome.

Love the interactions with Maggie and Victor and with Steve and Hope. Steve and Hope are fast becoming my favorite couple and there is so much sexual tension there. I would love to see you guys capitialize on that.

Great episode and great dialogue.

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