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Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Forrest sits in his hotel suite alone, drinking a glass of wine. He raises the glass in the air and offers a toast to himself for managing to stay on track with his mission, even with Jack being back in Salem. He goes to put his wine glass on the end table and realizes he has yet to put his wallet away. As he reaches for it, it accidentally falls out of his hand and to the ground, leaving it opened up face down. Forrest picks it up and turns it over and the color in his face drains as he stares at something in the wallet. He is clearly fixated on something and tears begin to well up in his eyes as there is a knock at the door. Forrest wipes the tears from his eyes and goes to open the door. Upon opening it, Forrest says:

Forrest: What do you want? It's not a good time.

Miranda then walks in and asks:

Why? Are you thinking about her again? I am beginning to wonder about your competency, Forrest? If you can't complete this mission, then I will find someone who will. Lives are at stake, damnit!!

Forrest coldly looks at Miranda and then turns his attention back toward looking at the thing he was fixated on prior to Miranda showing up. Meanwhile, a frustrated Miranda looks on.


Marlena's therapy session with Barbara continues as Barbara tries to calm Marlena and assures her it's ok and that she is safe. She then tells Marlena that she will count to ten and, by the time she reaches ten, she will be completely calm. Barbara counts to ten and Marlena obeys the command. Barbara is pleased and tells Marlena that she wants her to revisit the event that followed her return to Salem after she fell into a volcano and was presumed dead. Marlena begins to recall these events in sequence from her return to Salem and reunion with family and friends on Christmas Eve, to her lashing out at Belle and Sami and trying to kill Roman via gun and smothering him with a pillow, to her interactions with James and Orpheus as the MCF, to her being setup by Orpheus and locked in a psych ward for two months, and to her actions on the cruise ship. Marlena also recalls Roman helping her overcome her alters to become in control again as the ship was sinking.

Barbara is pleased that Marlena worked through all that calmly and says she wants to go back to the events leading up to her fall into the volcano and to what led to her multiple personality disorder. Barbara helps Marlena go back in time to May 2006 on Morgan Island. Many Salemites are after Alex North (then believed to be Stefano Dimera but later ended up being Wendell) and Marlena is after him as well but is also trying to find her loved ones. Marlena explains that her memory had just returned and her and her family were so close to finally ending their nightmare. Barbara asks Marlena what happened. Marlena explains that Tek, who was a Dimera employee and was working for Ernesto and Andre at the time, found her and reminded her of many of the horrible things that happened in her life. Marlena explains that those events were the trigger put into place by Alex/Stefano to keep her under his control if she ever got her memory back and he was unable to control her. Marlena adds that Tek used her bad memories to brainwash her and that he also placed commands in her head. Her psyche was vulnerable and Tek had learned some techniques while working with the ISA.

Marlena explains that her nightmare began that night. One of the suggestions was for Marlena to do Ernesto's bidding and to help "kill" many of the people she loves to bring them to his island. In her mind on the surface, Marlena explains, she was destroying them for revenge but that made no sense. It was just a brainwash command that Tek gave to her for Ernesto and Tek even disguised it with a justification so she couldn't fight it. The justification was she was getting rid of all her loved ones to protect them and that is why she did their bidding without questioning it. She goes on to say that she had been through so much and all that brainwashing on top of past events drove her psyche over the edge. Roman got through to her at the volcano but it wasn't enough.

After Ernesto and his people rescued her from the ledge of the volcano, they took her to a mysterious location. Ernesto had teamed with Orpehus and, together, they built on the brainwashing that had already been done by using my feelings of guilt over all the pain I have brought to my loved ones. After weeks of brainwashing and psychological torture, I finally reached a breaking point and I felt like I was splitting up, like I was no longer one. Barbara realizes this must be the point where the alters began to make themselves known.


