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9/26/07-SHIFT PART 3






In the pit, Steve and Hope start to regain consciousness. Steve gets up to his feet and then helps Hope up. He asks if she is alright and she says that if falling into another pit is being fine, she’s just dandy. Steve wants to know if all Stefano did as a child is play in pits. He says he has more of them around than the Addams Family. They both then start to look around for some way out of there but Hope says that they are fooling themselves if they think they can get out. Steve turns to her and promises that he will get her out, which makes Hope smile, as she places her hand on his cheek. There is an awkward silence for a few moments as Steve and Hope stare at one another.............

And at that moment, Tony yells down into the pit, asking if they are alright. That breaks their moment and both Hope and Steve yell up to Tony, saying that they are fine. Steve then asks for him to get them out and Tony says he’ll do his best. When Tony turns around................the guard is pointing his weapon at him. Tony asks what he’s doing. The guard responds..........only his job. Tony says he only wanted them down there so they won’t get hurt in Stefano’s house and to protect them in case he learned something earth-shattering. Tony was going to release them later. The guard says that his orders are coming from someone much more important than Tony............

And the guard starts to back away from Tony. When he reaches the wall behind him, he presses another switch...........and, in the pit, gas starts to come out of the vents. Steve tries to cover Hope’s face as the gas surrounds them..........and Tony looks at the guard with hatred after what he’s done. Steve and Hope slowly start to pass out.................with consciousness slowly slipping away as they fall to the floor.


Forrest walks over to Abby with Dr. Dobbs. The doctor tells her that for her well being, she might want to leave Salem.........just until she gets better and completes her therapy. It would be better for her recovery to not have to deal with stress and distractions Abby doesn’t like the news at all, saying that she doesn’t want to leave her dad, especially now that he just got back home. Forrest tells her that everything will be alright.........and to prove it, he’ll go along with her, just to make sure she’s ok. Abby smiles at that and, after a few tense moments, agrees to go on the condition that she will come home when she is better. Abby doesn’t let on how worried she is but the doctor agrees to that and Forrest smiles at her. He then turns and looks at the doctor..............

With a slight, evil grin coming across his face.


Sami stops banging on the door as a laughing Orpheus re-enters her room. He then says...........

Orpheus: Sure didn’t take him long, did it?
Sami: But, I heard him saying my name. He still loves me.........but not as much as I love him. (After a pause) Why are you doing this to me?
Orpheus: To show you that the world has not stood still, my dear. Your family and friends have moved on. Embrace this opportunity........and start a brand new life here......with me.
Sami: You are one sick bastard, you know?
Orpheus: So I’ve been told. Gets real old sometimes.
Sami: Then stop acting like a sick bastard and it may get better.
Orpheus: My lady......you have such a way with words. Apparently, so does the beautiful Ms. Young. Wonder what sensual words she used to get your lover into bed with her?
Sami: You are just as sick and twisted as Stefano. No wonder my father hates you so much.
Orpheus: Stefano is just a blip on the radar. A huge blip.........but a blip none the less. He’ll learn...........as well your father. And now, if you’ll excuse me.

Orpheus leaves but, before he does, he picks up the remote and turns the television back on, showing a sight that makes Sami break out and start crying again. She slowly walks over to the edge of the bed and sits down..........watching Joelle in bed with a barely conscious Lucas. She prays that Lucas was not awake when it happened.........


As Lucas tries to wake up, Joelle looks down at him, stroking his hair. All Lucas can do is think of one woman and, at that moment, he regains enough consciousness to look at Joelle and say one word.........

Lucas: Sami..........

He then passes out again as Joelle looks at him, disgusted. She then looks at the monitor, saying to it.........

Joelle: Guess I’ll just have to try harder.

Joelle then shuts the monitor off once again. Back at Orpheus' place, Sami stands up, walks over to her window...........and places her forehead against it as she cries uncontrollably.


Marlena walks into Barbara’s office, ready for her first session. As Barbara comes out and greets her, Will walks in behind his grandmother. Marlena is surprised to see him, telling him that Bo had called her and told her that he was on his way home with one of Victor’s men. Marlena asks where that bodyguard is. Will says that it’s no sweat. Nobody will harm him. He says that they appear and disappear so much around Salem, who can keep track. Marlena agrees and then asks what Will is there for.

He says he wants to make an appointment to see Barbara. Marlena smiles, saying how proud Sami would be of him right now. Will smiles back, saying that he hopes she would be. Barbara asks Marlena if she is ready and Marlena says that she would feel a lot better if the good doctor saw her grandson before her. She explains that Will has been going through a tremendous amount of pain and feels that by talking it out, he can at the very least deal with it in a constructive way.

Barbara does agree but asks if Marlena is using this as an excuse to get out of her sessions. As Belle walks through the office door, Marlena assures her that that is not the case at all. She just wants Will to get better. Barbara agrees once again and tells Will that they can go into her office. After Will walks in with Barbara, Belle asks Marlena if she has seen Roman. Marlena shakes her head no. Both ladies sit down on the couch, with Marlena saying.........

Marlena: I pray that your dad is not in any serious danger. I don’t know what my life would be like if I lost him for a second time.
Belle: Neither do I, Mom. Neither do I.

Both women rest their foreheads against each other as the scene fades into..........

Barbara’s office, where Will is sitting in a chair. Barbara tells him not to be nervous. Trust has to be earned so she doesn’t want him to tell her anything he doesn’t want to. Will smiles slightly, thanking Barbara for that. She asks him what does he feel like talking about. Will says that ever since his mother died, he just feels..........lost. He tries to open up to his dad but he sees how much pain he’s in and doesn’t want to add to it at all. Barbara understands as Will continues. He says that there have been stories in the papers about some nutcase who is raping and killing women in Missouri and Illinois and it scares him. It scares him a lot, so much so that he sleeps on the couch until his father gets home from work and then finally goes to bed.

Barbara understands once again, saying that what he is experiencing is very normal. She then suggests that she put him under hypnosis. That may bring out what he is still struggling with. Will agrees, saying he’s sick of feeling the way he does and just wants to get better. Barbara tells him to come and lay down on the couch. Will thinks this is pretty cool. He always wondered if these couches really existed or not. After he lays down, Barbara slowly puts him under, telling him to relax and be calm. Will slowly drifts away, back to the recent past..........

He sees the day his mother told him about what Alan did to her and then he sees flashes of that terrible night.......when Alan raped him. Will starts to cry out, telling Alan to stop. Barbara sees how upset Will is and tries to calm Will down but can’t as Will starts yelling for Alan to leave him alone.

As Barbara tries to bring Will out of the hypnosis, he starts to lash out, swinging his arms wildly. Barbara grabs him and tries to restrain Will.........as the scene then slowly fades to black.




Clip of Tony reading something and saying:

Tony: This can't be...


Clip of Hope coughing and begging Steve to wake up.


Clip of Forrest looking at a picture.

Forrest: I'm doing what must be done.


Clip of Marlena on Barbara's couch in tears.

Marlena: No!!!


Hope: I remember...


Tony: Unbelievable!




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