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Kate and Miranda continue to go at it kicking, punching, rolling, slapping, etc on the grass. Philip is walking nearby and comes across the scene. He races over and breaks up the fight, asking what is going on. Kate gets to her feet and asks what he is doing there. Philip says he was meeting with a Titan client and was walking back to the office when he came across them fighting. Philip asks who the women with her is. Kate introduces both Philip and Miranda and explains that Miranda is a old friend of hers from high school who has come back for a visit. Kate explains they simply had an argument and both lost their cool. Philip asks if they are sure they were friends or rivals. Miranda claims it was her fault. She brought up a sore subject and it pushed Kate's buttons. Philip asks what that was. Kate tells him it's nothing important. A frustrated Philip tells Kate that keeping secrets from him is not the way to get back into his life. Kate says she isn't hiding anything that is worth telling as she looks at a sadistically smiling Miranda.



Lucas begins to slur his speech and becomes wobbly in his seat at the bar as he talks to Joelle about how to deal with the obstacles life throws your way. Joelle realizes the drug she gave Lucas is taking effect. Her cell then rings and she thinks it may be the hospital. Lucas tells her to take it as he clenches his head. Joelle asks if he is ok. Lucas nods, saying he is fine. Joelle goes to take the phone call in the ladies room. Lucas remains at the bar, wondering why his head is spinning. He tries to get up and walk and nearly falls over. The bartender, who is bringing a drink over to someone, notices this and races over to help. He helps Lucas back to his seat and asks if he is ok. Lucas says he is fine. He thinks he may have low blood sugar or something.

The bartender then notices a fight about to break out nearby. Lucas tells him to go ahead and take care of that. The bartender asks if he is sure. Lucas nods. The bartender leaves. Lucas then reaches for his club soda and grabs the drink the bartender was bringing over to someone. Lucas notices it seems more filled but wonders if it's his imagination. He then drinks it and notes that he is having a hard time tasting, almost like he is medicated. Lucas wonders if his lack of sleep and his long hours, on top of stress, is making him lose it as he continues to drink whatever is in the glass he mistakenly picked up.



Caroline, Bo, Kayla, Max, Stephanie, Frankie, Belle, Will, Marlena, and Nicole are all stunned by Alyson and Jean's announcement that her baby boy, Samuel, is Eric's son. Nicole doesn't believe it. Jean assures Nicole is true. Alyson explains that Eric and her met in Washington at a cafe. He was on a photography assignment and was being paid to photograph a Congressional dinner. She remembers how she bumped into him and spilled her coffee all over his shoes. He wasn't even angry with her and they just started talking and they ended up going together to the dinner. They went on several dates after that and she thought they had something. Marlena asks what happened. Alyson explains that Eric could never bring himself to tell her that he had to leave and go back overseas to Europe, Africa, and Australia. His time in Washington was extended a great deal after the dinner and she is grateful for that. It gave them time to date and to fall for each other.

Nicole rolls her eyes. Alyson goes on to say that Eric told her the night before he had to go since he had no choice and he didn't just want to leave. He also didn't want to just leave a note. Alyson admits she was angry at first but she cared about him so much it didn't matter. No man had ever made her feel so special. Jean reiterates that and says her daughter had never been so happy. Alyson explains how one thing led to another that night and Eric and her made love for the first time, producing Samuel. After she learned she was pregnant, she tried to find Eric but couldn't. She then heard of his illness and marriage and thought it best to not mess with his life. Upon hearing of his death, Alyson admits that her mother began pushing her to go to Salem and tell them all about Samuel. She was worried they would be angry she took so long to come forward and was afraid of what would happen.

Marlena tells her she had nothing to be afraid of and that they understand. They are just happy she came forward. Jean produces medical records that she claims will prove Samuel is Eric's. Marlena looks at them. Alyson says she named the baby after Eric's sister, Sami. Marlena looks up and her eyes well with tears. Alyson explains how Eric told her all about his family and how much Sami meant to him. Marlena nods, saying they were very close. Nicole thinks this is all stupid and can't believe they all forgive her for keeping Samuel a secret but punish her for having Evan and not knowing at first that he was Carrie's. Caroline tells her it's not the same. Nicole thinks they have just hated her from day one and that never changed, even when they acted in front of Eric like they were given her a chance.