Tony is sitting in the living room on the couch as the guard holds him at gunpoint. Tony tells the guard that Steve and Hope need help. The guard says he was ordered to protect the premises and they are intruders. Tony reminds the guard of who he is but the guard says he doesn't care. He isn't Stefano's real son and Stefano gives him his orders and he is just following them. The guard tells Tony he acknowledges him as a Dimera but the big guy signs his paychecks. Tony is determined to get out, regretting helping to put Steve and Hope in the pit and realizing they are running out of time with that gas flowing into the pit.

Tony looks behind the guard and pretends to act shocked, saying:

Tony: Oh my...they made it!!

The guard turns and Tony bashes a antique lamp over his head, rendering the guard unconscious. Tony then steals the guard's gun and races out of the room, determined to get to Steve and Hope. He then hears footsteps and realizes there may be another guard. He enters a room nearby to hide and turns the lights on to see where he is. He looks around, shocked by where he is.

Meanwhile, in the pit, Hope begins to regain consciousness and tries to get Steve to wake up. Hope coughs repeatedly and realizes she needs to stop the gas from pumping in. She tears off several pieces of her blouse and plugs up the pipe to the best of her ability. She tells herself she hopes that will buy them some time. She then goes back to reviving Steve. As she shakes him, trying desperately to awaken him, Hope begins to flash back to the past...to a situation all to similar to the one she is in right now...

At Maison Blanche.

We see Steve's lifeless body thrown into Hope's room. Hope races to him as a guard yells out:

Guard: That is what you both get for trying to escape!! Next time, your knight in shining armor will not be so lucky!

Hope tends to a bruised and bloody Steve.

Hope: Oh my God!! What did they do to you? (begins to cry) You were only trying to help me. Your bleeding....your bruised...I just hope nothing is broken.

Hope goes over to her bed and takes her pillowcase off her pillow. She then takes her glass of water and pours it on the pillowcase, hoping it will be enough to help tend to Steve's wounds. She returns to Steve and begins to clean his wounds. She then yells out:

Hope: Can we please have some help in here? A first aid kit...anything!! Please!! He needs help!!
Guard (from outside): He's not getting any help from me or anyone else. Consider it a lesson for the both of you never to try to escape Maison Blanche again!
Hope: Damn you!! (looks down at Steve, wiping tears from her eyes) You have to wake up! Come on (shakes his head). Come on!! Don't do this to me! Without you, I have nothing. Until you arrived, all I had was my thoughts of what was going on outside of this place. Thoughts about who I was and why I was being imprisoned here. I was so empty inside. (crying) No memories...so lonely...and then you came along and...you just made it all better. You gave me someone to talk to. I mean, you understand how I feel. We're both blank slates. We both have no clue who we are. I think that is what connected us. It's remarkable how you and me were able to...connect on so many levels when we're both a couple of lost souls in this world but, I suppose, that is why it happened. We were both lost and maybe it was destiny that we were brought together. All I know is you give me something to wake up to everyday. You make me laugh and bring me so much joy just by listening to me and just by being here. I can't lose you!! WAKE UP!! PLEASE!!! WAKE UP!!

Hope grabs on to Steve's shirt, shaking Steve, and begins to cry hysterically. Steve then begins to stir and smiles:

Steve: Wow...that was deep, Gina.
Hope: Your awake! (embraces Steve) Thank God!! How are you feeling?
Steve: How do you think? (laughs)
Hope: Sorry. Uh...what hurts the most?
Steve: Hard to tell.
Hope: Well, I'm doing my best. The guard refused to give me anything else to help.
Steve: It's ok. I'll be fine. I just wish I could've kept them at bay long enough for you to get off the grounds.
Hope: You did your best but there were just too many.
Steve (shakes his head): No, that wasn't it. You came back. I saw you. You were halfway off the grounds and then...you turned back. You should've never turned back.
Hope: I had to. I couldn't leave you. They were beating you and...you've done so much for me. Just look at tonight. You were beaten to a pulp trying to help me escape.
Steve: You've been here for so long, Gina. You've suffered...
Hope: So have you. I know what it's like to be alone here. Locked up in this room, alone in your own thoughts. How I ever stayed sane...I couldn't do that to you. Since you've been here, you've had me and I don't think you realize how much easier that makes it. Having someone with you...not being alone...I couldn't just leave you here like that. Besides, they would've done something to you for helping me escape.
Steve: I'm not worried about me. After I overtook the guards and you ran out, you should've just kept going and never looked back.
Hope: I couldn't. Even if I wanted to, I don't think I would've been able. I care about you too much to leave you here to suffer like I did for so long.
Steve: Don't worry about me. We'll try this again and, this time, just keep going. I don't want you looking back, Gina.
Hope: No, I am not leaving you. We're in this together now. If I go, you better be right there beside me. Got it?

