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9/27/07-SHIFT PART 4



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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  1. 1. Which Character Do You Prefer?

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Barbara is still trying to calm Will down as Marlena runs into the office. Belle follows her as both women look on terrified at how Will is reacting. Marlena runs over to Will and helps Barbara bring him slowly out it. Belle looks on in shock and sadness as she watches her nephew struggle to deal with his pain. Barbara starts to bring Will back as Marlena holds him firm, telling him that he is coming out of it.

Once he comes out of it, Will lays on the couch, tears streaming down his face. He looks straight up at the ceiling, asking how did he do. Barbara tells him he did fine. She thinks that he has brought out some of the events that has turned his life upside down. They have made some progress today but there is more to be done. Will realizes that and, as he sits up on the couch, he looks at Barbara and tells her that he’s willing to keep going if she is. Barbara smiles, saying that he comes from good, good stock, to which Marlena agrees, saying that he got his strength from his mother.

Marlena then asks Belle if she could take Will to get him something to eat while she is in there with Barbara. Belle walks over and picks Will up as she and a nurse help him out of the room. Marlena then looks at Barbara and says that what just happened was unusual. Barbara agrees, saying that if anyone expects a breakthrough in one sitting, they are fooling themselves. Barbara hopes that she sees this because it’s now her turn to go under. Marlena was hoping she had forgotten about that. Barbara tells her to lay down on the couch.

Barbara tells Marlena she knows how it’s done. Marlena does and closes her eyes as Barbara starts to count backwards, telling Marlena that she is getting more and more calm. Marlena slips into a deep consciousness as Barbara starts to ask her questions about what has happened to her. Marlena thinks back, unlocking memories form her past...........

Memories of Bo telling her that Roman is dead, of Abe shooting police officer Richard Cates, of her giving birth to Sami and Eric, being kidnapped by Stefano, being held by Orpheus, hearing the news that her sister, Samantha, was dead, falling into a volcano, coming back and working for Orpheus.......... it all comes back to her in waves and she starts reacting to these memories. Marlena starts thrashing about, trying to bring herself out of the hypnosis as Barbara looks on stunned.


Sami stops crying long enough to see that Orpheus has returned. He tells her that Will started his first session this morning. Hell, he may end up just as batty as her mother and her aunt Samantha before long. A crying Sami runs over to him and starts beating on him, screaming at him that he is beyond evil. Orpheus grabs her hands, telling her in a loud, stern voice that he will not put up with any of this for much longer. Sami calms down for a brief moment and then looks up at Orpheus, smiles at him........

And knees him in the groin. She runs past him as he drops to the floor and runs out the door. She sprints down the hallway and heads to the elevators, pressing the buttons repeatedly. When the door opens up.......Michael stands right in front of her. He gets off the elevator and grabs her by the arm, leading her back to her room as Orpheus comes out. He looks at her with contempt, saying..........

Nice try, my dear. Too bad you came up short.
Sami: One day, Orpheus. One day...........I WILL get out of here. And.........I can’t WAIT for the day my dad gets you in his sights. There will be hell to pay then, !@#$%^&*].
Orpheus: More threats. (looking at Michael) Take this bitch back into her room. Make sure she doesn’t escape, is that clear?
Michael: Yes, sir.

Michael practically throws Sami into her room and watches her land on the floor. When she gets back up, she lunges at the door but it slams shut in front of her. She bangs on it once again, begging God for someone to find her.......

So that she can finally go home.


Billie asks Jack that if Alex is his son, what will that mean to him. Jack says that one thing it will mean is that he can have a guy whose grown to bash the Bears with. Billie tells him to be serious. Jack says he is, telling her he doesn’t know how he’ll react. He’ll just wait. Billie says wait until his investigation is complete. Jack asks how she knew and she says she knows him. Jack has been suspicious of “Fred” ever since he met him on the ship and he wants to find out what he’s doing hanging around his daughter.

Abby then shows up with Dr. Dobbs and Forrest to tell them some big news..........that she is leaving Salem to improve her treatment and that Forrest is coming with her. Jack gets up from his desk and walks over to Forrest/Fred, looking him right in the eye and asking him how does he have so much influence over Abby. Forrest/Fred smiles slightly, saying he’s just a handsome guy who knows a nice young lady when he sees one. He also says that with his friends, Jack should be grateful someone is watching over her. Jack says he’ll do that just fine and doesn’t need any interference from him.

Abby stops both men from coming to blows, saying that her doctor said it would be best for everyone. Jack doesn’t buy that at all and says he’ll make some calls to find out what’s going on. Billie then steps forward and tells Forrest that if any harm comes to Abby........there will be hell to pay. Forrest smiles again, wondering what has to happen for them to stop with the interrogation.

Later on, Jack puts down the phone, saying that he checked up on Dr. Dobbs and says that he’s on the up and up. Jack still doesn’t want Forrest going but Abby steps in, saying that her father has no say so in who she goes with, seeing as she’s past 18 years old. The doctor then says that Jack and even Billie can visit, so long as they call first. Forrest tells them that this should prove everything is proper and above board. Abby says she will come by tomorrow and say goodbye and also truly wants Jack not to worry. She also thinks they should keep all this between those in the room because she doesn't want everyone getting their hopes up for nothing. Billie agrees, saying that would just make it harder for Abby to deal with if she doesn't progress as well she hopes. Jack walks over and kisses Abby on her forehead, telling her he’ll see her tomorrow. She is then led out of the room by Forrest and the doctor and he says he’ll take her to the Horton's to pack her things. He then bids Jack and Billie a nice day.

When Billie asks if Jack is going to let that happen, he says he has no choice. He has nothing on “Fred” right now. But he will and when he gets it..........that man will have to answer to him. Billie walks over and pats Jack’s chest as the scene fades to black.




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