Marlena thinks Nicole needs to leave. Bo and Frankie approach her to escort her out but Nicole backs away, saying she is sick of their double standards. She then looks at Samuel and says he has Eric's eyes. Nicole becomes overcome with emotion as she looks at him and notes the splitting image to Eric that he is. Caroline tells her not to get any ideas. Samuel is Alyson's child. Alyson then mentions how Eric told her all about his past loves, including Nicole and Greta. Alyson tells Nicole that Eric did love her and that he always felt she was a lost soul. Nicole fights back tears, saying she loved him too and still does. She adds that she is more lost then ever without him. Nicole then approaches Samuel and looks lovingly at him. Jean then comes up from behind and forcefully turns her around, telling her to back off. Nicole becomes enraged and then warns her that she has no idea who she is messing with.



Stefano tells Cassie to excuse him and Anna and tells her not to worry. He has this taken care of. He kisses her on the forehead and exits her room with Anna. Once outside her room, Anna tells Stefano her request is simple. She wants his help in tracking down Carrie and Evan. Stefano shakes his head and says:

Stefano: I'm not doing a damn thing for you.
Anna (confused): Why not?

Stefano then forcefully grabs her and holds her tightly in his arms.

Anna (nervously): Your hurting me, Stefano!
Stefano: Good. You will be hurt a lot worse if you ever think about trying to blackmail me again, you little wench!
Anna: I'll scream. There are people around. This is a hospital and...
Stefano: Scream all you want. I have nothing to be afraid of. You should know me better then that. Besides, no one in this hospital would dare stop me. Now, you listen and listen good because I get the sense you need a reminder of who I am. I'm Stefano Dimera and I can not be threatened. I can not be blackmailed. I can not be controlled in any fashion.
Anna: I get the sense your not going to help me.
Stefano: Good job, Anna. I knew you weren't as stupid as your actions today. You have redeemed yourself. Now, you will never threaten me or anyone in my family. Is that understood?
Anna: Yes...
Stefano: The next time you cross that line, Anna, dear, I won't be as lenient. Also, if you tell anyone about what you heard today in that room, I will make your life such a hell on earth you will be clamoring for the cell Orpheus had you in for months. Again, are we understood?
Anna: Yes, Stefano. Yes!!
Stefano: Very well!

Stefano then lets her go and pushes her away. He then tells her to run off now and to heed his words or else. Stefano returns to Cassie's room as a frightened Anna says she will just have to find some other way to find Carrie and Evan. She also tells herself she will have to stay away from Stefano and the Dimera's from now on. She's had her fill for awhile. Anna then walks off as Stefano sits by Cassie in her room. Stefano tells her it's all taken care of and Anna won't be telling anyone about what she heard concerning Greta's hit and run. Cassie is overjoyed.

Stefano asks her again if she promises to cooperate and to follow his conditions. He reminds her that, if not, there will be no second chance and she is all but out of his life for good. Cassie promises to listen to Stefano and to only act on his instructions. A pleased Stefano smiles and says good. He then realizes he has to make a phone call and tells her he will be right back. Cassie says ok as he kisses her hand and leaves the room. While alone, Cassie smiles and secretly vows to do whatever it takes to make up for her mistake and prove herself worthy to Stefano as being a part of the future of the Dimera legacy, even if it means going back on her word and acting without Stefano's say.



Philip says he doesn't even know why he bothers and tells Miranda it was nice to meet her, despite her attacking his mom. He says he almost thinks she deserves a good beating to knock some sense into her. Kate begs him not to go and asks if they can talk. Philip says he has too much going on right now and he isn't sure if he is ready to even attempt working things out with her yet. Kate tells him to call her anytime because she would really like them to talk. Philip nods and says he will see her around and then says goodbye to Miranda before leaving.

Miranda comments on how good looking and wonderful her nephew is and how she can't understand how a woman like her could produce children that turned out as well as they did. Miranda notes that it's too bad they all have to suffer having her in their lives. Kate tells her to back off. Miranda reminds Kate that her wonderful mothering skills even got her beloved Austin killed. She tells Kate that she is a prize...a Mother of the Year candidate for sure. Kate prepares to haul back and slap her but Miranda grabs Kate's arms and warns her that the WHOLE truth about her past is going to come out and she is going to be the reason why. It will be the ultimate payback for all the hell she put their mother, sister, and herself through.

Kate asks why she just didn't tell Philip when he was with them. Miranda tells Kate she wants to have fun first and pull the rug out from under her when she lest expects it. She tells Kate to enjoy things as they are because if she thinks they are bad now, they will be much worse when she is done. No one will want anything to do with her. Kate tells Miranda they will see. Miranda smiles and says they sure will. Miranda then confidently walks off, leaving behind a worried Kate, whose hands begin to shake as she also tries to fight back tears.