Back in the present, Hope thinks about what she just remembered about her time with Steve at Maison Blanche and then looks at Steve.

Hope (caressing his face): We're in this together. You hear me? You can't leave me and I'm not leaving you. If I go, you better be right beside me.

Steve then opens his eyes.

Steve: Same goes for you too, Gina.

Hope looks at Steve, overjoyed his is awake and shocked by what he just said.


Miranda demands an answer from Forrest. Forrest just remains silent.

Miranda: This is about, Sylvia, isn't it? It's been years, Forrest. Get over it.
Forrest: I can't.
Miranda: You signed on for this knowing the situation so don't give me this bull!

Forrest remains silent, his eyes filled with tears. An angry Miranda then swipes the wallet from him.

Forrest: What the hell?!
Miranda: You need to make a choice, Alamain. You either in this to complete the mission or your not. I am not going to let this whole thing fall apart just because you can't get over the so called love of your life's death!!
Forrest: I will complete the mission!
Miranda: Your too easily distracted. I asked you repeatedly if it was going to bother you and you said it wouldn't. Well, here we are. You are fixated on a picture of your dead girlfriend and...
Forrest: Fiancee. She was my fiancee.
Miranda: Whatever. I should've known better. I told my superiors there would be a problem. I mean, how could there not be when the person this whole person revolves around looks so similar to your beloved Sylvia!
Forrest: Miranda...
Miranda: Don't even try to lie to me and tell me it means nothing. I saw the look on your face when you first saw a picture of Abigail Deveraux. You said Sylvia's name and couldn't stop looking at the damn picture! So, do you really expect me to believe that it all of a sudden doesn't matter that Abby could pass for a younger version of your dead lover!!
Miranda: I'm going to ask you only once more, Forrest. Are you in this to complete the mission or because of some sick obsession with Abigail Deveraux? I want an answer and I want it now!!

Forrest turns away in anger as a determined and equally angry Miranda looks on.


Barbara tells Marlena to think about the bad memories...the ones Ernesto, Orpheus, and Tek used to brainwash her. Marlena recalls DJ's death, Samantha's death, her death in 1987, her affair with John/Roman, her possession by Satan, her being kidnapped and whisked to Paris, her being held in a secret room by Kristen, her mistakes in regards to her treatment of Brady, her being brainwashed by Andre to become the Salem Stalker, and her recent actions. Barbara asks if she feels overwhelming guilt because all those things let to great pain for her loved ones. Marlena says she feels responsible because everything that happens to her affects those around her. She admits she knows she has caused them all so much pain and heartache and she will never get over that.

Barbara asks what incidents from her past she feels the most guilt for. Marlena begins to get agitated as she thinks back and says she really had no control over DJ's death because there was nothing she could've done but she still feels horrible about it. Barbara asks her to go on. Marlena says she feels horrible about it all but the worst...was her sister's death. Barbara asks if Marlena ever got counseling for that. Marlena nods and says:

Marlena (crying): It was the first...of many events that brought those...I love so much pain and anguish. I could've stopped it, just like so many other things in my life.

Marlena recalls learning of Sam's death from Don and then has a flashback to shortly after Sam's death:


It was supposed to be me that night!! He was coming after me!! (begins to shake and cry hysterically) IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE ME!!! ME!! MY POOR SISTER!! OH, HOW SHE MUST HAVE SUFFERED!! HOW MY PARENTS SUFFERED!! ALL I DO IS MAKE ALL THE PEOPLE...I LOVE...SUFFER!! HOW COULD THEY LOVE ME?! HOW COULD THEY...AFTER ALL THE PAIN...I CAUSED!!

Marlena cries uncontrollably as Barbara comes over and comforts her, realizing that is why the dominant alter was called Samantha. That was the first incident in Marlena's life where she felt she could've prevented something from happening and didn't. Her guilt still is eating away at her and has only gotten worse with every event in her life that has endangered or caused pain to those she loves. Barbara embraces Marlena, telling her it's ok as Marlena continues her breakdown in Barbara's arms.


In the pit, Hope and Steve lock eyes and seem to be lost in their own world. The scene then fades to white and we flash back to their time at Maison Blanche once again. Hope is helping Steve to her bed.

Hope: How's the pain?
Steve: I'm good. Don't worry...argh!!
Hope: It's still pretty bad and you know it! Lay back, now!! Just lay back and relax!!
Steve: Yes, ma'am.
Hope: Maybe I can get some more water from the guard. I would hope he had enough of a heart to give us at least that.
Steve (grabs Hope's hand): Gina...I'm fine...as long as your here. I'm fine.
Hope: I didn't realize I had such an affect on you.
Steve: Well, I've apparently had an affect on you, too.
Hope (smiling): You heard everything I said when you were out of it.
Steve: Most of it...and...I should say (coughs)
Hope: Just stop! You need your rest.
Steve: No! I need to say this. You need to know...that I feel...the same way. I don't know what I would do without you, Gina.
Hope: Either do I. Like I said, your all I have. I don't know who I am or what kind of life I had...
Steve: I know. Same here. You know, whatever is in my past doesn't matter anymore. I think as long as I have...you...I can deal with anything. I can live life knowing each day will bring some sort of joy because your here with me. By my side...with that smile. Damn, that smile...it just makes everything seem better. All the bad...all the bad feelings...it's like that smile wipes my mind free of all of it.
Hope (with tears in her eyes): Wow...that was...the nicest thing anyone has ever...
Steve: Well, that you can remember. (laughs)
Hope (laughs): Yeah. Well, you get some rest.
Steve: Gina!
Hope: Yeah?
Steve: I thought I told you to stay here.
Hope: I am. I'm not going anywhere.
Steve: Well, this is your bed and I will not let you sleep on the floor or on that hard thing over there they call a comfy chair. Come here! (pats the bed)
Hope: I'm not sure...
Steve:We'll just sharing a bed. Nothing wrong...with that, at least not that I can remember.
Hope (laughs): Alright. If it will make you get some rest...
Steve: Yeah, come here!!

Hope comes and lays next to Steve on the bed. She then turns to him and says:

Hope: This is nice.
Steve: Yeah. Feels good. Feels...
Hope: Right.

Steve and Hope both look at each other. Steve then slowly and hesitantly puts his arm around Hope, who jumps back a bit.

Steve (pulls his arm back):
I'm sorry. I...
Hope: No! You know what? It's ok. Hold me. Please, hold me.

Steve slowly puts his arm around Hope again as she slowly puts her head on his chest. Hope then smiles as a feeling of peace seems to come over her.

Hope: It's so safe and warm in your arms. I feel...so much peace...I feel like things are ok. I don't think I've ever felt like that, not that I can remember anyway.

Steve smiles and says:

Steve: Things will be ok, Gina. We're in this together. As long as we're together, I think it will really be ok.

As Steve and Hope hold each other in each other's arms and slowly drift to sleep,
we return to the present with Steve and Hope still looking deep into each other's eyes.

Steve: Things will be ok, Gina. We're in this together. As long as we're together, I think it will really be ok.