Joelle returns from the ladies room and says that it was the hospital and they just needed some information about her mother's previous medical issues and what not. Lucas has finished the whole drink and is slumped back in his chair. Joelle notices this and the bartender tells her that it seems her plan worked as her guy friend is out like a light or at least getting to that point. Joelle hears Lucas mumbling and sees that he is clearly out of it. The bartender tells her she better get him home and asks if she needs help. Joelle says she will be fine. She then helps Lucas, who comes to somewhat, to his feet and tells him they are leaving . Lucas asks if she is taking him to Sami. Joelle stops and seems affected by Lucas's words. She then looks at Lucas and his eyes while also hearing the bartender apologizing one more time to the patron who never received his drink. The bartender tells the patron he made the drink but must have given it to someone else by mistake or someone must have drank it by mistake at the bar or something.

Joelle begins to realize Lucas must have drank the patron's drink and worries about the combination of alcohol and the drug she gave him, citing that they aren't supposed to be mixed. She then tells Lucas that she isn't taking him to Sami but they are going back to her place. She needs to be alone with home just in case something happens because of the drug and the drink. Joelle helps him walk and tells Lucas they are going somewhere to make him feel better. A disoriented Lucas says ok as Joelle struggles to help him walk out of the bar.



Jean tells Nicole that she is not afraid of her. She knows all about her and what she is dealing with. Marlena jumps between them and tells Nicole to just leave. Nicole looks at Samuel and says she has a right to be there. Samuel is her stepson. Caroline tells Bo and Frankie to escort her out. They both then forcefully grab Nicole and drag her out. Nicole yells out that they can't get rid of her. She then breaks free of Bo and Frankie and warns everyone in the room that she doesn't care what Eric and Austin thought she could be.. She can never be the good, kind-hearted person they could see her as. She will never be "goody-goody" like Greta. Nicole notes that, even if she wanted to be, she couldn't be because the way she is treated forces her to fight for everything she wants and to fight for what she is entitled to.

Caroline tells her she isn't entitled to anything. Nicole tearfully says she had a right to be allowed in to Eric's funeral and to the reception that followed. She lashes out, saying there was no excuse for keeping her out of both. Nicole looks up above and apologizes to Eric and Austin, saying she knows they wanted her to go down another path but she can't and won't. She can't with the way things are. She will not be a doormat and she will not be treated the way she is. Nicole says she is sick of it and it's been going on for far too long, only now it's worse. Bo and Frankie then grab her and drag her out as she yells that this is far from over. Bo and Frankie leave her outside and warn her that if she goes back inside, she will be arrested. Nicole tells them she doesn't care. She isn't going to give up until she has what she wants. Bo asks what that is. Nicole tells him he will see and walks off.

Bo and Frankie walk back in. Caroline asks if Nicole is gone. Bo says she is. Alyson begins to regret telling the truth, saying she knew about Nicole and her past and what she had done recently but she is now afraid of what she may do to her and the baby. Caroline admits she is afraid too. Marlena says they will just have to keep watch over him and monitor Nicole. Marlena then adds that they will also keep watch over Jean and Alyson. Alyson thanks her. Marlena tells Alyson she was clearly special to Eric and he would love his son. Marlena only wishes Samuel could know his daddy but says Eric would want the family to band together to help. Jean and Alyson thank them all for their support and help. Caroline just hopes that Nicole stays away and that they can somehow keep her in line. Belle says that's easier said then done. Kayla thinks they just have to hope for the best. Marlena and the others agree.

Caroline, Bo, Kayla, Max, Stephanie, Frankie, Belle, Will, Marlena, and Jean all crowd around Alyson and Samuel to interact with the newfound member of the Brady family while an enraged Nicole watches from outside, saying:

Nicole: Soon...soon I will make you all regret what you did. Enjoy the peace and joy you are feeling because it will soon come crashing down. You all won't know what hit you.

A determined Nicole then displays an evil grin before turning around and walking off as the scene fades to black.



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I loved the Stefano/Anna/Cassie scenes. Terrific and everything Stefano said was so him.

Jean and Alyson are being written just right. And from the looks of what is going on with Nicole, I think I will enjoy her more than I ever have before on SL. I can't wait for her to go after the Brady family and mabye even Jean and Alyson.

Kate and Miranda are very very intriguing. As are Joelle and Lucas.

Good show! :D

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