Hope then moves closer to Steve as both seem to be lost in the memories that are slowly coming back to them. Hope slowly rests her head on Steve's chest as he slowly puts his arm around her and holds her in his arms. Hope smiles as a sense of peace seems to overcome her while Steve also smiles and says:

Steve: Feels good. Feels so...
Hope: Right.

The camera then pans around Steve and Hope holding each other in each other's arms as we see that the pieces of fabric Hope used to block the pipe have fallen a bit and are letting gas continue to filter in.

Meanwhile, Tony looks around the room and realizes he is in the room his mother and Stefano used to sleep in when they visited the house during his younger years. He looks around and recalls how his mother seemed happy with Stefano back then. He wonders where it all went wrong as it seems a few years later they were arguing in this very same room after creating so many happy memories there. Tony then remembers the clue Daphne gave him in the paper he found in the steel box at Maison Blanche. He recalls that the note said "The answers you seek in Tuscany lie in the place where love bloomed but also died."

Tony recalls how Stefano cheated on his mother and figures that his mother could've caught Stefano in the room with another woman. He begins to wonder if he is in the place his mother wanted him to go to in her instructions. He looks around and looks at the painting above the bed. The painting is of a mother holding her child, looking down at him lovingly but seemingly giving the child off to someone else. Tony remembers his mother loved that painting and recalls her explaining it to him when they visited the house one time. She loved it because it showed the sacrifices mothers will often go through for their children. Tony wonders if what he is looking for is behind or in the painting since the previous clues he found were in things she loved or that he and her shared a mutual love for.

Tony takes the painting down and looks over the wall behind it. He then feels the back of the painting and notices the back of it feels odd towards the middle. Tony realizes he must open it up, hating the fact that he must but realizing he has to do it to see if he has found what he is looking for. Tony takes out a pocket knife and tears open the back, looking up to the heavens and telling his mother he is sorry for destroying one of her favorites. He reaches his hand in the hole created and finds two pieces of paper. He pulls them out and looks at them.

One of the papers is a birth certificate that seems to have had all the information whited out. Tony then looks at the other paper, which looks like another entry from Daphne's dairy but turns out to be a note to Tony. Tony notices some pieces of the note are quite tarnished and hard to read but tries to make out what he can.

Tony: My Tony, you've found what I asked you to find. You now know my secret, one of many, that is. I know you must be confused and there is but one more step to your journey left. There is where the rest of the answers lie. You must find my friend, Liz Curtis. I entrusted her with the truth and instructed her to tell you everything once you reached her. I am truly sorry for putting you through this. You know, personally, the lengths I went through to protect you from Stefano. I know you understand I had no choice. I had to protect the child from Stefano. I had to give up my beautiful, innocent child. There was no other way, Tony. I think you know that and you know now what...you must do. Find Liz and hear the truth...and then find your long lost sibling. My dearest Tony, thank you for all you have done and for what you will do. Know that I will rest in a much better peace knowing you are doing all this for me and...

Tony notices the rest of the letter is impossible to read but notices his mother's signature at the bottom. Tony is shocked by what he just discovered. He has a sibling. His mother hid a child with Stefano and he must learn who it is and find him or her...before Stefano does.

The scene then fades out on a shocked and determined Tony and then fades to black.




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OH MY GOSH! Daphne has another child?! Is this who Andre once told them John was?! LOVE the twist and Tony is the perfect person to lead the story.

The Marlena scenes were so sweet and touching. LOVED the focus on Sam's death. I loved it so much, and that scene was sooooo powerful. Marlena screaming towards the end like she did was just fantastic and what I have been waiting to hear.

GREAT episode. :D

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Damn! Daphne has another child out there somewhere? That's going to be interesting, and the perfect person to lead this story is Tony himself. Great dynamic there!

Marlena in therapy is excellent. I love how she is dealing with her inner emotions and guilt that she could actually have stopped something before it happened.

Dude, you guys are excellent writers. Great job, the both of you!

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